Learn To Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality


Whether it’s an Online Store or Blogging Website, Images are always the critical part of it. Today, Images has become the fundamental support to deliver any message easily. But these Images consume huge space on the server and thereby reduce the loading speed of the website.

Here the role of Image Resize comes. Using Software or Online Business Service, you can easily reduce the image size without losing its quality.

Just check the below two Images for better understanding. Will you believe that the size of both Images is different?

Image Before Resize
Image Before Resize
Image after Resize
Image after Resize

Size of the Image before resize is 518Kb whereas the size of the Image after resize is 116Kb. There is a reduction of around 78% in the Image Size.

You will be also suprised to know that we achieved this result without spending any money on it. Yes, this result has been achieved using free tools as mentioned below.

Image Resize Software

It is a free software that let you resize the Image with a right click. All you need to do is just right click on the image and select Resize Pictures to resize the image. This free tool is available at this link.

Optimizing Image for web Image Resizer
Optimizing Image for web Image Resizer

Online Image Resize

If you don’t like the above mentioned offline tool then you can even compress the Images online using ShortPixel website. Just Simply drage and drop the image to resize it.

ShortPixel Free Image Resize Online
ShortPixel Free Image Resize Online

So, you can use this tool to compress Images before uploading the same. This tool not only save your time but also save the space on your web server. If you face any poblem in using this tool then feel free to contact us. You can also share your message in the below comment box.

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