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How to remove your website or web page from Google?

How to remove your website or web page from Google

If you want to remove URL from Google Search Engine then you are at right place. Here in this article, we will suggest how to remove the unwanted search result from google?

There are various reasons you might want to remove webpages from Google SearEngine. Soft 404 error is one of them. This error is a result of outdated URL deleted in the past. When deleted URL links appears in the search result, your visitors will go on that links and get “Web page not found” error on the website. This may even ruin your website traffic. To avoid this problem and for better better search engine ranking, you may require to remove webpages from Google Search Engine. This URLs can be remove from search results using “Remove URLs” tools of Google Search Console.

Google URL Removal Tool

Using this removal tool, you can remove any URL from the Google Search. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL link in this tools. Remember, it will temporarily remove the URLs from search results. To remove it permanently, you must remove or update the source page of your website.

You can avoid this warning if you want to remove the deleted page from the search result. Google will not display the link again if it gets 404 error while crawling your web page. Below is proof for the same.

Google URLs Removal Tools

Google URLs Removal Tools expired the request status of the links which are deleted and getting 404 error

We had deleted above mentioned links before submitting a request for removal.Now the status of these requests is showing as “Expired”, which mean that Web Page does not exist and now there is no need of removal request.

Here is the official comment by the Google.

google URLs permanent removal

google URLs permanent removal

Now, to remove a URL from google, please follow the mentioned steps below

  1. Login to your Google Search Console that is site Webmasters tool
  2. Click on Remove URL Options from the left side. It is available under the Google Index Category
  3. Click on Temporarily Hide Option. Paste the links that you want to hide and click Continue.

    Temporarily hide URL from Google

    Temporarily hide URL from Google

  4. Next, select appropriate request removal of google search result.
Request to hide URL from Google

Request to hide URL from Google

  • Temporarily hide Page from Search Result and remove from Cache: It will hide the page temporariy from the search result. It will hide the result for about 90 days and also remove the page from cache. Select this option if you want to remove a single web page only.
  • Remove Page from Cache Ony: Clears the cached page and snippet, but does not remove the page from a search result
  • Temporarily hide directory: It is similar to the first option. The only difference is this will hide the entire directory from the search result. For example: Suppose you want to remove two URL from search result say, & These URLs can be removed by selecting this request type. Just enter and select this request type. Remember it will hide all the result under abc category. So please use it with proper care.
  • Once you select the request type, click ‘Submit Request’.

That’s it, it will remove the URL as per request type and once completed you will not find the link in the search result. Usually, it take 24 hour to remove the links or URLs from Search Engine Page.

Remember, this tools should be used with proper care. Misuse of this tools may result in problems for your site. Use it only if it required.

If you face any problem in removing URLs then feel free to contact us or left a message in below comment box. We will be happy to help you.

Update: Google recently changed the layout of its webmaster account. Hence, there will be a few changes in the process mentioned above. If you feel confused with the new process then refer below article on new webmaster guide.

Guide To New Google Search Console Webmaster

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