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25 Best Blogging Tips For Beginners

    25 Best Blogging Tips For Beginners

    You are new to Blogging then you are at right Place, Here, we will share the best blogging tips for beginners.

    If you have not started a blogging site yet and looking for a way to create it, then check out the below articles.

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    All the blogging tips mentioned here come from our 6 years online experience in various fields including blogging.We suggest you to please refer the below tips even though you’re not a beginner.

    Blogging for Beginners

    You will find the best blogging tips in below post. These all the tips are for the beginners who want to improve their sites.

    1. Keep it Simple. Keep your blogging theme as simple as possible.
    2. Use responsive theme for your site
    3. Do not use un necessary widgets or plugins on your site
    4. Use Bigger Fonts on your site
    5. Do not copy content from other’s website
    6. Make your content easy to share on various Social Media Platforms
    7. Follow your schedule, do not post too little or too much
    8. Use Images in your blog post
    9. Always use Royalty Free Images on your site
    10. Ensure your site load faster
    11. Make proper use of Keywords in your Post
    12. Write a catchy Headline or Title for your blog post
    13. Ensure Minimum 300 Words in your blog post.
    14. Start building your email list from day one
    15. Do not forget to submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster
    16. Select best Permalink Structure for your site
    17. End your blog post with questions
    18. Do not lie
    19. Optimize your Images before using it
    20. Control your emotions while writing a blog post
    21. Use Grammarly Plugin for good English
    22. Disable Stats on your blog
    23. Use Google Analytics to measure results
    24. Write as you talk normally
    25. Don’t expect result too early.

    Now your turn. We are sure there will be lots of tips for beginners. But please let us know which one is your favorite and why?

    Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem with your blogging site. You can leave your message in the below comment box. We will try to resolve it.

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