DS Group’s Pulse Candy hits Rs 100 crore in 8 months

DS Group Pulse Candy

Yes, it is true. Pulse Candy reached Rs 100 crore within just eight months of its launch. It is same as the Coca-Cola’s diet drink Coke Zero.

A kaccha aam (raw mango) hard boiled candy with a tangy salt filled center, was one such innovation that helped DS Group to reached 100 Crore target. It was launched at a price of Rupee 1 though others were selling at Rupee 0.50 Paisa.

With this huge success of Kaccha aam,  Pulse Candy introduces new exciting flavors that are Orange and Guava with Tangy Twist.

Now, let us see whether consumer like this taste or not. Personally speaking, these new flavors are not as good as the Raw Mango. Kaccha Aam is the best of all flavors.

Below you will find the recent television advertisement of the Pulse Candy


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