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7 Tips To Take Your Blog From Zero To Hero [Must Read]

7 Pro Tips To Take Your Blog From Zero To Hero

Are you struggling to make successful money blogging? If Yes, then you are at the correct place. Here, in this article, I will tell you how to take your blog from zero to hero?

It takes years to build successful business and blogging is not exceptional to it. If you are thinking to build money blogging immediately then please get out of it. Always remember, success doesn’t come overnight, it takes some time.

Hence, implementing below mentioned tips does not mean your blog will get converted into a successful blog immediately. But, instead, it will take some time.

Next, to make a blog from zero to hero, it requires lots of dedication, hard work and focus. If you really want to build a successful creative blog then first you need to determine toward it. The below-mentioned tips are secondary to it.

Make Your Blog Successful

Assuming you really want to create a successful blog, let us discuss these amazing tips below. So, shall I begin?

Know your Audience

This is the first step to build a successful blog. Basically, there are two important things which are involved in this.

First, you should know for whom you are writing?

Second, Stick to your Blogging Niche. Don’t Change it.

Let us understand this in details below.

Every blogger whether he or she is a beginner or expert needs to understand their audience first. The benefits are obvious. If they know for whom they are writing then it will help them to write a great piece of content and thereby retain their audience.

In simple words, it is just like a chef. If a chef knows for whom he is preparing food, then, of course, it will help him in preparing the menu. In absence of audience information, it may happen that he only prepare non-vegetarian dishes for vegetarian guests.

To avoid this kind of problem, it is always advisable to understand your audience first. If you know, who all are your audience then you can write a better article for them.

Hence, the very first thing that you need to do is collect as much as information you can collect about your audience.

Know your Audience for Visual Contents

Know your Audience for Visual Contents

Second, for creating a successful blog, stick to your blogging niche. Please do not change it. Changing a niche is never a good idea.

Many bloggers, just for the sake of driving more traffic to the blog, start accepting or writing blogs on multi-niche topics.

There are many bloggers who accept guest posts on multi-niche topics. Trust me, the multi-niche blog is never a good idea. In fact, the multi-niche site is never an SEO friendly website.

Of course, in the short term, it will drive good traffic to your blog but in the long term, it will not rank on the first page of the search results.

Let us understand this with an example.

It is a known fact. If you own a multi-niche blog then over all your audience base will be larger. Hence, you will get more traffic initially as compared to a single niche blog.

Just because of this, many bloggers get attracted toward this and start a multi-niche blog instead of micro niche blogging site.

But, when it comes to Search Engine like Google. Google doesn’t like Multi Niche site. This is because Google loves expertise knowledge instead of generic. Hence, whenever you check the first of the search results, you will find micro niche sites only.

Micro niche sites are the subpart of the border niche. For example, Baby Health is a micro niche site in the Health and Fitness niche.

When you are writing on a micro topic, Google loves it and thereby it will boost the visibility of your site.

Next, do not get easily discarded if your blog is not getting enough traffic. It generally happens, when after working so hard, if your blog does not succeed in attracting traffic to your blog, you start thinking about your blogging niche and easily gets attracted to other niches.

Though your blog would be on Travelling, you will start thinking, Why don’t write on Marketing and Earn Money online. Just see, lots of people are making money on it.

Next, after working on a new niche, when you don’t have anything to write. You once again start thinking of another niche and then once again change it.

This kind of behavior is not a good idea.

Hence, please think twice before selecting a niche for your blog. Make sure you like your niche and you will have enough content on it.

At last, I am sure if you take care of these two things then both your site and audience networks will be well worth to make money from your blog.

Content Is Still King of the Game

No matter, what you do. If you don’t have the great content then it is very difficult to build a successful blog.

Content is still the king of the game. Both, your users and search engines like the good content.

Hence, always attempts should be made to write a content rich article on your blog. For your convenience, I have mentioned out few amazing tips below.

Learn how to write a good blog content below

  1. Ensure you write a long detailed blog post. Remember, writing a blog with 500 words is no more considered as a long post. If possible, write a post with 2000 to 3000 words.
  2. Do not overuse your content with your focus keywords. Always write naturally.
  3. Includes lots of examples in your content. Make them easy to understand.
  4. Make proper use of visuals to explain your content. Next, you can also take the help of charts, case studies to explain your content better.

That’s it. Next, please take care of mentioned on page optimization tips for writing an SEO friendly content.

Do you know? The length of the content is directly related to website rank on the search result. For more information, you can refer to the below-attached chart snapshot.

Content and Website Ranking Relation

Content and Website Ranking Relation

In the above-attached graph, you will find that the website with the highest number of words is ranking on number one positions of the Google search results. Next, the website with the second highest number of words is ranking on the second position and similarly, the website with least number of words is ranking on the last that is the tenth position of the search results.

If you are still not convinced, then I suggest you go and check any successful blog. You will find long and very descriptive blog posts. Next, there will be a time when you think why this guy has written such a long post. This entire posts can be also written in a short manner?

Remember, the guy is not writing descriptive content for users only. But, it is also written for various search engines.

Long content means more number of keywords and hence there are the higher chances that your blog posts will get rank on the first page of the search results.

At last, for making your blog from zero to hero, start writing a content rich article on your site. The only good content blog will rank on the first page of google.

Schema and Structural Markup

The next tip in the list is Schema Markup. By adding proper schema markup code to your blog, you can boost the visibility of your site.

Have you ever wondered? Why the Schema is Important? To get an answer, I request you to please refer to this article. On this article, you will get complete information on the importance of schema markup.

By adding proper schema markup code you can boost your SEO performance by more than 50%. In fact, you can also rank your site on the first page by simply adding schema to your blog.

I have seen a blog with scrap content ranking on the first page just because of using schema on the blog.

Please don’t ask for the name of the blog. I am not here to disclose the name of such blogs.

But, trust me. The particular blog is ranking on the first page for the most competitive keyword that is for ‘Google Adsense’.

Actually, the guy ( one who owned the blog) has added review schema on his blog and showing wrong review counts on the blog posts.

He is showing the same review counts and percentage for all the blogs posts. He is showing 216 reviews received and 92% reviews are positives for all blog posts.

Please note, at no point of time, I am supporting the wrong use of schema. This is because Google is very intelligent. One day, Google will catch this trick and may ban this blog from its index.

In fact, Google has already started removing such websites from its search results and giving manual spam warning in its webmaster account.

At last, it is always advisable to make proper use of schema and thereby boost your SEO performance.

Just imagine. If a guy can rank his blog posts by manipulating schema on his site then why can’t you rank your blog by making proper use of schema?

Hence, just add the schema markup code and increase your site performance.

Social Media Sharing

If someone asks me, How to Increase ranking without building more backlinks then this would be the answer.

By making proper use of the social media networking site, one can increase ranking in less time.

Sharing content on social media networks, not only provides opportunities to build free backlinks but also promote your content and drive free traffic to your site.

Initially, we suggest creating an account on two or three social media networks for promoting your content but once you get settled, it is always advisable to open an account on almost all social media networks.

I know practically it is not possible to manage an account on all social media sites. There are more than 200 social networking sites available online. But, in this case, you can take the help of IFTTT to automate your social media activities.

By automation, you can manage more than one social media network at one go.

But, these strategies will work only if you have a good number of followers on social sites. It will not work on a new website or blog with less number of followers.

To know how to increase the social followers please refer to the below article.

4 Tips To Increase Social Media Followers In Business

4 Powerful Tips To Increase Social Media Followers In Business

4 Powerful Tips To Increase Social Media Followers In Business

Note: If you planning to automate your social media activities then please make sure you do not miss out any important message from your customers or readers. Many times it happens that your social activities are on automation mode and you are not aware of any comments made on your shared posts. Hence, you do not reply to that comment and thereby you lose your customer or readers.

Hence, it is very important that you check all these social media sites once in a day to reply to comments and message if any.

Publish Blog Posts Consistency

What is the ideal Blog Post Frequency? When you start a blog, this is the first question that will come to your mind.

Ideally, there is no such frequency. It does not matter whether you post one blog per day or week. The only thing that you need to ensure its consistency. Make sure you maintain your schedule for posting blogs.

If you are posting once a week then maintain the same frequency. Please do not change it. If you really want to retain your readers then this consistency is very important.

Please note, posting more blog posts does not mean your blog will start ranking higher in the search results. Google loves quality not quantity.

Hence, instead of writing two blogs, I strongly suggest writing one quality and long descriptive blog post.

The same logic also applied to your social media posts. For better results, please make sure you are maintaining consistency while posting on social media sites.

Hence, to make your blog from zero to hero, ensure you maintain consistency while publishing blog posts on your site.

Improve Loading Speed Of Your Blog

The next tip in the list is loading speed of the website. You should optimize your website speed to rank higher on the search engine results.

Assuming you are using WordPress for hosting your blog. You can apply the below-mentioned tricks to improve your blog speed.

How to Achieve a Google Page Speed Score of 90% or Higher with Your WordPress Website?

Next, do you know? Your loading speed is also one of the important factors to improve your Adsense income. If your site loads faster then it will load your ads on time and thereby you will make more money from google adsense.

According to one survey,  around 40% of the users leave the website, if images take more time to load.

So, just imagine, what will happen to your site if it takes more time to load?

Do you know? Improving the loading speed by one second can boost the performance of your site.

Yes, in the online industry, even a single second make a huge difference. Hence, an attempt should be made to improve the loading speed of your site. No matter, whether it improves the speed by one or two seconds.

Always remember, your uploaded Images is the key factor for higher loading time of your site. If your images are not properly optimized then your site will take more time to load it.

Hence, attempts should be always made to reduce the size of the images before uploading it.

Next,don’t worryy if you have already uploaded the images without reducing its size. It is possible to reduce the size of uploaded images without loosing its quality.


I know this is not related to your blog performance but still,l I think it is worthy to include it in the list. This is because, you can’t make your blog zero to hero immediately. It will take some time atleast one year of hardwork and dedication.

Hence, after implementing the above tips you need to wait at least one year to see the magic. You will require a lot of patience to wait for such a long time.

 But trust me, if you are really dedicated to your blog or site then it will definetly pay you. The above mentioned tips will surely improve the performance of your blog and thereby it will become a hero from zero.

Take Away Tips

Besides the above mentioned tips, you also required  to make some structural changes to your site or blog to boost its performance.

Remember, the default structure of the newly installed blog is not enough to build a successful blog. This default structure needs to be changed. Assuming you are using wordpress for your blog, in below article we have mentioned a few changes for your site.

10 Significant Changes To Make Your WordPress Blog User and SEO Friendly

Are you not using WordPress? Don’t worry, you can still apply the mentioned tips in the above article. The only thing which will changed will be the terminologies. If it is known as X in wordpress then it will be known by some other name say Y in other platforms.

Next, please take care of all On Page and Off Page Techniques to improve your blog visibility. Both the techniques are very important to make your blog zero to hero.

This blog is written assuming you know how to use on the page and off page optimization techniques.

At last, we suggest you to please read out the below article to know how to improve your search engine ranking.

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Wrapping Up

I am sure if you take care of the above mentioned tips then your blog will definetly get successful and rank on the first page of the google.

Trust me, it is very easy to boost your site visibility if planned properly. The only problem faced to rank your blog is ‘Time’.

In SEO, you will never gets the result immediately. If you are creating any backlink today then it will take atlesat one week to show its impact.

Hence, there is no option left with you. You need to wait to get your results.

At last, if you need any help in making your blog zero to hero, feel free to comment below. We will be happy to help you in improving your blog visibilty and thereby making it successful that is to make blog from zero to hero.

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