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Why Backlinks Are Not Indexed In Search Engines?

The backlink is one of the most important factors of Search Engine Optimization. Whenever we talk about website ranking, the number of high-quality backlinks will be the first tactics to improve it. But, these backlinks will be of no use if they are not indexed in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

I know, you are wondering, How this could be possible?

Why my backlinks will not be indexed and showing in the search engine?

Indexed Backlinks

If you are looking for the same answer then you must read below article for the answer. Here, we have shared the top reasons, ‘Why your backlinks are not showing in the search engines?’

But, before starting with the reasons for backlinks not indexed, let us first understand, What are Indexed Backlinks? Why backlinks indexing is so important and in the case of non-indexed, What will happen?

Let us answer these question one by one first below.

What are Indexed Backlinks?

Indexed Backlinks is nothing but a normal indexation process wherein addition to indexing your content, it also acknowledges your backlinks and adds it their database. In simple words, when you add your blog URL to any content, then that content needs to be indexed in the search engines acknowledging the presence of your blog URL in it.

So, when the article or blog post, in which you have created a backlink is showing in the search engine it is said to be indexed backlinks.

Note: In case if your article (before creating the backlink) was available in the search engine then in that case, you need to force search engines to recrawled your article and acknowledge your backlink in the article.

Why Indexing Backlinks is Important?

Now, you know the meaning of Indexed backlinks. The next question that will come to your mind is Why Indexing backlinks are so important?

The answer to this question is simple. If search engines like Google are not aware of your backlinks then how will it improve your website ranking? Getting your backlinks indexed is the first step for website search ranking.

Next, always remember, all the backlinks are not good for your site or blog. Some bad backlinks may also have a negative impact on your website performance.

Whether the said backlink is good or bad, you will get this answer only if when search engines like Google indexed your backlinks and its impact your blog or site. Only if after getting backlinks indexed you can check its impact.

If it has a good impact your blog performance then you have built good backlinks but if in case it has the negative impact on the ranking of your site or blog then it means you have to build a low quality and spammy backlinks for your site.

How to find bad or spammy backlinks?

Remember, there is no 100% well proof method to find bad and spammy backlinks.

But, there are many websites or tools available online to check and identify bad backlinks of your site or blog. You can use them to remove bad toxic backlinks from search engines.

Now, the next question arisen is ‘how to get backlinks indexed by google?‘ Let us find the best way to get backlinks indexed faster in the search engine.

How to get backlinks indexed fast?

Your backlinks will get automatically indexed by the search engines when it crawls your site. But, this entire process of indexation will take some time.

If in case, you want to get your backlinks indexed immediately then this technique will not work.

But, don’t worry. We have a solution for you. If you follow these techniques given in below article then there are the higher chances that your backlinks will get indexed immediately.

How To Index Backlinks Faster [100% Working Methods]

How To Index Backlinks Faster [100% Working Methods]

How To Index Backlinks Faster [100% Working Methods]

We know, now you are wondering, Whether the given backlink is indexed or not? How to check Indexed Backlinks?

Simple. You can use online indexation tool to check the indexed status of your backlinks. For example, You can use Monitor Backlinks to check backlinks indexed by the google or other search engines.

At last, in a very simple language, if search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc can find your content using a search engine then it means your backlinks are indexed by the search engine.

Note: We strongly suggest to use Webmaster account to check whether the given backlinks are indexed or not? Please remember, if your backlinks are appearing in any backlinks checker tools then it does not mean they are indexed. Bother search engine and these tools have different algorithm to crawl websites. Hence, finding your backlinks on these online tools does not mean they are indexed by the search engines.

If they are indexed by the search engine then it will appear in your webmaster account and search results.

Now, a question may arise, Why these search engines do not index your backlinks automatically? What all are the reasons when my backlinks are not showing in the search engine?

Why Backlinks are not Indexed?

If your backlinks are not getting indexed then there will be a reason behind it. It is not possible that a search engine does not index your backlinks without any reason.

The top reasons why search engines like Google ignore your backlinks are given below.

Spammy Backlinks

Have you ever seen a blog post that is flooded with lots of links in the comment box? We are sure you have seen it.

There are many website or blog, you approve comment without the filter the same. Next, this blog post has all kind of backlinks including Adult and Illegal sites.

Now, just imagine. If you build backlinks on this article or post then how will search engine indexed it?

In this case, your backlinks surrounded by lots of other spammy links will not get indexed by the search engines.

This is the only reason why many SEO gurus have to suggest to avoid blog posts will more number of external links in it.

At last, never build a backlink on such spammy site. Your all hard work will get in ruined when the search engine does not find them worthy and not indexed your links on this spammy site.

Non-Index Blog Post

The another reason for non-indexing of your backlinks is Non-Indexed Blog Post. If the article or blog post in which you have build backlink is set to non-index then your backlink will not get noticed by the search engine.

This is because search engines will ignore blog posts or article with non-index tag. Hence, your backlink will also get ignored by the search engines.

This is why it is always asked to check whether the given article is set to Index or Non-Index before building backlink in it?

If you are wondering how to check whether the given article is set to Index or NoIndex then you should check out the below-attached image.

No Index Tag in Blog Post building Backlink

No Index Tag in Blog Post building Backlink

Similarly, you can also check whether the backlink will be doing follow or no follow in this article.

Penalized Website or Blog

Next, if you create a backlink on any penalized website or blog then the search engine will ignore backlinks created on that website.

Search Engine will not index any article and backlink of the penalized website.

In fact, creating backlinks on such site may have a negative impact on your site performance and thereby it will decrease your site ranking in the search engine.

Try to avoid such site if you really want to boost your site SEO performance and thereby create a successful site or blog.

Crawl Error in Webmaster

Somewhat tricky but crawl error in the webmaster can also be one of the reasons for non-indexation of your backlink.

If the article in which you have the link back your site has crawl error then it will not get indexed by the search engine.

The article or blog post will get indexed once you resolved this error in the webmaster account.

We are saying this tricky one because in this case, you can’t check the status of crawled webpages in the webmaster. The webmaster account owned by someone else and hence you are not aware of this.

The only way to resolve this problem is to ask the owner of the site to log in to webmaster account and check why the said article or blog post is not getting indexed by the search engine?

Next, also ask him or her to check the Robot.txt file of the website. This is because many times it happens that everything is in place and the webpages are blocked by the robot.txt file on the website.

In such a case, your backlink will not get indexed by the search engines.

Wrapping Up

Getting backlinks indexed by the search engine is first stepping to improve your site performance. If you really want to boost SEO of your site or blog then make sure your all backlinks are indexed by the search engines.

The above all are the top reason why your backlinks are not indexed yet. Try to find the exact reason and resolve it immediately.

At last, if you face any problem in getting your backlinks indexed in any search engine then feel free to contact us or share your message in below comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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