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Creative Way To Make More Money With Your Blog

    Creative Way To Make More Money With Blog

    If you are running a blog then this article is for you. Here, we will share the one creative way of making more money with your blog.

    This is very simple and effective technique of making more money from your blogging site. This technique works for ‘How to‘ kind of blogs, for example, Food Recipe Blog. Here, you will teach how to cook good food at home. So, if you have this kind of blog then please read below.

    To implement this technique you require a blogging website and an account with any affiliate program.

    If you don’t know how to create own blog, then please follow the steps given at below link

    Make More Money Blog

    Here, we will not talk about Google AdSense or any other Advertising Program. But we will discuss Affiliate Program here. Remember, We will not tell you which is the best affiliate program and how to create an account on it. Instead, we will only share the best technique to use it and make more money from it.

    So, follow the below steps to make more money from your blog

    1. Tell them that these are the ingredients used in cooking the food.
    2. Create an affiliate account with an online store like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
    3. Link your Ingredients with this affiliate links.
    4. Ask your reader to buy these Ingredients directly from the said stores.
    5. The reader will buy the mentioned Ingredients directly from your Affiliate stores.

    That’s its. In this way, your visitor will get the same ingredients that you used while cooking food and in return, you will get paid with the commission.

    Something like this

    Affiliate Link in Food Blog

    Affiliate Link in Food Blog

    So, the visitors will buy the Oil from your mentioned store.

    Ingredients used in Food Blog

    Ingredients used in Food Blog

    Of course, these earnings will be in addition to your Google AdSense Earnings.

    You can also use the same technique in your Sewing Craft Blog. In this blog, you will mention the Ingredients used in making Crafts. Next, ask your reader to purchase the same Ingredients from your Affiliate Store.

    That’s it. You will get paid with your commission

    Remember, this technique will work with ‘How to‘ kind blog only. Here, visitors are required to purchase the Ingredients for their projects.

    These Ingredients are key to your success. Tell them the importance of right kind of Ingredients and make more money from your blog.

    Make More Money Online

    Make More Money Online

    Now your turn. If you know any other additional ways of making more money from blogging website then please do share with us.

    Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in implementing this technique. We will be happy to help you out.

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