Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s new ad campaign will make you say Wow

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy's new ad campaign will make you say Wow Can't Wait Won't Wait

ITC Limited is back with a new marketing ad campaign for Dark Fantasy. This time Alia has found a new way to indulge you with a tasty spin to your hot and favourite biscuit called ‘Dark Fantasy‘ by ITC Limited.

In this campaign, Alia has shown a new way to eat your favourite biscuit Sunfest Dark Fantasy. You can check out this advertisement below.

Really beautiful ad. This ad is promoted using tagline Can’t Wait Won’t Wait tagline. This advertisement will be one of the best example if you’re looking for an ad that promote the same old product with a new way to use.

After watching this ad you will find that ITC Limited is back with a new way to consume the same old Sunfest Dark Fantasy biscuits.

It remind me the marketing concept how to increase sales by finding more opporutnities or scope to use the same products.

Over all the advertisement is really good.But it could be more better if it would have been launched with a hashtag to track the social media activities.

Now your turn. What do you think about this advertisement? Please share your feedback in below comment box.

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