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5 Reasons For Not Doing Online Jobs

5 Reasons For Not Doing Online Jobs

If you are planning to earn money from online jobs then this article is for you. Here, we will share the risks involved in doing this kind of jobs. We will also tell you ‘Why you should not do  the Online Jobs?

But before starting with the article, let us know how to make money online without any Investment.

We are sure after reading the above article, you will find making online money is an easy task.

But before you come to any conclusion, just think about these questions.

  1. If it is so easy to make money online then why people are not doing this kind of jobs?
  2. Why are is Online Professions not a socially acceptable?

The answers are given in the below post.

Online Jobs Without Investment

Below are the risks involved in doing this kind of jobs.We request you to refer the below post if you are planning to make money online.

Irregular Income

One of the reasons for not doing an online job is Irregular Income. If today, you are making 10$ then tomorrow there are the chances that you will make more than 10$ or even 0$ also.

Irregular Income from Online Jobs

Irregular Income from Online Jobs

In online jobs, there is no word like ‘Minimum‘. No one will give a guaranteed minimum amount to you. Your earnings will depend on various complicated factors like CPC rate, the number of errors or advertiser bids rate etc.

For example, in case of data entry job, the amount will get deducted for every single error.So, you will get the payment after deducting this penalty amount.

Online Scam

Online Scam is another risk involved in doing Online Job. More than 90% of the Money Making Websites are fake.So, by doing this kind of jobs, you are at risk.

Online Job Scam

Online Job Scam

But What if I do not provide any personal information to them? How would it lead to Online Scam?

No matter whether you are providing any personal information or not. There are many ways to loot you. For Example

  • They can ask you to link your bank account after login to their website.
  • Second, they can also runaways with your earned money.

Secondary Source of Income

Online Jobs are always the secondary source of Income. It is not possible to earn your livelihood from these kinds of jobs. The Guys who claimed that they are earning money online are actually making money from the Online Business like Blogging, Youtube Channel or Online Store.

Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform

It is not possible to make lots of money through online jobs. You will make only a few bucks from these kinds of jobs.

Lack of Knowledge

Another reason for not doing these kinds of jobs is lack of knowledge. People don’t know how to make money online. Simply using social media network like facebook does not mean that you can earn money online. There are lots of things involved in these kinds of jobs. For example, you must be good in English for Online Teaching job.

Online Jobs Risk

Online Jobs Risk

Even in countries like India, even well-educated people are not aware of this kind of jobs. They think this is simply waste of time and money.

Non Acceptable Profession

Online Jobs are not a socially acceptable profession. If you tell someone that you are making money online then he/she will consider you fool. For them, it is simply a time pass activity and there is no future in it.

Now your turn. Please do share with us why you think, You should not do the Online Jobs. We will be happy to hear from you. Further, feel free to contact us if you require any help from us.

You can share your message or feedback in the below comment box.

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