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Tips For Optimizing WordPress Websites For Improved SEO Performance

Tips for optimizing WordPress websites for improved SEO performance

WordPress has revolutionized the process of creating websites by making it possible for everyone to do it by themselves. What was the exclusive privilege of website designers and developers is now within reach of the common man who can create websites conveniently without having any knowledge about website design? That is one of the reasons for WordPress being the most preferred CMS that has completely changed the approach in creating websites. Not only the CMS allows the creation of sites but also use it instantly for SEO because most of the WordPress themes are SEO ready. The majority of WordPress themes have the necessary features to support SEO so that you can launch the campaign as soon as you create the website. However, to create professional websites for advanced SEO applications, you need the support of web developers.

The kind of response you receive from the website depends mainly on its features and your capabilities in optimizing it for SEO. This is why professionals from companies like Mike Wiseman SEO are in high demand because they only can launch the most effective SEO campaign for you. They only can show you the ways of implementing out of the box ideas that give you an edge in the competition by getting the most from SEO. You can optimize the website in the way you want by using suitable WordPress plugins to perform specific actions that had earlier seemed almost impossible. Today, you must apply many advanced SEO techniques that are often your innovations than just focusing on keyword and backlinks. And it should not be difficult to find suitable WordPress plugins to support your endeavors.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use WordPress to boost your initiatives in doing new things with SEO to gain more mileage in marketing.

Use SEO permalink structure

Although WordPress themes have SEO features, you may have to tweak the permalink to enhance its SEO friendliness. The more SEO friendly is the permalink structure, the better it is for SEO. For example, your permalink structure by default might appear like ‘?q=[id] which is not at all helpful for making search engines understand what the URL is all about because it does not have provision for inserting keywords that could make it friendly to search engines. The URL should be revealing enough to both search engines and users and carry hint about what the content is all about. An ideal URL should look like so that it becomes clear that the page relates to buying property in Costa Rica.

Opt for preferential indexing

The beauty of WordPress is that it allows administrators and website owners to protect their interest by interacting with search engines. Search engine bots keep crawling websites regularly to pick up any new content for indexing. It can create a problem at times, especially when you are loading content on the web page which is still under progress, and the search bots crawl it. It would result in indexing the unfinished web page that you did not want, and it can hamper the ranking prospects.

To direct search bots to specific pages or content that you want to index while preventing it from picking up everything that comes it’s way, you can tell us the unique WordPress feature for preferential indexing. This would give you complete control over indexing content selectively, thereby avoiding the chances of any wrong or poor indexing that can adversely affect the ranking prospects.

Do away with issues related to duplicate content

You must be very careful about duplicate content on your website that can cause a significant setback for SEO because it attracts Google’s wrath. Whether you do it intentionally or not, duplicate content is bad for SEO, and it is not always easy to avoid the problem. By learning to use the WordPress features and plugins smartly, you can overcome the problem. All that you have to do is to install a WordPress plugin and then enable the rel=’canonical’ tag for web pages that carry the content or blog so that it directs search engines to the source URL that relates to the blog. The method is highly useful to keep search engines away from landing on duplicate web pages or content and thereby avoiding its adverse effects on SEO. The problem of duplicate content is that although it does not attract Google penalty, there is no guarantee that search engines would pick the content that you intend to rank for.

Isolate and remove unwanted links

All the backlinks that you acquire are not the same. Some inferior links will always be in your inventory that you would like to keep away from the reach of search engines. To prevent search engines from considering the unwanted links, you must use the ‘no follow’ feature of WordPress. It alienates the unwanted links so that search engines do not consider it at all. It is a great way to prevent poor quality links from damaging SEO prospects. When you use the ‘no-follow’ tag for any link, it does not appear in PageRank and thus avoids any negative impact on rankings.

Increase website speed by using caching plugins

A speedy website is a basic need today because website speed is now a ranking factor, and it even ensures a better user experience. To improve search rankings, you must have a speedy website and to make websites quicker; you must use WordPress caching plugins. The plugins can cache both static and dynamic content, and it improves page loading time as well as overall website speed. Caching plugins reduce the load on the server as the requested pages are available from the cached pages which can speed up the server response time.

Besides using caching plugins, there are some more things to do for improving page speed. Image optimization is another aspect that helps to improve page speed, and you must use only optimized images on the website. This should help to improve website performance as well as user experience, which ultimately helps in achieving the SEO goals.

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