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Happy Women’s Day ad by Reliance Fresh #JeeLeZara

Reliance Fresh JeeLeZara ad

You have lived for everybody else, now it’s a time to live for yourself! Reliance Fresh in its recent marketing campaign has an important message for all Women.

  • In this ad, Renuka Sahane (Wife) and Sachin Khedekar (Husband) play a role as a married couple in their fifties.
  • Sahane (Wife) is packing up for an all girls Goa trip with her friends.
  • Sachin Khedekar (her Husband) stop her in taking her trip alone
  • Next, a narration come ” you’ve always lived your life for others, from today live a life for yourself”

Reliance Fresh #JeeLeZara ad

Really the ad is amazing. As a brand name (Reliance Fresh) suggest, it’s a time to start a new fresh life. From a Marketing point of view, this ad has hit the biggest dream of the women who dedicate her whole life for everybody else. This ad is launched with a hashtag #JeeLeZara, which will help in keeping track of your social media activities.

Reliance Fresh really came with the fresh idea. Still, five days are left for International Women Day 2017, this ad has reached 5 Lakhs views. “I’m fifty, if not now then when I will go to Goa”, this will be the perfect start for all Women this International Women Day, 8 March 2017.

Happy International Women’s Day 2017 to all.

Update: This #WomensDay2018, Reliance Fresh is back with another marketing campaign. This is in continuation of the same above campaign started with a hashtag #JeeLeZara. You will find the video below.

In this campaign, the same couples are appearing as appeared in last campaign in 2017. This time the Renuka Sahane (Wife) is teaching household activities to Sachin Khedekar (Husband) as she will be on #holiday tomorrow for #WomensDay2018.

Next day, Sachin Khedekar wake up early in the morning and prepared tea and breakfast for his wife, Renuka Sahane.

Then a narration comes “you’ve always lived your life for others, from today live a life for yourself“.

Really awesome ads. Thanks, #reliance for sharing such a good advertisement on #WomensDay2018.

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