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Aashirvaad Atta Promise Ad

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Another remarkable ad by ITC Limited- Aashirvaad Atta Promise Ad. Showing the uncompromising trust a child has in her mother, Aashirvaad Atta had clearly brought its message of promise for ‘purity and wholesomeness.

  • The ad starts with a promise made by a mother to her child, which is really emotional and heart-touching.
  • Then with a beautiful Jingle in the background, the mother fulfills the promise made to her child.
  • In the end, Aashirvaad Atta says like a mother we believe in fulfilling our promise of purity and wholesomeness to you and your family.

In India where selling Atta is always connected to the emotion of the mother, this type of ad will have more influence than others. Emotional attachment in the ads is more influences the person who intends to buy this product.

This is not the first time, any company is using emotion. In the past, many companies like Coca-Cola, Met Life, etc had promoted their product through an emotional ad campaigns. The recent ad campaign of  PepsiMoji is the best example of using emotion for promoting the product.

Pepsi Emoji Banner

Pepsi Emoji Banner

Whatever, but this new ad by Aashirvaad is really amazing. I love this ad.

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