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How To Build High-Quality Backlinks When You Are New To Blogging

How To Build High-Quality Backlinks When You Are New To Blogging

Building High-Quality backlinks is easier if you own a famous blog online. In such a case, lots of people will be aware of you and willing to link back your blog as well.

But, What if, you’re new to blogging? And, No one knows who you are?

In such a case, no one will like to link back to your site. Right?

If you’re facing this problem then we will help you. This article will help to build your first backlink online.

Trust, this article will act as a ready reckoner to build high pr backlinks for your new website.

But. before we start with the article, let us take a quick moment to discuss ‘Backlinks In SEO‘ first.

What Is Backlinks In SEO?

This is a backlink. When someone links back your website then it becomes backlink for you. Here, in this example, we have hyperlinked the famous blog of Mr. Neil Patel. Hence, it will become a backlink for his site.

It is just like a list of references appearing at the end of your book. Similarly, online there is an option to hyperlink the list of references appearing in your content.

When you hyperlinked such websites, your content URL will become a backlink for them.

Yes, the more you have the high-quality backlinks, there are higher chances that your site will rank higher in the search engines. Remember, the backlinks are a very important ranking factor for your website.

But, while creating backlinks, a question may arise, What is more important: Quantity or Quality Backlinks?

To get this answer, please read below.

Quantity Backlinks V/S Quality Backlinks

Suppose there are two websites say X and Y.

Website X has 1000 free backlinks (which are of low-quality)

Whereas Website Y has few but very high-quality backlinks (backlinks from websites like Wikipedia, Forbes, Entrepreneur having DA score of 90+)

In this case, which website will rank higher in the search engine?

Confused? No problem, the below paragraphs will answer your confusion.

The short answer to your confusion is ‘Website Y’. Yes, Y will rank higher in the search results.

The long answer to your confusion is as follows.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and website ranking, both the quantity and quality backlinks are important.

Quantity Backlinks are required to get your blogpost indexed easily whereas the Quality Backlinks are required to boost your search engine presence.

Let us understand this with an example.

Suppose, you started a new blog and wrote your first blog post on it. Now, of course, this will not appear in the search engine immediately. Right?

To ensure your blog post appears in the search engine results, you need to first get it indexed in the search engine.

The blog post will easily get indexed if it has a good number of backlinks pointing to it.

If more number of sites are linking back to your blog post and then the search engine will easily find your content and will get indexed it.

Next, once your blog post got indexed in the search engine, it may require a quality backlink to boost it’s ranking in the search results.

Here, the role of quality backlinks comes. If your blog post has a good number of high-quality backlinks pointing toward it then it will get easily rank on the first page of the search results.

Hence, both quantity and quality backlinks are important to boost the SEO of your site.

But, here it is also important to note that these backlinks are do-follow backlinks not no-follow.

Do-Follow V/S No-Follow Backlinks

A Do-Follow backlink is the one that passes the link juice to the destination URL by asking the search engine bot to follow the given link.

Whereas, in the no-follow backlink, the link juice will not get a pass on to the destination URL.

In simple words, a do-follow backlink will ask search engines to consider the given backlink while deciding it’s ranking.

Of course, a do-follow backlink can boost the SEO performance of your website. Hence, you should try to focus on building do-follow backlinks only.

So, the moral of the long story is to build a good number of do-follow backlinks from high authority sites.

But, once again the same question may arise. How? How to build high-authority backlinks?

Smart Ways To Build Backlinks To Your Website

Please note, below, we have included only those ways which are easy to follow and anyone can use it easily for their site.

If you’re looking for detailed and expert guidance on creating high-authority baclinks then please check out these articles.

next, assuming you are a beginner to blogging and don’t know how to build backlinks for your new site, below we have listed out a few cases of finding backlinks opportunities.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start with the list below.

#1. Profile Creation Backlinks

This is the first and the easiest way to build backlinks on high-authority sites like Microsoft, Github, Soundcloud, etc.

In this method, all you need to do is just create a profile on such websites and then paste your blog URL in its website box given in the profile.

For example, this is how we have build backlinks on the Github site.

Profile Creation Backlinks
Profile Creation Backlinks

We suggest referring the below article to get the complete list of such websites allowing us to create backlinks through its profile account.

#2. Social Media Backlinks

Social Media backlinks is another easiest way to build backlinks. In this technique, all you need to do is keep sharing content on various social networking sites.

Remember, like other websites, social networking sites are also normal websites. By sharing your content on social media sites, you are creating content on them and thereby creating backlinks for your website.

Next, you can also build a backlink from your social media profile account. It is similar to the profile creation method of creating backlinks.

In this method, you will visit the social media site and thereby mention your blog URL in its profile account.

For example, on Quora, we have created a backlink through our profile account.

Backlinks on Quora Through Profile Creation Account
Backlinks on Quora Through Profile Creation Account

#3. Make Use Of Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 are websites with good domain authority scores and allow its users to build a blog and share content on it.

For example, on, you can create a free blog and share content on it.

Of course, you will link back your site while sharing content on this kind of blog.

To sum up, here, in this case, you will create a blog on such a blogging platform and thereby create backlinks on it.

Yes, almost all the Web 2.0 blogging platforms are available for free online.

Remember, since blogs created on such blogging platforms are owned by you, you can easily build backlinks on it without any interference.

Of course, to build free blogs on such blogging platforms, you need to abide by its terms and conditions.

#4. Backlinks Created Through Documents Sharing

In this method, you need to share a document to create a backlink for your new website. Yes, this document can be anything like Ppt Presentation, PDF file or Word Document.

All you need to do is upload the document (containing your blog URL) on any document upload site like Slideshare, Academia, etc.

That’s it. These sites are of high authority and your uploaded document will create a backlink on it.

For example. here is the snapshot showing backlink on Academia site.

Acedemia Backlink
Academia Backlink

#5. Build Backlink On Wikipedia

From Wikipedia? Are you crazy? How this could be possible? Today, Wikipedia is the most popular content management site available online.

Even the famous bloggers are finding difficulty in building backlinks on Wikipedia site.

In such a case, how can a beginner build a backlink on it?

Wait, before coming to any conclusion, we suggest having a look over below attached snapshot first.

Wikipedia Back links
Wikipedia Backlinks

The above image is a snapshot of the Moz Backlink Checker tool. From the above snapshot, you can clearly be observed that we have successfully managed to create backlinks on the Wikipedia site.

Trust, even you can build backlink from this site easily. The only thing you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned in this article.

For your convenience, we have also created a good video tutorial on this. You can watch this video below.

Miscellaneous Ways To Build High-Quality Backlinks

Though we do not recommend using this method, for your convenience we are mentioning two miscellaneous methods to build backlinks when no one knows you.

  • You can hire an SEO consultant or take paid service for link building. In this method, you don’t require to do anything. Your hired consultant or freelancer will build backlinks for your site. We do not recommend this method because this method is not free and buying and selling backlinks is not permitted as per the terms and conditions of Google. Next, there is no organized market for buying backlinks. Hence, there is a high risk of buying backlinks from the un-organized market.
  • You can take the help of an automatic backlink generator tool to build backlink. As the name suggests, this software will create backlinks automatically for the given URL.

The Final Words

There are many ways to build backlinks but above all are the easiest way to build backlinks.

Trust, you can implement the above technique from the very first day of the starting of your blog.

In these methods, there is no need to interact with others or beg someone requesting a backlink from his/her site.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding the above article or implementing the above-mentioned methods.

Next, if you think we have missed out on any important method to mentioned here in this article then feel free to share it with us. You can share your message in below comment box below or contact us directly through Contact-Us page

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  1. building high-quality backlinks is indeed a top priority for most bloggers. The bad news however is that they do not know how to do so. With the guide you provided above, I have been able to get some high-quality backlinks to my site.It is indeed a lovely article compared to other articles I have read so far. I would share your blog to as many bloggers as I know so they can go through it and get the information I have obtained. Thanks once again.

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