Savlon India- Chalk Soap

Savlon India Ads Chalk Sticks

On Children’s day, Savlon India a brand of ITC Limited introduces an innovative engagement with Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks.

This ad is a clear example of Creative ad in India. Ad is successfully delivery the message of promoting healthy India. The ad is made in a school where the children used to write with the chalk sticks and then eat the food without washing their hands with soap.

Then, ad show the laboratory making the chalk sticks with background narration saying we find the simple way, we infused the soap in the chalk sticks itself. This chalk sticks can be used as normal chalk and will get converted in to soap once it come in touch of water.

Then in the second part, a small demonstration on how this chalk sticks will work is shown, which is commendable. The ad end with a simple message and creative way of fighting against this problem.

The manner in which Salvon India come with the most creative way of fighting this problem and  linking the same with swachbhart campaign is remarkable.

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