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The Complete Guide On Paid Guest Posting

A Complete Guide On Paid Or Sponsored Guest Posting

Have you ever heard the word ‘Guest Posting‘? If you are an online entrepreneur or blogger then I am sure you have heard this word often. Next, this article is about complete guide on paid or sponsored guest posting service.

Guest Posting is a method in which you will write an article for someone else blog and in return gets a backlink from it. In simple words, Guest Posting means writing an article as a guest on someone else blog

I know writing a guest post is always beneficial to your blog. If you get an opportunity to write a guest post then you should not miss it.

But this article is not about writing the guest articles. Instead, it is about accepting guest posts on your blog.

Have you ever thought of accepting a guest article on your blog? I suggest you should read this article to know about accepting guest posts.

But, before starting with the article, if in case you are here while searching for publishing or submitting guest articles then you must refer the below link.

A Complete Guide To Guest Posting Technique

The above link contains lots of articles written on Guest Posting Service including its benefits and blog posting site lists.

Now, coming back to accepting guest articles on your blog. This article will answer your below-mentioned queries.

  • Should I accept Guest Posting or not?
  • Rules to accept Guest Posts on your blog
  • How much to charge for a sponsored blog post?
  • How to enable guest post on WordPress?
  • Free or Paid Guest Posting, Which one is better?

This article will answer the above questions on accepting Guest Posting. Next, it will also tell you how to charge maximum price for the guest posts. Trust me, any person with a good and decent blog having DA of 30+ can make good money from Guest posting.To know, how? Please read below.

Accepting Guest Posts

There are two ways to accept guest posts on your blog. First, you can accept free guest posts on your site. Second, you can charge money for publishing sponsored guest articles on your blog.

Yes, you can also get paid for publishing guest posts on your blog. Based on your negotiation power and quality of your blog, you can decide the guest post price on your blog.

Next, before coming to any conclusion I suggest to please read the below article completely.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us start with the article on accepting guest Posts on your blog.

Should I accept Guest Posting On My Blog?

This is a very tough question. It is very difficult to decide whether to allow publishing guest posts or not?

I know many of you may be thinking, as far as it is free, What’s wrong in accepting guest posts? Whereas on another side, some of you may also thinking, If I am capable of managing it individually then Why I should accept guest posts on my blog?

If you are looking for the same answer then below the list of advantages and disadvantages will make everything clear.

Merits Of Accepting Guest Posting

  1. You may get paid for publishing content on your blog
  2. Guest Posting will bring new content to your blog
  3. The person or organization publishing article on your blog will direct more traffic to your blog by sharing the content on their social media channels.
  4. Build a good relationship with other online entrepreneur and bloggers.

Demerits Of Accepting Guest Posting

  1. Possibility of low-quality or duplicate content.
  2. Dependency on  guest posts is not a good idea
  3. Search Engines including Google may penalize your blog for accepting sponsored articles on your blog.

Hence, the only win-win situation, in this case, is- You should accept free guest posting on your blog but provide you follows the below-mentioned rules before accepting guest post on your blog.

Rules For Accepting Guest Posting

To prevent your blog from accepting scrapped, low-quality, and duplicate content, I strongly advised to ensure you full-fills below rules before accepting any guest post on your blog.

Rule #1: Check Out The Author’s History and Profile

This is the first and most important rule before accepting any guest post on your blog.

If someone asks me to share only one important rule for accepting guest post then this will be my answer.

Yes, if the author has a good record of writing high-quality content then there is no need of getting worried. He knows everything and he will take care of rest.

But, if the guest is beginner or scammers then by accepting guest post you are putting your blog at risk.

There is a higher possibility that the guest will share the scrapped, low-quality and duplicate content on your blog.

Hence, there are higher chances that your blog will get penalize for accepting guest post.

Next, at the same time, the behavior of the author is also important. Trust me, I have seen many guest bloggers who are so rude at the time of accepting their mistakes.

Just check out the below-attached snapshot of the guest blogger, Who shared the totally scrapped content and duplicate content to me. Next, he sends me more than 10 emails in a day begging to accept another guest post from him.

And, do you know? His other article was also scrapped and low quality.

Guest Posting Service

Guest Posting Service

Sorry, but I have intentionally, hide the name and email id of the concerned person. Next, you can clearly observe the number of emails he shared in a day in spite of clearly telling him about my decision.

Hence, I strongly suggest, to check the author’s history and profile before accepting any guest post on your site. This rule also applies to paid guest posting. No matter, how much he agreed to pay you, but I request to double check author profile before accepting any sponsored post on your blog.

Rule #2: Check The Out Going Links

Accepting Guest Posts does not mean you will accept content with any kind of outgoing links in it. Make sure the outgoing links are not related to any unethical or illegal websites (like Po*n, Gambl*ng, etc.)

Both, your reader and search engines as well don’t like such outgoing links.

Next, at the same time, the number of outgoing links is also important. Make sure the content is not stuffed with lots of outgoing links in it.

Ideally, you should allow only one backlink per 1000 words in your content. This backlink can be either through text or images as well.

Next, if someone asks you for second do-follow backlink then you can offer the same through the author bio section. Ask him to include one outgoing link in the content and the second link in its biography.

In this way, both, you and the guest bloggers will get happy and he will also update his profile’s details.

Rule #3: Double Check Your Content Before Posting

Do not publish any guest post not related to your blogging niche. Next, make sure you are publishing one unique and grammatical error free content on your site.

There are many free website and plugin available to check grammatical error and duplicate content. You can use these free services to check your article before publishing it.

Next, a professional guest blogger also knows the technique to spin articles. He or She can write the same article more than once using different words. Hence, it is very important to check the guest post properly before posting it.

Do not post any guest posts immediately. Instead, take your time to investigate and publish it once you are fully satisfied.

Rule #4: Be A Picker And Do Not Publish All The Guest Posts

No matter, how good the guest article is? Do not publish all the guest posts on your site. Instead, be a picker and select only a few posts out of them.

This rule also applies to all those guest posts which fulfilled the first three rules. yes, do not publish it even though it meets the above three rules.

This is because besides these three rules there are many other external factors that require to be considered before publishing any guest article.

For example, check your publishing frequency before publishing the guest post. Publishing all the guest posts in a day is not a good idea.

Next, check whether the given guest post will add any value to your reader or not? There is no logic of adding the article that does not add any value to your online readers.

So, be a picker and publish on a few selected guest post on your blog.

Pro Tip: If you and your blog is complete beginner then you can skip the Rule 4. But, make sure you implement this pro tip only when there is a real need for it. A one-year-old blog with more than 300 blog posts can’t be considered as a beginner and ideally, in this case, rule 4 should not be skipped.

Above all are the various rules that you should implement before accepting any guest post on your site. Yes. this list is inclusive in nature. There can be other rules also. But, above all the basic and the most important rules for accepting guest posts. I strongly advise to implement them from immediate effects.

Now, the next question that arise is ‘ How much should I charge for paid or sponsored guest posting?’ To get this answer, please read below

How much to charge for a sponsored blog post?

So, you are getting lots of guest post requests but don’t know how much should you charge for it? No, problem, the below article will help you.

Assuming you are not the market leader and your blog is an average blog, I strongly suggest to charge a very big amount for sponsored post on your blog. Next, at the same time, it is also not advisable to charge same price for all the customers.

This is because, for countries like India, Pakistan etc. $30 is very big amount whereas for western countries like USA, UK etc., this is just $30. Right?

The value of money is not same for all the countries. Hence, this should be taken care while suggesting price for paid guest posting.

My Real Experience For Paid Guest Posting

Till date, from India, I have not received any request for more than $10. Whereas, I have already charged more than $40 per guest post on my blog.

The below attached snapshot is a proof.

Paypal proof for Guest Posting

Paypal proof for Guest Posting

So, What does this mean?

Simple, before offering any price, check out the history and details of the person requesting it. If a person is from western countries and big organization then do charge big amount from it. Whereas, charge the lowest price for any request.

Next, this will also help you to full-fill Rule #1 mentioned above in this article. Hence, I strongly recommended to check brief history of the person requesting sponsored guest post before offering any paid guest post to him or her.

Pro Tips

  • There are few organizations or persons, who provides very good content with more than 2000+ words. If you are getting such request then you should also accept it a free of cost. Remember, there is no harm in accepting free guest posts as far as the content is good and of high quality.
  • Higher price does not mean always good content. In 90% of the cases, the content will be totally scrapped.
    Trust me, I have faced this problem many times. The content of these kind of people is totally scrapped and sometimes even duplicate.
    What they do is, they offer you higher amount and in the lure of big amount, you accept the guest post without checking it. Please don’t do this. The content should be always your top priority. No matter, how much money you are getting from the paid guest posts, if content is not good, reject it. There is high possibility that, just for the sake of few hundreds dollars, you may end up with your blog.
  • I strongly suggest to write one good article on every paid guest post published on your blog. I strongly follow this on my blog. Whenever, I add any paid guest article on my blog, on the same day, I write another article with more than 2000 words on my blog. This is to ensure that low quality content do not surpass the high quality content available on my site.
  • Lastly, please ensure you do not get stuck in any scam. There are many people online, who offer more than $100 per guest post. Next, in the lure of $100, you share your papal id and other information and thereby they easily hacked your account.
    In this case, your blog is also at risk. They can also hacked your website, if you provide the contributor access to them. Hence, avoid such kind of offers.

Next, are you wondering how to enable Guest Posting option on your WordPress post?

How to allow Guest Posting On Your WordPress Blog?

There are two ways to allow sponsored posts on your word press site or blog. First, you can ask guest blogger to share the content in word format and thereby you can copy and paste the content on your WordPress site. Second, you can create a contributor account and share the required credential with guest bloggers. The guest blogger will use your given credential and thereby login to your WordPress site. Next, he or she will create a new blog posts and submit it for the review. Post your review, you publish it on your site.

For more details, please refer the below article. The below article will share the step by step tutorial to allow guest posting on your site.

A Complete Guide To allow Guest Posting On Your WordPress Blog

Now, the last question that arise while thinking about Guest Posting service is ‘Free or Paid Guest Posting, Which one is better?’ You will find the answer to this question below.

Free or Paid Guest Posting, Which one is better?

Free or Paid, Which one is better? This is the biggest question that comes to our mind while using Guest Posting service.

Free Guest Post will be a best option in below three cases.

  1. If guest article is rich in content and consists of more than 2000 words.
  2. You are beginner and your blog is also new. In this case you will require more number of blog posts, hence free guest posts is the best option to increase it.
  3. You are managing this blog alone. Hence, free guest posting is the only way to bring new and fresh content on your blog.

Whereas, the Paid Guest Posting will work well only in the case where you require money. A high authority blog ( one with good traffic, domain and page score) can make good money from the paid or sponsored guest articles.

Final Words

If planned properly then Guest Posting can be the best way to make money with your blog. With intermediate knowledge, you can easily make $500 per month from your blog.

Yes, I know, $500 is not a big amount. But, for a beginner blog with intermediate knowledge, this amount is really good.

The above guide will surely helps you in making good money from guest posting without compromising the quality of the content.

At last, feel free to contact me if you face any problem in understanding and implementing the any of the concept mentioned above. we will be very happy to help you.

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