coca cola marketing campaign

Coca Cola Launched Grapes Based Fruit Beverage Called ‘Colour’

Your favorite Pulpy Orange┬ábrand ‘Minute Maid‘ is back with a with real black grape juice from India. This sparkling juice will be available under the brand name ‘Colour‘, said top official of Coca Cola India company. On 25th Jan 2019, Mr.┬áT Krishnakumar launched minute maid brand called ‘Colour‘ and it…

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Coca-Cola is not Good for Children’s Health

Yes, you read it correctly. Coke is not good for children. You do not feed coke to your children. It is consists of an admixture of aspartame and acesulfame potassium. So, Coca-Cola is not good for your health. Not only Coke but any soft drinks are not good for health….

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