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Latest News » WhatsApp Gold And Plus Scam Is Back Again In 2019

WhatsApp Gold And Plus Scam Is Back Again In 2019

    WhatsApp Gold and Plus Online Hoax Scam is Back

    WhatsApp is the one of the most popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It is so popular that its popularity has become its biggest disadvantage now. Every day, lots of hackers try to steal your personal information from the WhatsApp.  They urge you to install an updated version and thereby download malware into your smartphones.

    This was first happened in year 2016 when a fake upgrade message has gone viral. In 2016, people were receiving a message to upgrade their WhatsApp apps to WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus account and get the premium features of the app at free of cost. Nearly, millions of users were got affected by this scam in year 2016.

    Once again, the same hoax is back in year 2019. From last few days, lots of people are receiving a sms to upgrade their account to WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold in return of premium features. It is a scam circulating online. If you click and download these updates, then it will open the door to online hackers to steal your personal information.

    If you get any such message, then please do not click on it. WhatsApp has already clarified that there is no such versions called Gold and Plus. In fact, they do not have any other version for this application other than the current standard one.

    Hence, by whatever names you are receiving this kind of messages, please do not click and update your WhatsApp. This is just a hoax. Updating an app will install malware in your smartphones and put your personal information at risk.

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