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Coca Cola Launched New Flavour Orange Vanilla Coke

Orange Vanilla Coca Cola Coke New Flavour Launch

Your favourite soft drink and beverage brand ‘Coca Cola‘ is back with a new flavour called Orange Vanilla. On 25th Feb 2019, Monday, Coca Cola launch its commercial campaign introducing its new flavour.

In this ad, a Coca Cola truck drives along a freeway and end up with a race with an ice cream truck and a truck carrying raw oranges. At the end, a Coke Can of new flavour rolls toward the traffic guard and she take a sip of it.

Next, if you have not checked this advertisement yet then you can check the same below.

Coca-Cola: The Chase

Coca Cola launched a new flavour after a decade. The last launched was in year 2007 for Vanilla Coke.

The new Orange Vanilla Flavour is available in two variants called Classic and Zero Sugar. This Coke Can is available in 12 ounce and 20 ounce bottles.

The Coca Cola launched this flavour because of brand switch. As consumers turn aways of beverages to healthy drinks, Coca Cola has launched this new flavour to retain their consumers and boost their income/revenue.

In simple words, Coca Cola launched this flavour to retain their consumers from getting diverted to healthy drinks.

Currently, this new flavour is available in US and Canada only.

If you tried this new flavour then do not forget to share your feedback in below comment box. We will be happy to hear from you, How was the taste of Orange Vanilla CoCa Cola Coke Can?

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