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The Ultimate List Of Blogging Facts And Statistics In 2022

The Ultimate List of Blogging Facts and Statistics In 2020

Are you a blogger or an online entrepreneur? If yes, then you must read this ultimate list of blogging facts and statistics prevailing in 2022.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 50 blogging statistics and facts that you can use to your advantage.

Trust, this list will help you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and facts, and thereby you can use these opportunities to increase traffic and website revenue.

Blogging Facts and Statistics In 2022

Next, to approve or disapprove the value of blogging, hereby I am sharing serval statistics to clear the light from the state of blogging in 2022.

General Blogging Statistics

  1. There are more than 500 million blogs in the world. (
  2. 71% of the blog content on WordPress in English. (
  3. 2 new blog posts are published every 1 second. (
  4. Around 35% of all the blogs are powered by WordPress, as their content management system. (
  5. Around 69% of the bloggers are in the age group of 25-44 and 23% are 45 and older. (
  6. Less than 2% of bloggers are active or published every day. (
  7. As of today (on 15/03/2021), there are 1.8 billions of the website available online. (
  8. Over 75% of the websites are inactive ( Parked domain name).
  9. Over 400 million viewers looked at 20+ billion WordPress pages per month in 2019. (
  10. Over 30% of all Online Stores run on WooCommerce (a WordPress e-Commerce store plugin). (

Blog Posts Statistics

  1. On average, a blogger takes 3 hours 57 minutes to write a blog post. (
  2. The average length of a typical blog post in 2019 is 1236 words. (
  3. Only 38% of the bloggers update their old blog posts. (
  4. 77 million new blog comments are generated by readers each month. (
  5. 91% of the readers like visuals content over simply written text. (
  6. Articles containing relevant images have 94% more total views than articles without images in it. (
  7. The perfect blog post headlines contain 11 to 14 words
  8. 1-2% is the ideal Keywords Density for any blog post.
  9. 46% of the bloggers who report strong results published more than daily. (
  10. Around 36% of the readers prefer to read list-based headlines.

Blog SEO Statistics

  1. The average length of the top-ranking pages on Google is 1890 Words.
  2. Companies who blog receive 97% more site links than those who don’t. (
  3. Updating old blog posts can increase traffic by more than 100%.
  4. Websites with a blog section get 434% more indexed pages than a website without. (
  5. Using Https can improve the search engine ranking of your blog significantly. (
  6. Articles containing more than 2500 words are more likely to get shared on social media channels. (
  7. Long-Tail keywords have CTR (Click through rate) 3% to 5% higher than general keywords. (
  8. Blog posts containing the word ‘Template’ in its title are shared 114% more on twitter. (
  9. The average bounce rate range between 41% to 51%. (
  10. The average speed index is 4.7 seconds on desktop and 11.4 seconds on mobile. (

Blog Reader Statistics

  1. Around 77% of internet users read a blog every day. (
  2. An average person spends around 37 seconds to read a single blog post. (
  3. The ideal time to read a blog post is around 7 minutes. (
  4. Around 43% of the readers like to skim the blog posts
  5. Around 36% of the readers find a blog having case studies as credible. (
  6. Approx. 200 million internet users are using ad blockers (to block ads on a browser) today.
  7. Around 60% of internet users make a purchase decision after reading the blog posts.
  8. Adblocker installation increased by 100% in the last 4 years. It got increased from 15% to 30%. (
  9. The 7 am to 10 am is the most popular time where online internet users read the blog. (
  10. 94% of the readers share blog posts because they think it might be useful to others.

Miscellaneous Internet Statistics

  1. As of date, there are around 4.5 billion Internet users online.
  2. 40% of the world’s population has active internet connection today. (
  3. Nearly a quarter of all internet users live in China. (
  4. There are over 63000 search queries done per second on Google.
  5. An Internet user spends an average of 6.3 hours per day on the internet online. (
  6. Digital Media Market is million dollars industry. The revenue from the digital media market is around $161.86 billons in 2020. (
  7. Around 64% of mobile users use the smartphone device as one of the main tools to access the Internet.
  8. There are more than 3.5 millions of social media users worldwide
  9. A user spends an average of 3 hours per day on the social media networking site and messaging.
  10. More than 50% of smartphone users are engaged in voice search technology in 2020. (

Wrapping Up

Above all blogging statistics will help you to determine the success strategy of your blog.

Next, it will also help you to approve or disapprove of the value of blogging in your life.

Trust me, the above statistics are a clear indication of the importance of blogging. The blogging industry is still alive and relevant.

Hence, if you want to start a blog and make money from a blog then you should start it immediately.

At last, if you have any blogging statistics to share with us then please do share in the below comment box or through the contact-Us page. I will be happy to include your suggestions on our list.

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