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How To Use Social Media Networking Sites

Social Media Networking Sites Use

Have you ever wondered? Why does Social Media Marketing not work for you? What’re mistakes are you doing while using it? To get this answer, please refer to this article completely. This article is about how to use social media  Networking sites?

Using a social media site does not mean merely posting and sharing content on it. It includes many other things also. You need to define a complete social media strategy plan to use it. Next, different social networking site will require a different technique to get results.

Assuming you are using social media networking sites but not getting the optimum results, hereby I have listed out some essential techniques for using them.

Trust me. If you take care of these basic rules, you will drive some good quality traffics to your site or blog.

Note: This article does not include any detailed strategic plan. Instead, it contains fundamental rules for using the top social media networking sites say Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. This article will tell you how to use these sites for getting optimum results.

Social Media Networking Sites Rules And Tips

Do you know? You can’t use the same way to get optimum result from all social media networking sites. The different site needs to be used differently. Some of them will give good results if used with good visuals, whereas the other works well with a hashtag only.

The maximum limit of Twitter is 280 characters. You can’t write beyond this. Whereas, the maximum limit on Facebook is around 63000 characters.

Now, imagine. How can you use the same strategy for both social media sites?

Hence, below, I  have listed out the basic rules of all the top social media sites available online.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start with Facebook first.


If you want immediate traffic to your blog or website, then Facebook will work best for you. All you need to do is write a long and high-quality post consisting your blog or site URL on your facebook wall.

I am sure, you will find improvements in getting the traffic your site or blog. But, remember, this traffic will not be of good quality.

This is because Facebook is used by all types of people, including illiterate and rural people. Facebook is the only platform where you will find a mixed audience coming together at the same platform.

Today, irrespective of age, gender, purpose, and education, all the people, are available on Facebook. Hence, this is the only reason why today, facebook dominates around 85% of the internet user’s worldwide (excluding China).

But, since it includes a mixed audience, their quality is not up to the mark.

At last, Facebook works best where you want the quantity rather than quality. But, when it comes to quality, other social networking sites like Twitter works well.

So, now, let discuss Twitter below.


Twitter works best if you are looking for professional and high-quality traffic to your site. Use this social media only if you are promoting some quality content online.

Next, Twitter only allows 280 characters to promote your content through tweets. I know when compared to Facebook, the number of 280 characters is too small.

So, the question may arise? How to use Twitter optimally?

Simple. Instead of focusing on great content, write a short summary and don’t forget to tags the relevant people or using the hashtag in it.

The Hashtags and Tagging People work well on Twitter. You can grow your networking by tagging relevant people and using the hashtag in your tweets.

For example, If I am sharing any content about Google Adsense then I will definitely tag Google Adsense and use hashtags like #GoogleAdsense and #Adsense in it.

Trust, this will work. On Twitter, people follow different hashtag to stay updated. The below snapshot is proof.

Use Hashtag to promote re-tweets on Twitter

Use Hashtag to promote re-tweets on Twitter

From the above snapshot, you can clearly see that WordPress Digest has re-tweet my post. This is because while posting on Twitter, I have used the hashtag #Wordpress in it. And, the WordPress digest is also following up the same hashtag on Twitter.

Next, we also suggest to tag relevant people in the tweets. If you are mentioning the name of any person or brand in your article, then do not forget to tag them in your tweets also. There is a high possibility that the person or brand will re-tweet your article on their wall.


Pinterest is a social networking site used to discover information on the world wide web. Next, Pinterest pins work well if you use visuals in it.

If your blog or site is related to any creative work or it includes lots of visual images then you should use Pinterest to promote it. Trust, Pinterest work well for such kind of websites.

The below snapshot is proof for it.

Pinterest Analytical Dashboard Data

Pinterest Analytical Dashboard Data

EmbroideryShristi is a creative store selling Machine Embroidery Designs online. Hence, it includes lots of images on their store. Next, Pinterest works well on this store as compared to Facebook or Twitter.

I am sure, no other networking site can work better when it comes to visual images. You can’t get such results using facebook.

Hence, in such case, you should focus more on using Pinterest to get more traffic on your site or blog.


Before start discussing Instagram, it is very important to note that, Instagram does not allow sharing any blog or site URL in its post.

It means, if you share any link while posting on Instagram then it will get displayed as simple text only. You will not get the clickable hyperlink URL on Instagram post.

Note: Instagram has a separate business account option to allow users to share links in the post. Hence, you need to subscribe to their business account if you want to share links in your post.

So, if you’re looking to use social networking site to drive traffic on your blog then Instagram should not be in your list. This is because, Instagram does not allow clickable links in its post and hence, you will not get any traffic on your site through the Instagram post.

So, What will be the benefit of using Instagram? And, How to use Instagram account optimally? To get the answer to these questions, please read below.

Instagram is a social networking site used for cut, edit and share photos online. This site will work best when your blog includes lots of images or pictures on it. Further, like any other social networking site, this also works well with hashtags. You will get good results if you use proper hashtags in Instagram post.

Next, Instagram is only used for promoting your brand name. Remember, you can’t drive any traffic to your blog using it.

Buying Active Instagram Follower and Likes

Buying Active Instagram Follower and Likes

At last, if your objective is to promote your brand name then Instagram can help you but if your aim is to get traffic to your site or blog then Instagram is of no use.


The last social networking site on the list is Reddit. From all the social networking sites discussed above, the Reddit is the toughest one to use.

Reddit community believe in zero spam and strict guidelines only.

Trust me, I got banned from this site within 3 days of creating an account. And, what I did was just sharing photos on it. Yes, I have shared few photos ( without sharing any link) on this site and got banned.

Can you believe this? You will get banned just because of sharing photos. The below snapshot is proof for it.

So, do not use Reddit if you are planning to promote your content on it. Reddit is not for promoting your business.

At last, Reddit will work best only if your intention is good. I strongly suggest first to spend some valuable time helping others and then think of promoting your content on it.

On Reddit, there is an option called ‘Karma’ to engage users. Karma will get an increase when your content is upvoted and vice versa.

Hence, first insists on building good Karma score and then only think of promoting content on the Reddit.

There are two benefits of having good karma scores. First, your post will rank higher on the site and Second, you will easily not get banned from the site.

On Reddit, Karma is an indication of your reputation. Good karma can help you to promote your business online.

Final Words

Your hard work will not pay you if you are promoting either on the wrong social site or using the improper technique for promoting it. In both the case, you will not get the optimum result.

Hence, it is very important to know Which and how the social media site will give you the best result?

Trust me, if you follow the right social media site then the results will be really a miracle. But, if you blindly following up any social networking site or using all social sites without proper strategy then it will not work for you.

I strongly suggest doing proper research before start using any social media site. Today, in total there are more than 250 social networking sites. It is not necessary that all these social networking sites will work for you. Hence, do proper research and find the best social site for your blog or website.

At last, if you think, we have missed out any important social media site to list out here then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to include your suggestion in the list.

Next, you can also contact us if you face any problem in understanding any part of the above article. We will try to simplify it further.

But, do not forget to share your social media strategy? What technique or tricks are you using to promote your business or website online. Don’t forget to share your valuable tips with us in below comment box.

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