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7 Best Apps To Pass The Time While Commuting

Best Apps to Pass the Time While Commuting

Commuting to your workplace might be boring when it takes a lot of time to reach. Recent studies have shown that the percentage of people communicating for more than two hours a day has increased by 70% in the UK over the last decade. Plus, in cities like New Jersey also, coming back and forth your destination is often exhausting and we often find yourself in the middle of nowhere, brooding over the fact how to kill the time. But for those people now, you need not worry! Luckily we have millions of games available in App Store and Play Store, providing you with an excellent option for relaxing and passing your time while you commute. Let us mention a few freebies Smart Phone app that will help you cross over!

Scrabble Apps

Scrabble is one of the most popular game in the list, in which one individual can create long words and win against your opponent – most people are already aware of this fun loving game. So what makes us opt this game – as simple as that – it rejuvenates your sleeping brain cells and make you ready and going for the work. There are dozens of scrabble apps to choose from both Google Play and an app store. Install it and get going! If you wish to choose some paid games available with best UI and technology which you can find with Snapdeal Coupons today for attractive pricing.


City mapper is not a game or any kind of app that you may start playing. But it’s a kind of necessary software mainly for long bus journeys, useful for sleepy commuters. People who often get caught out dozing and have a chance to miss their destination, Citymapper works perfectly for you. It allows you to set notification about your destination and make you aware of where and when to get off. It comes with live tracking progress you let you know where you are, even when your driver doesn’t.


Guys! Do you remember the snake game we used to play in our Nokia phone, the unbreakable one, its time to get used to a new version of it with a 3D experience, with glorious color? Grub allows you to control a worm-like a creature which in search of food. Every time it eats things up it grows. There’s a nostalgic memory behind this game, but this time try not to throw your phone if you create a mess in the game, the game as well as the phone may not survive! 🙂 You can also find certainly some other best Games available online which you can try to buy with Amazon Coupons today.

Podcast & Radio Addict

Some people simply don’t like to play games or staring at their mobile screens while commuting to their workplace. It may be due to their motion sickness or just may be the reason they want to relax and witness the beautiful nature. If you are one of them, then you may consider Podcast and radio app. Within early 2016 only, it was managed to have 4 million downloads. So people who are in love with music can enjoy listening to various radio stations. This also proved to be perfect for those who are himself driving and unable to look at the screens sitting behind the wheels.


Headspace is an app that simply allows one to meditate on their journey. If you are in search for peace in the middle of your hectic schedule then install headache and find the little slice of inner peace. This app allows you to relieve stress and improve your focusing ability, just capturing your ten minutes while you commute. Avoid making weird humming sounds, it might irritate your passerby commuter.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon anywhere is an interesting app that converts your speech to text. It becomes very useful for those who are driving or even in situations where you cannot write the thing up but you still need to take notes. This application comes in handy at that time, it may require additional language setup and also needs to be edited after you complete your speech, but you get the essence of the topic at that very moment.


Those who consider learning and gaining knowledge has no age, this app is for them. It is a wonderful app who would like to learn the most popular languages prevailing worldwide. The best part of this app is that it’s you who decide how much to learn according to your time. Take a regular exercise for thirty-forty minutes while you commute and come to learn a second langue with this ideal learning app.

Commuting can be boring regardless of the means of transport. People have different tastes and choices, so we have provided you with a list of the app with alternative and varied option to choose from. Starting from fun-loving app to the productive one, choose that which goes perfect with you and make your journey worth loving.

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