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6 Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Make Money

Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Make Money

Micro Niche as name suggest, it is sub part of border niche. For example, if ‘Health and Fitness‘ is a boarder niche then ‘Pimples and Acne‘ can be called as Micro Niche. Similarly, Baby Health, Women Health or Cough and Cold can also be called a Micro Niche Ideas. In simple words, Micro Niche is nothing but a very small subset of the particular topic.

Here, in this article we will share the top 7 best micro niche blog ideas to make money. I am sure you have not read these ideas before on any other site. These micro niche ideas are unique and best ideas to earn money.

 Why You Should Start A Micro Niche Blog?

I known you are wondering, Why you should start a micro niche blog? Unlike boarder niche, in micro niche, there is very less opportunities for writing a fresh and unique content for the blog? Isn’t it?

To a certain extent, Yes, You are right.

Of course, you will have less content available for ‘Acne and Pimples‘ as compared to ‘Health and Fitness‘ niche, where you can write about everything.

If so, then Why I am suggesting to start a micro niche blog?

This is because, micro niche websites make money easily.

The boarder niche has to face more competition. Hence, the overall web traffic gets divided among more number of websites. Where as, micro niche site has to face low competition and thereby it consume the entire share of web traffic getting generated for that particular topic.

Next, if you are writing for particular micro niche topic then there are high chances that your article will rank on the first page of search results.

Confused? Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose there are total 10 websites or blogs under ‘Health and Fitness‘ category. Next, these sites are categorized as below

3 on Women Health, Baby Health and Cough and Cold niche each

and 1 on Acne and Pimples niche

Now, when someone search for baby health related article, then these three sites needs to fight with each other for first ranking of search results.

But, if someone search for Acne and Pimples then there will be no competition and  it will automatically rank on first page of the search engine. Hence, this website will get the entire traffic share.

Profitable Niches With Low Competition

Of Course, the micro niche site will make money only if it receive traffic on it. Hence, it become important to find such micro niche topics that drive more traffic to it.

Below, we have discussed those best micro niches topic. Trust me, the below mentioned niches are the list of best micro niches which will drive more traffic to your site and make money from it.

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So, What are we waiting for? Shall we begin?

Machine Embroidery

The first name in the list is ‘Machine Embroidery‘. Trust me, this is the best micro niche, I have ever seen.

According to KeywordSpy, the term ‘Machine Embroidery‘ has monthly search volume of around 3 lakhs per month.

EmbroideryShristi is one such example of this micro niche site.

Note: This micro niche topic is different from ‘Sewing and Knitting‘. Machine Embroidery is an embroidery designs digitized using digitizing softwares like Wilcom, Buzz Explorer etc. As name suggest, Machine Embroidery use machine to embroidered the fabric.

Digital Currency

Another micro niche topic which is trending now is ‘Digital Currency‘ like Bitcoin etc. You can also write on this micro niche topic and make good money from it.

As per KeywordSpy, the monthly search volume of this particular keyword is 6600 per month. I know, the monthly search volume is too low, but the CPC rate of this keyword is around 3.81 dollar, which is enough to make good amount of money out of these search volume.

Microsoft Office Application

I know there are already many websites on Microsoft Excel. But if observe properly then you will find that there are no site for office application like Microsoft Word, Publisher and Powerpoint.

So, you can start a blog on these application and make good money from it.

Trust me, the Microsoft Word niche is really a good niche. Since, Microsoft Excel is a very well known application, we forget the power of Microsoft Word as an application.

I am sure, many of you don’t know that- Like Microsoft Excel, Word also has the VBA option in built in it. I mean you can also use the VBA in Microsoft Word.

But have you ever seen an micro niche site teaching VBA for WordPress?

I am sure, your answer will be a big ‘No’. So, its a good time to start a micro niche blog site on other office application and make good money from it.

Cough and Cold

Do you know there is no single website or blog on cough and cold? Yes, till date no one has created a site for most common problem of cough and cold.

Hence this is best micro niche if you are interested in Health and Fitness.

Similarly, you can also create a micro niche site on Acne and Pimples. There are very few sites for this niche.

Next, you can also start the blog on particular herb or kitchen ingredient like Tulsi and Turmeric. A site that focus on particular herb will be a best option for micro niche blog.

 Regional Language Site

This is another best idea for starting a micro niche site. All you need to do is pick up any topic and start a blog or website in your regional language like Gujarati, Marathi etc.

Trust me, there is huge scope with regional language. In a country like India, by building a site in English language, you are ignoring our old generation who loves to read in their regional language.

Next, you can also installed Google Translational plugin to convert your content in to multi regional languages like Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi etc.

Senior Citizen

The next name in the list is ‘Senior Citizens‘.You can start a blog on senior citizens which can be further divided in to blogs about caring for elderly parents and senior lifestyle blogs.

There are many website created for new born baby but very few site are available for elder people. Hence, there is a huge scope to start a micro niche site on elder people.

If you wish then you can also start an online store for the elderly people. In this store, you can sell stuff related to senior citizen lifestyles.

Wrapping Up Micro Niche Ideas

As discussed and explained above, Micro Niche sites are narrowly focused on particular topic. It is always advisable to start a micro niche site instead of macro to drive more traffic and increase your conversion rate.

Trust me, a micro niche site drive more traffic and increase the chance of getting successful as compared to macro site.

All the above mentioned micro niche ideas are too good to start a micro niche site and make money from it.

At last, What do you think? If you know any other best micro niche ideas then do not forget to share with others. You can share your message in the below comment box.

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