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SEO or Social Media Marketing- Which is Right for You?

SEO and Social Media

A common debate which is entered into the ether when you are an amateur into the world of digital marketing or have taken much of the experience from this world is that whether it’s good to invest in SEO or Social media. And the word invest is not measured in terms of money only. Rather it’s about the time, labor, importance and planning. And there this is much important, that you decide and understand that which way you are getting the highest returns so as to strive further in that route and get even better returns. Hence Social Media and SEO, whichever is giving you better returns must be gauged efficiently to give your labor and energy, money and focus on that more than other methods for getting popular.

Understanding of what exactly SEO and Social Media marketing do for a website will help one understand the importance, the difference, and the stress points all.

What is the SEO role in digital marketing?

The role of SEO or search engine optimization in digital marketing is very important. SEO actually involves many steps, which are planned according to the science and algorithm of search engine working. And these steps are designed to help the website get more visible with its informative content and highlighted and many detailed data in the website files, media files, etc. Also, multiple link backs to the website are created in important locations, authority sites, and related domain pages of the web, so that the site can be linked very much with the targeted keywords.

The role of keywords, which are search terms is high in digital marketing and SEO is based on linking a keyword with the targeted webpage such that users querying that keyword on search engines will get the site as the return in result in the easiest to view location. This generally indicates the first page of the search engine results, where the site must be visible at the most important first place, or in the subsequent positions on that page. This way the website gets highlighted with SEO. SEO is a vital part of digital marketing which basically is free of cost technique, but using this with full labor, planning, effort, and time dedication makes this a package for which website and e-commerce business owners pay good amounts and ensure the best service.

What is Social Media use in digital marketing?

The role of social media is both inside SEO and may also bypass SEO, but obviously is a part of digital marketing more than anything else. The difference of social media marketing with SEO is mainly in this place that, although both are part of digital marketing yet, SEO is meant for altering the way search engines look at the website and rank it in results pages, and digital marketing mainly deals with the site visibility before the users of social media websites.

Whether the site is getting visible in SERP (search engine results page) or not, is actually not the concern in social media marketing. The concern is to make the site enough popular and visible before the social media users so that the traffic to the site through these users is highest, and the site gets targeted traffic too. This directly relates to e-commerce, traffic, sales, and popularity, and shows a bright path to branding using the digital media. If in this process, the site also gets enough backlinks and good linking to keywords and gets reflected in a good position in SERP, then it’s an added advantage.

But the main target of SMM is not to aggravate SEOor to target a rich SERP, and rather it’s to bring targeted traffic through increasing popularity in social media platforms in all possible ways. It’s good to mention here that SMM is also free of cost until you are opting for advertising on social media sites. Because marketing through social media can also be done by simply being hyperactive or reasonably active on the various platforms. A clearer idea of which method gives what results can be obtained by often listening to some of the best marketing podcasts on the web.

Go for social media marketing for quick popularity and traffic

There can be many types of businesses online, and many reasons to get popularity quickly. If you are trying to gather a crowd for an event, make some awareness for some cause, or get quick popularity for a time specific event, reason, sales, etc., then you need quick results. Waiting to get popularity through search engine results by targeting keywords and doing dedicated SEO may not be yielding results so quickly if you need things to happen in just a few days or hours. In that case, your savior will definitely be the social media and social sharing websites and apps. That’s why it’s important that you know to harness the power of social media very well in sucking in as much traffic as you want within a short time, without spamming or being disturbing on the media before users.

Integrate SEO for sustained long-term results

If you are aiming to be a long-term player, and want to conquer the market gradually by making a place of yours and a good image of yours in the niche you are in, then your path definitely will have to go through highly dedicated well-planned SEO. This needs planning and smart implementation of plans with timely updates strategies, and dedication. And you need a good team to work on this most organically and round the clock. This is the best path to success in e-commerce, while you also integrate social media marketing parallel to SEO, and obtain great visibility on search results and good traffic too from interested viewers.

And Finally

You can actually get great digital marketing success when you use both in combination. Else if you need quick success without minding about SERP, then you may go for social media marketing mainly. Else SEO has always been the best path in getting long-term and sustained success.

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