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5 Powerful Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

Powerful Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

Starting a blog is easy but making money with a blog is not an easy job. You will make money only if you are generating enough blog traffic to get your blog noticed.

Every day, a lot of blogs are created and even get excited. The barrier-free entry and exit have made the situation worse. With great enthusiasm, a blogger starts the blog but after working hard and struggling to get on the first page of the google, they finally quit their blogging journey.

In simple words, in the blogging industry, starting a blog is not a big deal but to continue the blogging journey is a bigger challenge.

If you really want to make money with your blog then you should learn how to make it more popular and successful.

In this big internet world, there is no space for smaller blogs. Only a big blog get easily noticed and start making money for you.

But a question may arise? How does a blog get noticed?

How to get a blog noticed?

Simple, if your blog has more number of organic keywords and making good money from Adsense or any Affiliate program then it will easily get noticed.

 But, the next question will be, How to achieve this? How to increase organic blog traffic?

The answer will be simple. If you have enough time available with you. In such a case, take the help of On Page and Off Page Optimization techniques and keep sharing content rich articles on your blog.

Sooner or Latter, your blog will get popular and noticed.

But, What if you don’t have such a long time? In this case, you should read this article. Here, in this article, I will share the best ways to get your blog popular and noticed.

Trust me, after implementing below different techniques, your blog will definitely get success.

But, before starting with these amazing ways, let us first consider the below example.

If someone asks you, out of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and A R Rahman, Who is a better singer? What will be your reply?

Of course, you will get confused and based on your taste for music, you will name any of them.

But, What if singing is your hobby and you want to be a successful singer?

Of course, in this case, you need to compete with these singers to get successful?

I know this is a common phenomenon and everyone is aware of it. To become successful you need to compete and defeat everyone.

But, What if I tell you, it is not necessary to sing well if you want to become successful.

I know you will not believe me. You will say what a joke? How one can become successful without singing well. But, trust me, in the 21st century, it is possible.

Just today in the morning, I have come across the article named ‘Successful People with no real skills and talent‘.

Yes, this is true. There are many successful people who don’t possess any real skills and talent. For example, Dhinchak Pooja.

Dhinchak Pooja- The Worst Singer In The World

If you have not heard this name before and I request you to do the google once for her.

She is the worst Indian Singer with 280K followers and 436K subscriber on the youtube. Yes, this number is true.

Confused? If she has such a good number of followers then how she could be the worst singer?

If you don’t believe me then check out below song from Dhinchak Pooja. I am sure after hearing below song, you yourself will say, she is the worst singer you have ever heard.

So, sit your belt and get ready to listen to her song.

Dhinchak Pooja - Dilon Ka Shooter (On public demand )

Now, I am sure you will believe in me. Now, the question is how she got so famous and popular?

The answer is very simple. Because she is the worst singer.

Yes, always remember, only two people can rule the world. First the successful and Second the Worst one.

She knows, if she tries to become the best singer then it will not be possible for her. So, instead, he starts singing dissonant and makes huge money from youtube.

For more details please read the below article and do the google.

You Will Be Shocked To Know How Dhinchak Pooja Is Making Fool Of You

I know, right now, you are shocked. Why I am sharing about Dhinchak Pooja?

Well, this is because I want to convey that there are always two ways to get popular and noticed. First, to compete and defeat everyone and Second, to get the worst and become successful.

So, how this could be related to blogging?

Nothing Special.The only thing- If your blog has nothing unique then it will become very difficult to get noticed and successful.

In very short and simple words, to create a successful blog, you need to be ‘Unique’. Try to provide something unique to your readers then it will increase your chance of getting succeeded.

Now, let us understand this more precisely.

There are more than 3 lakhs blogger using the Yoast SEO plugin on their blog. Yoast is the best SEO plugin to make your blog SEO friendly and successful.

But, just imagine. If Yoast SEO plugin can make your blog SEO friendly and successful then how will you get your blog noticed among the 3 lakhs blogs?

So, it is very simple. No SEO plugin will help you in building a popular blog.

It will only get popular if you have something unique in your blog. Taking this assumption, below we have shared the best and unique ways to get 100% success.


  1. The below mentioned ways are very hard to implement. At first place, it will seem to be impossible only.
  2. Next, unlike other bloggers, we will not share any routine tips in this article. We will share the unique ways only.
  3. Trust me, after implementing the below-mentioned ways, your blog will get easily noticed and popular. This is because your blog will become unique after implementing below mentioned ways.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us discuss these below.

How to get a successful blog?

So, after reading the above paragraphs, I am sure you are ready to know how to get a successful blog?

Always remember, the only way to get noticed is to make your blog unique and special. Below, we will discuss only those ways which are unique and special.

If, in case you have any query related to any point then feel free to ask me at the end of this article in the below comment box. We will be happy to answer your queries.

Write Content Rich Blogs

I know, there is nothing unique in this tips. But before making any conclusion, I request you to please read the complete article first.

So, the first way to make your blog super powerful is- ‘Write Content Rich Blog Posts on your blog‘.

But a question may arise? What is Content Rich blog posts?

Actually, there is no concrete definition of this. Different blogger has defined it in different ways. When it comes to content rich blog posts, they will suggest you different ways like proper keywords research, catchy headlines etc.

But, have you ever wonder? If everyone starts implementing all those mentioned ways then who will win the match?

Further, all those different ways are already in the market, then why don’t all bloggers are making money with their blog?

Actually, this is because the problem is different. Please note, by a different problem, it does not mean, all those techniques are wrong. Of course, those techniques are very important to build a successful blog.

But, besides these techniques, it also needs additional things called ‘Uniqueness’.

Content Rich Blog Post For Your Blog

Content Rich Blog Post For Your Blog

I know, practically, it is not possible to write unique blog posts daily. Hence, in this case, What should be done?

Don’t worry. We have a solution for this. If you can’t write the unique content then instead start writing descriptive and long posts.

Wait. If you are thinking of writing a long post consisting 1000 to 2000 words then you are on the wrong track. If by writing 2000 words blog posts, one can get successful then there are many bloggers who are writing such longs posts before you.

So, What should be done here. Simple, do something unique. Don’t stand in the queue. Do something odd and get out of the row.

So, the best way to make your blog popular is to start writing very long blog posts say 5000 to 6000 keywords.

This is because I am sure you have not seen any blog writing such long posts. So, start writing such a long post and get out of a queue.

Just imagine. You owned a blog containing 100 blog posts with 5000 words. Don’t you like it? Of course, Yes. Similarly, Google and other search engines also like such descriptive articles.

Long posts mean detailed answers and lots of keywords and hence there are the higher chances that your article will rank on the first page for more than one keywords.

Next, if you write a long post then you will get enough time to express emotion and knowledge. It will be easy for you to describe and making your users understand things easily.

In simple words, if you write long posts then it will be definitely useful to you. It will not have any harmful impact on your blog or site.

I bet you, just go and check the blog of any successful blogger, their blog posts will be definitely too long then the industry standard. If possible then just try to check out, how long your competitor is writing blog posts?

And, if you want to beat him in the competition, then try to write a blog longer than him.

Still not convinced? Check out the below-attached graph, showing the relationship between blog posts ranking and length of the posts.

Content and Website Ranking Relation

Content and Website Ranking Relation

This graph clearly shows- website ranking on the first position has a number of words as compared to the following positions.

You can also check the same personally using Google Search. All you need is do a google search and check out the total number of words used in each and every website ranking on the first page of the google. I am sure, you will get the same results.

Now, just imagine. You have written an article consisting 5000 to 6000 words, then definitely it will rank in the first position. This is because there is no other site writing such long posts. Right?

Exactly. That is what I am trying to teach you. Hence, now onwards start writing long posts on your blog. Of course, initially, you will face problem but slowly you will learn how to write a long blog post.

Social Media Sharing

Nowadays, almost all bloggers are using social media sites to promote their content. So, What’s a new thing?

Yes, I agree. Today, every blogger is using social media sites to promote their blog. But, have you ever wonder? Which social sites they are using?

Maybe, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Right?

Next, If I think more forward then in addition to the above three social sites then may also use Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Basically, the blogger uses these six social media sites to promote their content and blog.

But do you know? According to Wikipedia, there are more than 200 major social media sites. Remember, this is only the major social sites. Besides these 200, there are many other small social sites.

So, the question is, are you promoting your content on all those 200 sites? Of course, your answer will be big ‘No’.

Practically, it is not possible to manage an account on all those 200 sites.

I agree with your point but don’t you think, even using only 6 social media sites are not enough? Just go and check, your successful competitors will be available everywhere.

So, if you want to create a super-rich blog then try to promote your blog on more number of social media sites. Try to take the benefits of all social media sites available free.

Social Media Network

Social Media Network

I know, now you are wondering, What are the benefits of social media for businesses? To get this answer, please read below.

  1. A large number of Target users are available.
  2. Drive free traffic to your site or blog
  3. Build free high-quality backlink for your blog or site.
  4. Branding and Customer Supports etc.

I know it is practically not possible to manage so many social media networks. But, please note that – I am not insisting on using all available social media sites. I know, only a fool can think of it. But, I am telling to promote your contents beyond facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Linkedin.

Next, if you think you can’t manage more social media sites then Why don’t you take the help of Automation?

You can automate your social media activities using free or paid tools available online. Here, I will suggest checking IFTTT once. IFTTT ( If this then that) is a free online tool that can automate your social media activities and many more. You will find the complete review of the tool at the below link.

How to automatically add WordPress Post to Facebook without any Plugin

Add Schema and Structured Data

The next way to boost the performance of your blog is adding schema to your blogs. By adding schema and structured data to your blog, you can improve the visibility of your blog or site.

I have seen a blog with scrap content ranking on the first page. The reason, it has Review Schema enabled on it. Next, the blog owner has manipulated the review count as 216,

Hence, Google is showing its post on the first page assuming 216 reviews on the site. I know this is not the correct way to rank your site.

But, just imagine, If you really have hundreds of review on your blog posts, then who can stop your blog posts from ranking on the first page.

So, add schema to your blog and start collecting review. After a few months, when you collect enough reviews, your post will automatically start ranking on the first page of the google.

The importance of Schema – How is Schema related to SEO

The importance of Schema – How is Schema related to SEO

For your information, there are various kinds of schema available on google. For example, Review, Blog Posting, Q&A, Recipes etc. Add all those schemas that are related to your site. It will definitely boost the visibility of your site or blog.

At last, I request you to please refer the below article to get complete information on Schema and Structured data on your site or blog.

The importance of Schema – How is Schema related to SEO?

Get 100% Pages Indexed in Search Engine

The next way in the list is getting your all webpages indexed in the search engine. Ensure you have zero error in your Google Webmaster. Whether is mobile, AMP or Web, there should be zero error in the search console account.

This is because the question of ranking your blog post will arise only if your post is indexed in the search engine. Just imagine, your blog post is not indexed and available on the search engine. In this case, with whom, you will compete to rank your post?

Of course, no indexed post means, 0% possibility to rank your blog post.

Make sure, after writing every new article on your blog, you do not forget to ping it and submit indexing request in the webmaster. To submit indexing request, all you need to do is paste your URL in the given box and hit enter.

Next, click on the ‘Request Indexing ‘ option and wait for the confirmation.

Indexing URL Link in Google Search Console

Indexing URL Link in Google Search Console

That’s it. Once you received the confirmation, you can go back and check your article on the google. I am sure, it will get indexed in the search results.

At last, make sure you have ‘NIL’ error and issue in your indexed page. If there is any error then resolve it immediately.

If you need any help in resolving your error then feel free to contact me. Since, last 6 months, I am working on the same project only. I have made my blog 100% indexed in the Google Search Engine.

Trust me, I am aware of all the problems that are related to indexing and I  can help you in getting your blog indexed easily.

For proof, you can check out the below-attached image of my Google Webmaster Sitemap Indexing page.

Indexing Blogs in Google Search Engine

Indexing Blogs in Google Search Engine


Indexing webpages in the search engine do not mean you close your eyes and get all your blog posts or webpages indexed in the search engine.

In that case, you will face the duplicate content issue on your site. Actually, there is a way to get your blog indexed in the search engine. For example, do not allow the search engine to index your tags and category pages.

If you are using WordPress, then we strongly suggest installing the Yoast SEO plugin on your site. Next, refer below article to configure your plugin.

Beginner’s Tutorial On Yoast SEO Plugin Configuration

The configuration given at the above link will take care of everything. It will save your blog from getting hit by the duplicate content penalty.

No Index Tag Using Yoast

No Index Tag Using Yoast

At last, make sure, you can carry out the same activity at all search engine. Remember, creating a webmaster account on Google will not serve your purpose. You need to create a webmaster account on all other search engines also.

Create an account on an available search engine and submit sitemap on it.

Be a Great Contributor and Work Together

The last but the most important way to build a successful blog is through contribution and working together.

I bet you, just go and check online, all the successful bloggers are working together. They will promote each other instead of competing.

Have you ever wonder? Why?

Simple. They have known the power of ‘We‘.

Successful bloggers known there is nothing in fighting with each other. Instead, promote each other’s content and make money out of it.

For example, Google will hate my blog if I promote my content but if in case someone else promotes it then Google will love my site.

Similarly, they also publish their interview on each other websites.

Let us understand this with one more example.

What will happen, if three beginners having 1000 followers each comes together?

Of course, they will have more number of followers say 3000 and will make more money from it.

So, I strongly suggest working together.

Note: In the above paragraph, I am suggesting to work together. But this does not mean you should start a blog in a partnership.

Please note, there is a huge difference in working together and partnership. I strongly oppose starting a blog in partnership. Instead, find someone else and promote your work on each other blog.

In the second case, you will get free backlinks, free followers and free guest posts or interviews for your blog.

Trust me, this strategy will definitely work. It really makes an impact if someone else is endorsing you.

At last, if you really want to create a successful blog then comes together. Remember, you alone can beat the blog already available in the first position.

Just look at the opposition parties in India. When they got completely defeated in the election 2014, they come together to defeat Modi in the next election.

The same logic works here. You have two choices. Close down your blog with 1000 followers or come together and make money out of 3000 followers.

That’s it. If you follow the above mentioned different ways then I am sure it will definitely boost the performance of your blog and it will gain visibility in the search results.

Wrapping UP

If you have anything unique on your blog either good or worst then your blog will definitely get noticed. Trust me, after implementing the above-mentioned ways, your blog will get popular and successful.

At last, if you face any problem in understanding the above content then feel free to share your queries with us. You can share your message in the below comment box.

Further, please do not forget to share your feedback after implementing the different ways mentioned above. Please let us know, What is your result?

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