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Success Can Come At Any Age, Check Out These Six Old Entrepreneurs

Old Entrepreneurs Created Successful Brand At Their Retirement Age

If someone asks you, what will do at the age of 50? What will be your reply? Obviously like others, you will reply. ‘I already passed my first inning and near to my retirement. Hence, I will get retired soon‘. But, do you know, there are few people who started a business at this age? Yes, you heard it correctly. These people started their own business at retirement age. Next, though these old entrepreneurs have started late, still they have managed to create the world-famous brand.

You may hear a lot of people saying, ‘Entrepreneurship is for younger people‘. This is really bullshit. There is no age barrier for starting a business. Age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurship.

If you have already cleared your first inning of the life and thinking of becoming entrepreneur now then we think you should read below. Below we have shared the name of the top 6 old entrepreneurs who started lately after 50 but created a world-famous brand.

We promise you will really find this inspiration for your life.

Old Entrepreneurs Do It Better

There is the evidence, where it was found that older people are more innovative than younger. Startups like McDonald, KFC etc are examples of it. These brands were started by their founder in second innings. Today, they all are successful? Aren’t they?

Below is the list of such more inspirational old entrepreneurs who started business lately in their life.

Ray Kroc, Founder McDonalds at 52

Ray Kroc is the founder of your famous and successful fast-food restaurant called McDonald. He was born in 1902 and spends his first innings in selling paper cups and milkshake machine. But later in his second innings, at age 52, he started his first McDonald store in Des Plaines. Later, McDonald becomes the world’s largest restaurant franchise before his death in 1984.

Dr. John S. Pemberton Founded Beverage Formula at 55

John S Pemberton was an American pharmacist born in 1931. In 1886, he created a new formula an alternative to wine, which later becomes a world-famous beverage brand called Coca-Cola.

He was at 55 years when he first created this beverage formula. In 1957, he died because of Stomach Cancer and then Asa Griggs Candler, who bought this formula, convert this beverage into a brand called Coca-Cola.

Colonel Sanders Founded KFC at 65

The next name in the list is Colonel Harland David Sanders. He started with selling chicken on the roadside and ends second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s. Born in 1890, he is known for the famous brand called as KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Do you know? In his first innings, he worked as a farmer, fireman and Insurance agent. It was later in 1930 when he started his first KFC store at the age 65.

Later, he sold the company for 2 million dollars.

Robert Noyce Founded Intel at 41

The next name in the list is Rober Noyce. He founded the famous brand of computer circuit manufacture called ‘Intel‘ in 1968. He was at 41 age when he founded Intel Corporation.

Do you know? He was also a co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957

Bob Parsons Founded Go Daddy at 47

Born in 1950, Bob Parsons founded a 4 million dollars web register domain name company called Go Daddy in 1997. He was at 47 age when he founded this company.

Later, Parsons stepped down as executive chairman in June 2015.

Charles Ranlett Flint Founder IBM at 67

The next name in the list is Charles Ranlett Flint. He was the founder of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company in 1911, which later became IBM (International Business Machine) in 1924. Born in 1850, he was at 67, when started Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.

Today, IBM company has a market capitalization of 135 billion dollars and operating across the world in application business, consulting business, and system integration.

Wrapping Up

Hence, success can come at any age. Do not feel demotivated, If you got failed at your early age.  Just refer the above names and think you still have enough time to become an entrepreneur.

Remember, entrepreneurship has nothing to do with the age. You can start your business at any point in time. If because of social and economic responsibility, you did not get time to start your own business then plan it now.

At last, if you think we have missed out an important name in our list then please do share with us. We will be happy to include your suggestion on our list.

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