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7 Top Tips To Write Great Headlines For Blog Posts

7 Top Tips To Write Great Catchy Headlines For Blog Posts

Blog Title is the first thing that people noticed while searching for anything on the search engine. If the headline of your blog post is not creative and attention-grabbing then, no one will visit your blog to read it.

Trust me, it is only the great blog titles, which will attract online users to your site.

Always remember, the blog title is just like a newspaper headline. It needs to be attractive enough to attract readers to it.

Next, You have seen many articles or blog posts worse than yours but still getting lots of views and shares. Have you ever wondered, Why?

This is because that blog post has a well written attractive headline on it. The online readers get attracted due to the catchy title.

Write Catchy Headlines For Blog Posts On Your Blog

The only way to attract more numbers of visitors to your blog is by writing interesting headlines for your blog posts. If your title is good then you will easily get the good numbers of traffic on your site.

But, a question may arise, How to write an Interesting and Catchy Headline (Title) of the Blog Post?

To get this answer, please read below article completely. Hereby, in this article, I have shared the best actionable tips to write catchy headlines.

#1. Start With Numbers (especially a big or odd number)

This is the first and easiest way to write great blog titles. This technique or trick also works well when you’re a beginner. All you need to do is just write some number (especially a big or odd number) before the title of the blog post. For example,

  • 501+ Blog Titles for Your Blog Posts
  • 2546 Interesting Blog Headlines For Your Blog Posts

Such big and odd number formula always work well in almost all search engines (including Google). For proof, please check out the below-attached snapshot.

Use of Number in Blog Headline

Use of Number in Blog Headline

In the above snapshot, you will find that out of 5 search results, the 4 results are starting with numbers.

P.S: Since it is not possible to take the complete snapshot in one go. I have attached only half snapshot above. But, if you want to check out the complete photo then please follow this given link for the same.

#2. Include Positive (Problem Solving) Keywords In It

The second actionable tips to write the most interesting title is to include positive keywords in your blog title. Make sure you include positive problem-solving keywords in your blog headlines. For example,

  • Top 50 Tips To Write Best Catchy Blog Headlines
  • The Largest List of Best Headlines For Your Blog Posts

Just read out the above examples. You will feel good while reading the positive keywords like Largest, best and Top.

By using these kinds of keywords, you are giving an assurance to your readers that your search ends to this largest, best and top list.

#3. Use Negative Keywords also

According to one survey, it was found that negative keywords work better than positive keywords. For example, in the below case,

  • 7 Best Tips To Write Good Headlines For your Blog Posts
  • 21 Mistakes While Writing Great Headlines For your Blog Post

If you come across the above blog posts, Which one will you read first?

As per normal human tendency, you will read that article will look scarier. You will be more interested in knowing which mistakes you need to take care while writing for great headlines for your blog posts.

#4. Include The ‘Year’ In Your Blog Title

This is another best way to write an interesting blog title for your site. In this trick, all you need to do is include a particular period in your title. For example,

  • How to start a blog in 2019
  • How to build backlinks in 2018

In the above examples, you will observe that I have used a particular period in the blog title. This trick works best when you update your blog posts regularly. This is because, after a few years, this post will become outdated if not updated.

After 5 years, in 2024, no one will search for starting a blog in 2019. Right?

Hence, if you use this trick then do not forget to update the post at regular interval.

Pro Tips: I strongly suggest not to mention the period while writing the URL structure of your blog post. This is because the blog headline can be edited in the future but the blog URL can’t. If in case, you mentioned the period in the blog URL then it will remain for forever ( no matter, you edit the blog headline and body in the future). So, avoid using a period or year name in the blog URL.

Do not mention period in Blog URL

Do not mention period in Blog URL

#5. Keep Headlines Under 60 Characters Including Blog Name

Yes, the length of the headline plays an important role to attract online readers to read your blog.

Next, If you want your headlines to look good in search engines (including Google) and prevent them from being cut off, make sure your headlines stay under 60 characters.

Write Blog Headlines Below 60 Characters

Write Blog Headlines Below 60 Characters

I know, you people are wondering, What are the maximum number of characters an SEO tile must contain?

Actually, there is no answer to this question. Google does not use to consider the number of characters while showing the SEO title. Instead, it has a fixed width in which it can show the title. For Google, the width of the SEO title can be up to 600 px.

Hence, the number of characters has nothing to do with the Google search engine but ideally, 70 characters are enough to include in this width.

I know, earlier in this article, I have suggested using 60 characters and now I am asking to use a maximum of 70 characters in SEO title.

This is because I have reserved 10 characters for the blog name. Hence, try to write a great article within 60 characters and use 10 characters for the blog name.

#6. Use The Words Like Hurry, Heavy Discount, Great Offers Etc In Your Blog Post

The another best way to write an attention-grabbing headline is using words like heavy discount, great offers, hurry, etc in your blog title.

By using these kinds of keywords, you urge online readers to click on your blog title and visit your blog to read it. It has been scientifically proven that these kinds of words are directly related to human behaviors and thereby people react immediately against such keywords. For example,

  • Limited Time Offer: Get 500 Free Blog Headlines For Your Site

People will definitely visit your site for this limited time offer

#7. Use Search Engine To Copy The Title From Others

If you are not finding anything interesting for your blog then this trick will work best for you. In this trick, you will simply use the search engine to copy the title from others. For example,

If you are writing an article on ‘Blog Headline Generators‘ then go online and google this keyword using Google search engine. Next, refer to all the articles ranking on the first page and then try to write your blog headline based on it.

Use Search Engine To Find Best Blog Headlines

Use Search Engine To Find Best Blog Headlines

The only thing that you need to take care while using this tricks is, don’t copy the entire titled as it is. Try to use your creative mind and edit the same before using it. Next, if you don’t find any way to edit it then simply change the number appearing at the start of the blog title. If someone else has already written an article on 10 Best tips then please change it to 21 Top tips.

But, at any cost, please do not copy the entire title. The search engines (including Google) don’t like duplicate content and hence, your article or blog posts will not rank higher in the search engine.

Final Words

A great blog headline is very important to attract the number of online readers and get more clicks on your blog post. Trust, if you have written an interesting blog title then you will definitely get good numbers of views on it.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding the above concepts or need any help in writing the catchy headlines for your blog posts.

I also request you to share your thoughts on writing the attention-grabbing headlines for your blog post. Don’t forget to share, How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles’.I will be happy to listen from you and incorporate your ideas or tips or tricks in my article.

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