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Must Read For Online Entrepreneurs Or Bloggers

Must Read For Online Entrepreneurs Or Bloggers

If you’re an online entrepreneur or blogger then you must read this article. In this article, we will share some important facts of the online industry. These facts are so important that ignoring them can cost you terribly.

Being an online entrepreneur or blogger, you continuously hunt for a good resource that can teach you to make money online.

Next, you follow many successful bloggers and entrepreneurs online assuming you will learn from to accelerate our path to success.

But, still no luck. Right?

In Spite of doing all the things that the successful bloggers suggested, your blog is still not getting successful.

Have you ever wondered. Why it is so?

This is because, you are ignoring many important facts over here. This article will draw your attentions to this facts.

We strongly suggest to please read this article before following any successful blogger or entrepreneur. These five facts are important for making your website or blog successful.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing them one by one.

#1. Negative SEO Is Still Alive

Yes, you heard it rightly. Negative SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still alive.

If you’re doing everything rightly and still your blog is not getting successful then it may be because of negative SEO. It may be possible that someone (your competitor) have created bad backlinks and reviews for your site.

In this case, in spite of your hardwork and everything in place, your website or business will not get successful.

Hence, it is always advisable to keep checking your backlinks and review portfolio at regular interval.

We strongly suggest, once at every 10 days,  use Google and other online tools to check and detect negative SEO attack.

But, remember, it is not easy to detect negative SEO. It is not necessary that it will done on your website only. It can be done at any place. For example, someone can share bad reviews about your business online. You can’t stop him because these reviews are shared on someone else website or Google. These reviews are so bad that these could also ruin your business

To sum up, please keep checking your website at regular interval and if in case it is affected by any of the negative SEO technique then immediately resolve it.

#2. Don’t Believe On Every Statistical Numbers

Do you know? There are many plugins available to manipulate your site numbers. For example, using this kind of plugins you can easily change the number of online users, reviews, page views and social media number also.

So, nextime, if you find someone saying he or she getting more than 50000 page views per day then double check the same before believing on it. Check, whether he or she is not using any plugins on the website?

Hence, it may be possible that the person to whom you are following is fake and he or she is using any plugins to manipulate its website numbers. In this case, whatever you will learnt will not be correct.

The below attached snapshot is a proof. Using this mod you can easily change the number of online users on SMF forum. So, now just imagine, how easy it would be to manipulate someone online?

Change Online Users on SMF forum Mod

Change Online Users on SMF forum Mod

Believing Stats May Destroy Your Blog. So, if you really wants to create successful website then stop following such kind of people ( one using this kind of plugins). These people are making you fool. Always remembers, all the numbers available online are editable including social media followers and bank statement too. Yes, you can also edit the bank statement and Google Adsense account.

#3. Online Business Is Not An Overnight Journey

Yes, it is not an overnight journey. All the successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs you are following now are not overnight sensation. They have worked very hard and long to build this kind of successful site or business.

If you’re under assumption that you will follow the given guidelines and create the successful business or site within month then you are wrong. Always remember, creating a successful blog or business is not a matter of one or two months. It takes years.

Just go back and check. All the bloggers who are successful today has started their site a decade below. And, now you want to create same kind of blog or business within few months. Just imagine, How this could be possible?

So, be patient and work hard to build a successful blog. This is the only and ultimate way to build a successful blog or business online.

#4. Final Words

Whatever you see online, don’t believe on it. Double check any online information before start following it.

Next, it is better to follow a blogger getting few hundreds of real  page views rather than one who manipulate the numbers and try to cheat others.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding any of the concepts mentioned above. You can also contact us or share your message in the below comment box if you think we have missed out any important information in this article.

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