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Websites to get Domain Name suggestion

Domain Name

Domain Name is the friendly unique naming system ending with a particular suffix. It is used to find the particular website. For example

For starting a new website, first you will need to buy a good domain name which will represent your business and give you a good return on investment. But it is not necessary that you will get the desired name all the time.You will get it only if it is available.Here we going to discuss the various tools or websites available for selecting the best domain name. It will give you best domain name suggestions based on the entered keywords.

Some common features all these sites offer are:

  • Domain Name available or already registered
  • Domain Name suggestion
  • Purchase Domain Name and Registration directly
  • Search based on suffix used


Namesh is good domain name suggestion tools.In this tools you will have the option to suggest the number of character to be used in the domain name.

namemesh domain name suggestion tools

namemesh domain name suggestion tools

namemesh SEO tools

Domains Bot

Domain Bot is another domain name suggestion tools. Un like other suggestion tools, it allow you to mention the particular suffix and prefix for the domain names and it allow filter the adult based names.

Domains Bot Suggestion tools

Domains Bot Suggestion tools

Bust a Name

For quick suggestion, Bust a Name will be the best option for you. Quick Domain Check features of this website is awesomeBesides all essential features, it allow you to drop the vowel and pluralized the selected name. . You can check the name availability instantly with out refreshing the page.

Bust a Name Domain Name tools

Bust a Name Domain Names tools

Above listed tools will give you the suggestion only. But to select a good domain name you must make sure that you have selected the highest paying keywords. Always try to select the domain name that

  • Include th keyword representing your business or website
  • Include highest paying keywords.

For example: CPC rate of ‘Embroidery Online‘ keyword is more than ‘Embroidery designs‘. So if you are planning to start an online embroidery store then better you select the domain name that include ‘Embroidery Online‘ in it,

CPC rate of keywords embroidery design

CPC rate of keywords embroidery design

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