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4 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Besides Blogging and Youtube Channel, there are many creative ways to making money online.Let us explore these creative ways below.

Earn Money Online Free

Below we will share the top 4 creative ways of making money online. All the mentioned ways are for the digital products and it can be started at any point of time and without any investment.

Refer this article to know ‘Why you Should sell Digital Products Online?

Please Note, if you are looking for the normal ways of making money online like blogging, youtube channel then this article is not for you.This can be started by anyone. There are many other ways too.

Selling your Skills

This is the best way to making money online. If you possess any skills then you can make money from it. For example

  • Digitizing Embroidery Design: If you know how to digitize embroidery design. Then, you can sell this digitized design online.
  • Photograph, Vector, and Cliparts: Like Embroidery Design, you can also sell your digital photos, vectors, and clip-arts online.
Embroidery Design Selling

Embroidery Design Selling

EmbroideryShristi website is selling this both digital product online. They are selling embroidery design and Cliparts too. You will be shocked to know that Embroideryshristi is creating these clip-arts using Microsoft Powerpoint. Yes, they are using PowerPoint to create these clip-arts.

Sell PDF Files Online

It is another best creative way of making money online. You can sell written instruction in pdf files online. For example

  • Doll Clothing Patterns: Pixie Faire is selling written instruction on ‘Doll Clothing Patterns’ online. This company is making more than $600000 Per Year.
  • Educational Portal: You can also sell your educational resource in pdf format. TechShristi is an example of this. Of course, though they are selling this at free of cost, you will charge money for it.
Selling PDF Files at Techshristi

Selling PDF Files at Techshristi

Social Media Sponsored Content

If you are an admin of any active group on the Social Media Network then this is for you. You will be happy to know that you can also make money through this Social Media Group. There are many sponsors who want to sponsor their content on such active groups.

So here you will get paid in for sharing Sponsored Content in your group.

Directory Listing Website

Another way of making money online is Directory Submission Sites. Online Advertiser will pay you for listing their services or product. Of course, for this, you will require a website with lots of visitors.

There are many ways to do this. You can create a directory listing free services or websites. You can also have paid section separately. In this paid section, you will charge money to highlight any service or product.

Yes, you heard correctly. If you have a directory listing of more than 1 Lakhs products, then it becomes very difficult to hunt for particular product or service. In this case, the advertiser will pay money to stay on the top.

Web Directory Website

Web Directory Website source

Here Top100 is the best example of making money through this option. Check out below website, besides free web submission, they also offer paid submission of the website.

Top 100 Embroidery Website List

Top 100 Embroidery Website List. Source

No specialized knowledge for opening this kind of website. This can be created immediately without any knowledge.

Now your turn. If you know any other creative ways of making money online then please do share with us. Further, please share your message in the below comment box if you face any problem with any of the above-mentioned ways.

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