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6 Time Management Tips Form Busy Entrepreneurs

Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

According to Smallbiztrends, most of the entrepreneurs in the United States start doing business in their homes. When an entrepreneur conducts his entire business from his home, time management is something that he hardly practices.

Entrepreneurs have a lot of businesses throughout the day from setting up meetings to strategizing the marketing plans and a lot more. These tasks are definitely not easy and they take up a lot of a time of the entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you are going to be your very own boss and it is in your hands to control and manage your time in an effective and efficient manner. You have to handle a lot of things throughout the day and that is why there are chances that you may end up neglecting time. You cannot forget that the time that goes away is not going to come back. It is important that you try to maximize each second of your day and handle everything efficiently.

However, as an entrepreneur, you also need to understand that you do not need more time but your attitude should be such that you are capable of managing it.

Time Management Tips

In order to get a proper idea as to how you can manage time or do the time management, you can consider the tips that have been mentioned in this list below.

Schedule everything

No matter how good your memory is, it is impossible for you to remember everything. It is true that you believe that you are going to keep everything on your mind and do all of them accurately; the truth is that there is something or the other that you are definitely going to miss. Missing an important thing is not something that you can afford as an entrepreneur. You can never set aside the value of writing your tasks down. However, you are free to decide how you are going to schedule your entire day’s work. You have the option of going the traditional way by using pocket notebooks, which you will carry around always. You can also make use of online calendars for scheduling your work. You will come across a number of calendar services on the internet.

The two minutes rule

Procrastination is one of the most common ways of a wasting time. For many entrepreneurs, delaying or postponing an important task is normally because they are not focused or they think that, they have a lot of time in hand. However, it is important to face the harsh truth that you don’t do something because you are not interested in starting it. The two minutes rule will help you to overcome laziness and procrastination. Whenever you are deciding to delay any task, you should instead try to devote 2 minutes behind that particular task. If you have nothing to do except writing a letter, write only two sentences within 2 minutes and you will automatically see that you completed the whole letter.

However, this rule does not mean that you have to complete the entire task at once but it will definitely help in boosting you to start your work. You should not waste your time by figuring out how you are going to start. Instead, you should start doing your task as soon as you can so that you finish it properly.

Attention management

It has already been mentioned earlier that when you are trying to manage time, the objective is not to get more time. It is about changing your attitude as to how you can manage time efficiently. Whenever you are trying to manage time, focus and attention are extremely crucial. This is important because when you are allocating your time for any particular task but you end up switching to some other task, chances are that the result that you are going to get is not going to be convincing. If you are worried about clearing your debts and half of your time goes behind that, you can visit the reputed website of Liberty Lending to get a better idea of managing all your debts.

The manner in which you are controlling your attention and focus has a direct impact on productivity. If you face constant distraction from other affairs, your productivity will start depleting, and this is going to have a negative impact on your work. Furthermore, more errors will be created and you will take more time for fixing up the errors individually. This is why attention management is directly related to managing time.

Allocating the unstructured time

If you are wondering what unstructured time is, it is nothing but the time that has been allocated for no work at all. This time is for your personal benefit and it is considered to be the “me time”. You might think as to why you are going to allocate time for yourself when you are already so busy. However, slack or unstructured time is a significant aspect of managing time effectively. If you are wondering why, you need to understand that if you are busy throughout the day, you are actually pushing yourself into a mental or physical exhaustion, which can lead to sickness.

Since you are an entrepreneur, your health is also your wealth. You can use your slack time for taking a nap for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This time can be allotted weekly or on alternate days. It is crucial that you allow your brain to wander freely so that you feel refreshed, imaginative, and all your stress is released. This will help you to gain more energy, focus on your work, and end up making you more productive.

Conducting time audit

Most entrepreneurs do not have a proper idea as to how much of their time they spend regularly on a certain task. It has been observed that a number of entrepreneurs extend their time in doing something and they end up missing the rest of the schedule. A proper time audit will help in determining the tasks that are eating up a lot more time than what is allocated. It is extremely important that you identify how your time is getting drained and which work is remaining incomplete. In your time management audit, you should be including everything from the schedule of your work to the various private actions like phone usage or social media.


It is your responsibility to spend the time that you have in a wise manner. It is true that you will have numerous tasks and plans on the mind, but when you manage your time effectively; your work is going to be completed in an easy and hassle-free manner.

At last, do not forget to share your opinion on our time management tips. You can ping us if you require additional information or want to share tips with us. You can share your message on time management at below comment box.

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