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Can Influencer Marketing Survive Without Instagram Likes

    Influencer marketing can survive without Instagram likes

    Online business owners and entrepreneurs count on Instagram to increase their online and social visibility! Other than promoting their business, gaining more customers, increasing sales, it helps to maintain a personal connection with the audience. That helps to create customer loyalty. It is the reason why most entrepreneurs are looking for smart ways to increase Instagram followers and likes.

    Social media platforms change from time to time! Recently, Instagram has removed its likes feature. Here users can like a post but can’t see the number of likes as they could previously. However, that doesn’t stop entrepreneurs to buy 50 real Instagram likes or more from service providers.

    Based on the current changes, Instagram had added brand new countries in its list! And that is the reason why the number of likes gets hidden from a post. Instagram is continuously trying out new concepts. And this experimentation only proves its seriousness. The main objective is to release one from the pressure of getting likes.

    The impact

    Many business owners and social media experts anticipated how this sudden change would impact influencer marketing! People still think if this will hurt influencer marketing. It is because the influencers do get judged and assessed for the impact they create and have on the online audience. So, when the number of likes goes missing, how does one comprehend the impact of an influencer.

    It turns out that Instagram’s decision to hide the likes count will not negatively affect influencer marketing. And here’s why:

    • The professional influencer marketers don’t consider the number of public views

    Most social networking channels come with APIs which allow other software to consume the number of likes on the posts they like! And with this capacity, you can aim at performance across a vast range of influencers. It can help to analyze their Instagram posts fast and even get the exact quantity for the engagement rates as well. You can also know about the cost per engagement and many more. Only the influencer marketing professionals that work part-time are scrolling through accounts manually and searching for the posts that they are interested in.

    • There’s no way the like is vanishing

    Not knowing whether it’s advisable or not, we humans feel positive when we get validated through an Instagram like for our choices or our posts. It’s true that when the number of likes gets hidden, it takes off the pressure entirely of acquiring more likes. But getting likes is a feel-good factor. Also, engagement on a social post is essential as well. By liking a post, the users are letting the Instagram algorithm know that what they want to see more. It also tells Instagram whether they liked a specific video or image or not. Barring the seismic reinvention, today, the social media channels can’t delete the “like.” It’s because a like is the simplest way of showing our preference or affinity towards something.

    • The engagement rate is highly relative

    Hiding the number of Instagram likes will indeed take off the count from the network. Here the content and the influencers will face comparison for efficiency. It means if an average post could garner 100 likes once and then falls at 80 likes, the parameter of a good post also shifts accordingly.

    • We have gone past the concept likes being synonymous to success

    A few years back, client engagement in social media was considered equivalent to success. Things have significantly changed today. Social media experts and entrepreneurs get concerned with concentrating on the business outcome from the influencer marketing programs. Several campaigns garner web traffic and evaluate the traffic to sales. In the case of retail campaigns, people till date track the sale against a specific time to assess success. The enhancements are assessing influencer marketing are increasing fast. And today, there is only a handful of measuring engagements that exist.

    Social networks will keep on making changes in their platforms! Companies that got started way back in 2007 couldn’t have brand pages or opt-in for paid ads. There wasn’t any scope of adding a video as well. And today, Instagram has evolved manifold and is hiding the like count. There’s also a rumor that it will hide the follower count as well.

    Today, Instagram and other social media networks are making all these changes that are in for quality content that can make a difference in the lives of people. And keeping that in mind, it’s safe to say or conclude that influencer marketing is here to stay. It’s because aspirational and motivational content always leads to online brand discovery. Also, that is one thing that most people look forward to in social media. Hence, companies can keep on finding ways to grab more likes and followers, as influencer marketing thrives with the existing changes. If you want to benefit from this trend, you can opt-in for expert social media advice from a professional service provider.

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