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7 Tips To Build Your Blog Great And Successful

7 Tips To Build Your Blog Great And Successful

Have you ever wonder?

  • Why more than 90% of the blogs are closed down within the first year?
  • Why few blogs get lots of traffic and others hardly get any traffic?

This is because they are a beginner and don’t know how to build a great blog?

Here, in this article, we will share 7 techniques for making your blog successful. Trust, after implementing them on your blog, it will start generating blog traffic for you.

Note: In this article, we are not going to share any magical tips or techniques to rank on Google within 24 hours. Please stop reading here, if you are looking for any shortcuts.

How To Build A Successful Blog

Building a great blog is a long journey. It can’t be built within one or two days.

But, this journey will get simplified if you implement below tips or techniques on your blog.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing them below.

Do Consistently Blogging

Suppose, you have 100 well-written articles in the word format. Now, you plan to start a blogging website and published these articles on it.

In this case, how will you publish your blog posts?

  • Will you publish a few blog posts per day? Or
  • Will you publish all the blog posts at a time?

In the first case, you will take some time to publish all the blog posts. Whereas, in the second case, you can publish all the 100 blog posts at a time and go live.

Of Course, both of them will have their own merits and demerits but What will you? Which one will you select?

If we are in your place then we will go with the first option. To know Why, please read below.

This is because consistently blogging is very important to rank higher in the search engine. Both, your readers and search engines like the regularly updated blog.

Remember, if you publish a blog every day or at a fixed interval then it means you are concerned about your website.

The more consistent you are, the more traffic you are probably going to get.

Hence, it is not the number of blog posts which matters but it is the consistency that will help you to build a successful blog.

If you blog consistently then your users will not get bored and search engines will rank your site higher in the search engine.

Do consistently Blogging
Do consistently Blogging

Let us understand this with simplified examples.

  • Your users will come back regularly if you publish the blog posts at a regular period.
  • Similarly, Google Spider will come back regularly to crawl your site and update its index.
  • By posting an informative article every day, you can build high authority for your blog.

From above all points, you can clearly observe how consistent blogging is so important?

Hence, we strongly suggest publishing a blog post at a fixed period. It does not matter, whether you publish one blog per day or week. You can publish any number of blogs per day or week or month. The only thing you need to take care of is the ‘Time Period’. Inconsistency is really not a good idea.

Social Media Sharing

If you really want to build a successful blog then please don’t ignore the power of social media sharing.

Trust, Social Media Sharing is the only way to get instant traffic to your blog. If you keep sharing your blog posts on various social networking sites then in the long term it will definitely be going to help you.

Social Media Network
Social Media Network

Further, this will get stronger if you start using the right social site for your blog.

For example, if you are blogging niche is related to any Profession then Linkedin will work best for you. Next, Pinterest will work best if your blogging niche is related to any creative or artistic work.

But, this does not mean you promote your blog on two or three social sites. Today, there are more than 250 social networking sites available online. All these sites are available for free.

We suggest creating an account on all possible social sites and interconnect them using IFTTT.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an online website to automate your social media activities. For more information, please refer the below article

The Blogging Layout

We have seen lots of bloggers who keep on changing their blog’s layout and enable all available features on it.

Trust, this is not a good idea. If you are doing this then stop it immediately. It is better to use the worst theme then changing it frequently.

Further, there is no need to enable all the available features on your blog. We have seen many bloggers using fancy and complicated themes on their blogs.

The homepage of their blog is filled with lots of blocks and high-quality images.

They focused on creating a colorful website rather than good content.

Remember, if a fancy website can rank higher in the search engine then you will not find the Wikipedia site on the first page.

The popular Wikipedia site is not using any fancy and colorful theme and still, it’s ranking on the first page.

But wait. It does not mean the ‘Theme of the Blog’ is not important.

It is important when it comes to loading speed and user-friendliness.

If your blog is getting load faster and it is user-friendly then there is no need to worry.

But, a question may arise? How to find the best theme for your blog?

Simple, look for a simple theme with minimum features built on it.

Always remember, blogging is all about writing good content. And, there is no need for showing time and weather on it.

Have you ever visited any blog for finding the current weather on it? Of course, Not. Right?

Then, What is the logic of showing the date, time, location and current weather on your blog?

But still, many bloggers show them on their blog. We suggest keeping your blog theme simple and easy to use.

Promoting your Blog

If you’re under the assumption that you will start the blog and online readers will automatically find your blog then you’re wrong. This is not possible.

No matter, how good your blog is? If you are not promoting it then you will not get any traffic to your blog.

Remember, blog promotion plays an important role in building a successful blog.

Blog Promotion and Marketing
Blog Promotion and Marketing

Trust, you keep promoting your blog and one day you will definitely achieve the results.

As we told earlier, blogging is a long journey. Hence, you will not find any changes overnight. It will take some time.

For more information on promoting your blog, please refer to the articles given at the below link.

Pro Tips: If in case you don’t have enough budget or anything to promote then keep sharing your blog post on social media sites. Today, Social Networking sites are the best way to promote your business for free.

Repurpose Your Old Content

To build a successful blog you need to learn how to repurpose your old content?

Today, Content Repurposing plays an important role in the success of any blog.

This is the only reason why a successful blogger has started uploading youtube videos and [providing free ebooks or minicourse.

Actually, through youtube videos and ebooks they are the target in the audience for their blog.

Confused? No problem, please read the below article for more information

Be Patience

As told earlier in this article, Blogging is a long journey. You can’t build a successful blog within a week or month. It will take a long time.

EmbroideryShristi is having more than 9K active customers in more than 80 countries. Do you know? It took 9 years to reach this point.

In fact, EmbroideryShristi did not make any money in the first years of its establishment.

EmbroideryShristi Online Store for Embroidery Design
EmbroideryShristi Online Store for Embroidery Design

Hence, if you really want to build a great blog then you need to be more patient and work hard.

Do not conclude for at least two years from the start of your blog.

Great Content Is The King

No matter, What you do? If you don’t have great content then you can’t build the great blog.

Great Content includes both- User and SEO. Your content must be great for both of them.

Writing a Great Content
Writing a Great Content

Content is said to be great for users if it is error and grammatical free and easy to understand.

Whereas Content is said to be great for SEO if there is a proper

  • Use of eye-catching Headline/Title
  • Use of Focus Keyword used within the first paragraph of the article
  • Heading Tags within the article
  • Number keywords (called as Keyword Density) used within the whole article
  • Meta description and title of the article etc.

Above all, are the various On-Page SEO techniques used for making your blog post more SEO friendly.

The Final Words

Above all are the great tips if you want to build a successful blog. Next, if you face any problem in understanding the above article or implementing them on your site then feel free to contact us. We will really happy to help you.

At last, Are you a Blogger? Do you think, we have missed out on any important point to be discussed here? Please share. You can share your feedback in below comment box. We will happy to include your suggestion in our article.

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