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6 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

6 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

According to Google, Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of the one-page session on your site. Such kind of session has a duration of zero seconds.

Of course, a higher bounce rate will create a problem for your site. A higher bounce rate means visitors are visiting your site but they are not getting converted into potential visitors. In simple words, they left your site immediately after visiting it. And, this is not a positive signal. You should try to reduce the website bounce rate to increase your conversions.

Bounce Rate

Always remember, if your visitors left immediately after visiting your site then your site will face a higher bounce rate. And, a higher bounce rate is a signal to redesign your content strategy and website design.

In simple words, your site should not have a higher bounce rate. If it has then please read out the below article.

Here, we have listed out the best tips to reduce your bounce rate and boost conversion rate. Trust me, after implementing these actionable tips, it will improve your website bounce rate.

But, before starting with it, let us first understand, how to find the bounce rate of a website?

Very Simple. You can find it using Google Analytics. All you need to do is create a free account on Google Analytics and then copy and paste its tracking code on your site.

Next, wait for a few days and data ( based on users visiting your site) will automatically start appearing on your dashboard as shown below.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate will appear under the ‘Audience’ option from the left navigational menu.

Pro Tips: We strongly suggest using Google Analytics for your site. This is because you can replace all your statistical plugins with this free account. This single free account is enough for getting all analytical data.

Hence, we strongly suggest creating a Google Analytics account for your site.

Tricks To Reduce Bounce Rate

Higher bounce rate is not a good sign. If you really want to build a large and successful website then learn to engage your visitors and thereby reduce your bounce rate. A site with a lower bounce rate will only get successful.

Lower Bounce rate means visitors are liking your content and they are viewing more than one page on your site.

So, What are we waiting for? Shall we start? Below, I am sharing the most powerful ways to decrease your bounce rate and thereby increase your conversion rate.

Improve Your Content’s Readability

The first technique in the list is ‘Improve Readability‘. Make sure, your content is easy to read and understand.

Writing a long content with thick paragraph will make your content difficult to understand and thereby your visitor will leave your site immediately.

Just have a look over below image. You will find it very difficult to read the second and third paragraph. This is because, both the paragraph are very thick and it is not easy to understand.

Improve Readability Content

Improve Readability Content

Hence, to improve the readability, ensure your content can be easily understood by the fifth-grade student.

One useful habit to keep in mind is to avoid writing in a long paragraph. Instead, use bullet points or short paragraph to write your content.

Remember, When we are students, we used to purchase a reference book to understand the concept. Have you ever wonder, Why?

This is because the reference book is in detail and easy to understand. Exactly, the same logic applies here.

Ensure your content is in detail and easy to understand.

For better understanding, just refer to my blog posts. Instead of using paragraph, I used to write in bullet points. Almost, on every two lines, I start another paragraph. This is because, by writing in a small paragraph, I made it easy for you to understand.

Don’t you think it becomes very easy to understand the content by writing in bullet points? Right?

The below-attached image is an example.

Write content in small paragraphs

Write content in small paragraphs

Optimize Your Website Sidebar

Another technique in the list is Optimizing Your Site Sidebar.

People pay lots of attention in designing the header and footer of their website, but when it comes to the sidebar, it is usually neglected.

This is the biggest mistake you are making.

Do you know? You can boost your conversion rate and improve website traffic by optimizing your site’ sidebar.

WordPress Widget

WordPress Widget

The sidebar is the space available on both sides of the website that is the right and left side. You can use this website to show various widgets like Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Social Sharing, etc.

But, one of the biggest mistake that a beginner makes is to stuff this limited space with as many widgets as possible.

Instead, of using this sidebar optimally, they stuff this limited space with almost all available widgets.

Remember, this will not only frustrated your users but also make the website slow.

Hence, both the sidebar should be used properly to engage your users. For example, you can use only the ‘Recent Post’ widget on the sidebar and thereby keep your visitors engaged.

For more information, please refer our separate article on Optimizing Your WordPress Sidebar.

Website Speed Optimization

The next technique in the list is ‘Loading Speed of Your Website’. Make sure, your site loads fastly otherwise, your visitors will left immediately after visiting it.

According to one study, around 47% of the users aim to load website within two seconds or less. If this does not happen, they may just leave. I am sure you will like if someone visits your site and he only finds a white and blank page instead of content.

Getting confused? How the loading speed will impact your website? Check out the below-attached infographic for an answer.

Website Loading Speed Infographic

Website Loading Speed Infographic Source

A site with good loading speed will have definitely have a low bounce rate. Hence, you should always try to reduce the loading time of your site. To know how to boost the loading speed of your website, please refer to the below article.

What are the best ways to improve the loading speed of the website?

Engaged Your Visitors

The next technique in the list is to engage your visitors.

Always remember, the number of traffic visiting your site will not mean much unless you can’t keep them engaged.

Next, the longer the users stay on your site the more engaged they will be and thereby the higher the chance for them to convert.

Trust me, if the user stays longer on your site then it will definitely reduce the website bounce rate to the great extent.

So, the next question would be, How to ensure the visitors will stay longer on your site? Hereby, I am sharing a few tips to keep your users engaged on your site.

  1. Install a never-ending and continuous scrolling page on your blog. This will ensure, your blog post will not get end and users keeps on reading content on your site. You can do this easily using Infinite Scrolling Plugins available on WordPress.
  2. Organize various contest and funny but interactive games on your site. For example, Spin Wheel, etc.
  3. Add the list of trending topics on the sidebar of your site.
  4. Suggest related articles at the bottom of the post.

Above all are the few tips to keep your users engaged on your site.  If your users will remain engaged then bounce rate will automatically decrease and thereby it will boost the performance of your site.

Know Your Audience

The last but the most important technique to improve bounce rate is ‘Know Your Audience‘.

When you start a new website, you aggressively promote it. In the lure of getting more traffic, you use almost all the available means to advertise your site. It does not matter, whether you are targeting right audience or not? You keep on promoting your site on every available platform.

Hence, in such case, the user will visit your site but leave it immediately when they don’t find anything useful in it.

Engage your Visitors

Engage your Visitors

For example, blog commenting on a website, which is not related to your niche. In this case, the comments may bring few visits to your site but the users will leave it immediately when they will not find anything related to them.

Professionally, I am Finance Guy. Now, suppose I visit a website or blog with lots of content related to Doctor, What will I do? Of course, I will leave that website.


Because it is not related to me.

Hence, it is very important that you promote your site to the right users and the only right type of users visit your site.

Wrapping Up

Above all are only a few ways to improve the bounce rate of your website. Trust me, if you implement the above technique then it will definitely have a positive impact on your site.

Next, always remember, the bounce rate will get reduce if you keep your visitors stay longer on your site. Hence, attempts should be made to keep your visitors stay longer, engaged and visit more than one web pages on your site.

That’s all. The bounce rate of your site will get improved and it will also have many other positive benefits for your site.

At last, if you need any help in reducing your website bounce rate then feel free to contact us or share your message in below comment box. We will happy to help you.

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