Open Letters by Teens to their Parents, Mirinda #releasethepressure

Mirinda Release the Pressure Advertisement

Your favorite soft drink ‘Mirinda’ is back with its new advertisement campaign ‘Release the Pressure‘. Unlike its earlier ‘Madness advertisement’, this time it is back with a new provoking campaign hitting hard on the exam pressure created by the Parents.

  • In this ad, teens write an open letter to their Parents
  • Next, their Parents are invited to read those letters
  • Parents read that letter and get emotional
  • Next, a message appears on the screen saying ‘Exam Pressure is the leading cause of depression and suicide
  • Then on next screen, Initiative by Mirinda appears with a message ‘Release the Pressure

Really awesome ad by the PepsiCo. It seems that Mirinda has now understood the definition of good advertising. This ad is far better than its earlier ads on ‘PagalPanti‘.This is the first time the brand has decided to ditch its regular summer campaign to highlight a socially relevant issue.

Further, this ad is released under the hashtag #releasethepressure, which will help them in tracking social media activities effectively.

This ad was released in the past month when the board exam was on the way and it was the right time to release such kind of advertisement.

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