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10 SEO Statistics That Help You To Create Your SEO Strategy

10 SEO statistics that help you to create your SEO strategy

Everyone doesn’t have adequate SEO know-how. You need to study various facts and definitions to have the right idea about it. But for the uninitiated ones, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of impacting a website’s online visibility, in Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s organic search outcomes. The principal objective of SEO is to maximize web traffic. One of the best ways to ensure this is by making use of a set of key phrases and keyframes.

And according to experts, by 2020, a most online search conducted will be image and voice based. If yours is an online business, you will need SEO to rank high, connect with more customers, and enhance your online presence. You also will need the assistance of an SEO agency to help you in your endeavor. To know more on this, connect with

Do you want your website to rank high? If yes, you can follow the statistics discussed below:

Google was a source of 73% desktop searches back in 2018

Google is the search engine giant today. In December 2018, it accounted for 73.28% of the total laptop and desktop searches. Baidu, is a well-known China-based search engine, occupying a market share of 13.19% market share. And it also ranks as the second-best search engine platform globally. Bing ranks as the third best search engine platform. Hence, it is essential to deploy all your SEO initiatives to get the best ranks in Google. That way, you can ensure your brand is getting noticed.

Google also accounts for 96% of the mobile searches

Most Smartphone users make use of Google to do online searches. According to the statistics, about 96% of the searches take place on Google. Bing comes second to this, but Google takes the meteor chunk of the share. Hence, it indicates that you need to make your website optimized for mobile searches.

Most US adults back in 2016 chose mobile browser as the best option for online results

It was the statistics result conducted back in April 2018. The SEO statistics also highlight that 18% of the people surveyed expressed that they resort to the search window in their Smartphone’s home screen. On the other hand, a 16% opted in for voice-search as well as search engine app. This data is apt to highlight the entire market share that the statistics represent. Also, catering to mobile users is essential if you want to enhance your website and web page SEO.

Most people avoided the sponsored search outcomes

These statistics are sourced from Search Engine Land. When your website ranks organically than any paid ad initiatives, it provides you with a competitive edge. Today, users overlook the sponsored ads. They are keener on organic and natural search outcomes. According to the data, about 70% to 80% of the sponsored search outcomes get avoided by users. And sometimes, paid ads to come up as sales-y and can lead a user to develop a particular aversion towards the brand. Hence, it is essential to create and customize your website in a way that it gets an organic ranking. Later on, as your SEO initiative, you can opt-in for paid searches.

As Google was down, there was a drop in 40% of online traffic

Back in 2013, Google witnessed an outage! The total duration of the outage was even less than five minutes. However, the impact was huge. During these five minutes of outage, international online traffic took a significant hit by 40%. It only highlighted that your website ranks are dependent on Google to a large extent. Hence, here you need to make a mental preparation. Regardless of your excellent SEO strategy making and implementation, if Google takes a hit, your website ranking will also suffer.

Most online experiences start right at the search engine

It is another fact that suggests the importance of counting on SEO. About 93% of your website visit begins at Google or any other search engines. Ranking a web page high amongst a list of relevant search terms is beneficial. It will bring you better online visibility results than advertising.

Users opt-in for two or three search outcomes

It is one of the critical trends and reflects the user mindset hugely! Most users click on two or three search results. It is because they want to be sure of the information they are using. Also, today, most people are cyber-savvy and conscious buyers. They want to know more about a service or product before making a purchase. Hence, it highlights that it’s not essential that your page gets the number one ranking. Your website needs to have quality information because that will rank it on page two or three. And since users have a habit of searching for more results, they will eventually land up in your site to gather relevant data.

Search engines can generate more traffic as compared to social media

Social media today can help you create online traffic. However, search engines still rank superior to that. Search engine surpasses social media in one relevant category – search engines can generate about 300% more web traffic in the content-driven sites, as compared to social media. It established the relevance of content optimization for online searches.

Most users click on any one of the best three search results

According to the latest statistics, about 60% of the online users click on the best three search results. Hence, it suggests you need to up your SEO strategies to rank for that bracket. The competition might be tough, and other market players will put their best foot forward. However, despite all this, it is an advantage to rank amongst the top three Google search results.

Most searches are four or five words long

This statistic can help you create your keywords or key search terms. Based on the search word count, you can fix both your head and long-tail keywords. About 50% of all the searches are four to five words long. You can’t shorten them than that. The majority of people will always look for complete search terms. Hence, it is essential to frame keywords that look complete by itself.

These are the ten essential SEO statistics that can establish the relevance of SEO. It also gives you the reason why specific SEO tactics are crucial. You can set your SEO strategy using these facts and rank high.

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