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Free Social Media Reporting Editable Template

Free Social Media Reporting Printable and Template

Keeping track of Social Media strategy is one of the best ways to improve it. This can be easily done if you maintain proper records of your Social Media analytics.

In this article, I will share a FREE social media reporting template to track your monthly and yearly performance.

This template is available in two formats that are 1) an Editable Excel File and 2) a Printable PDF file as well.

Free Social Media Report

Whether you’re tracking your performance or presenting your data, a free social media report will provide a complete picture of your work. This report can easily prove that your work is delivering desired results.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at this report below.

Monthly Report

In this report, you can easily track the monthly performance of your work. This includes the space for five Social Networking Channels and one ‘Others’.

Monthly Social Media Report

Based on Opening and Closing Followers, the number of New Followers will get automatically counted.

At the end of every report, there is also an option available to mention your Achievements and areas to work upon next month.

Yearly Report

The yearly Social Media report will look something like this.

Yearly Social Media Report

This report includes two tables in it. These tables are as follows.

  1. The first table will show the number of new followers received during the particular month. Next, it also has the provision to show the total number of followers on the given website. This will be done by using the opening balance in it. The opening balance will be derived automatically from the ‘Jan’ worksheet. So, whatever opening balance you will mention in the ‘Jan’ worksheet will appear here automatically.
  2. The second table will show the numbers of likes received during the particular month. This number will be derived automatically from the individual worksheet input.

The excel file includes an individual worksheet for every month. And, the yearly worksheet is linked to all these months. If you use the excel file then all these calculations will be done automatically.

Social Media Tracking Report

You simply need to fill data in monthly worksheets and sit back to see the magic. The yearly worksheet will get updated in real-time.

Benefits of Social Media Reporting Template

  1. Keep track of your monthly and yearly Social Media Performance
  2. Yearly data will be prepared automatically from the monthly worksheet
  3. Available in both Excel files and PDF Printable
  4. None of the content is locked. So, you can easily customize it as per your needs. You can also change formulas if required.
  5. Available for FREE of cost.
  6. Includes almost all major Social Networking sites.
  7. No Branding and Watermark in the printable and excel file.

So, What are you waiting for? Download this template from the below link. Please note, that both PDF printable and Excel files are compressed into a ZIP file before uploading the same on the blog.

Please fill out the below form to download the FREE Social Media Reporting EXCEL template and PDF printable files.

Thank You! Please wait, your required file is getting downloaded.

P.S: This template and printable are designed by me for LoveUMarketing readers. You can copy, edit and resell it without prior approval from me. This digital property is owned by LoveUMarketing.

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