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5 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

5 Blogging Mistakes that Every Blogger Make

If you are planning to start a blogging website then this article is must for you.Below, you will find the five common blogging mistakes that every new blogger make.

Note: It would be better if you correct these mistakes before starting your blog. Because once it gets started it will be very difficult to rectify the same.

Starting a blogging website is much more beyond the mere writing a blog post. You need to consider lots of things to be a successful blogger. It may also possible that you may make lots of mistakes while achieving this.But remember, We are human and We are bound to make mistakes. As far as you are learning from those mistakes it is good for you.

But now instead of learning from your own mistakes, learn from ours and save yourself some time.Yes, even we had made some mistakes after starting our blog. Here in this article, we will share those blogging mistakes.If you are new to blogging then you must pay attention to these blogging mistakes.It will help you to get started on a right foot.

5 Blogging Mistakes That New Blogger Make

We have considered only those mistakes which are almost not possible to resolve once you start the blogging site. These factors need to be considered before starting the blog. So, if you are looking for the generic mistakes then please do not read this article.

Below are the top five mistakes that we made after starting the blogging site.


Every new blogger makes the biggest mistake in selecting the Permalink structure. Remember, once selected it is difficult to change the same. Changing Permalink Structure after launching the blogging site may result in lots of 404 errors. This error may ruin your website completely.

So, it is better to decide the Permalink Structure before launching the blogging site.To know which Permalink Structure will work best for you, refer the below article

Best Permalink Structure for Seo

Profitable Niche Markets

Ensure you select the correct and most profitable Niche Market Ideas for your blogging website. Once selected it can not be changed later.

For Example: If you decide to write on ‘Machine Embroidery‘ than latter you can’t  start writing on another topic. Further,  the CPC rate of different Niche Market is different. If you select the wrong Niche then you will never able to make money from it.

So, it is better to decide the Niche Market ideas before launching the blogging website.

Domain Name

Once selected, Domain Name can not be changed later. So, do proper research before domain name registration for your site. In the excitement of starting a blogging site, if you select the wrong domain name then you will feel regret for this entire life.

For example, It would be better if instead of selecting the ‘Techshristi‘, the owner had buy domain name ‘Studentshristi’. Since the website was for the students, Studentshristi would work best for this.

You can refer the below article to get the suggestions for selecting the best domain name for your website or blog

Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Index and Non-Index

Index and Non-Index tag should be properly used to ensure there is no Duplicate Content created for the website. Here Index means a database of Search Engine which contains information of all websites.

Yes, if you indexed your site then it will start appearing in Search Engine Result. Without Search Engine Indexing it is not possible to find the site in Search Result.

How does it Impact?

Suppose you decide to index the categories of your blogging site. Then, in this case, your article can be accessed from more than URL as shown below


In above both the cases you will get redirected to a single post. If you indexed the both then it will create a duplicate post for your website.

To avoid this problem, you need to do enough research before starting your blog or website. Once it gets indexed by the google search it would be difficult to remove the same from Search Result.

Similarly, if you indexed the ‘Date of Your Post’ then there is a possibility that it is not shown in the Search Engine ( provided your posting date is too old). The search Engine favor recent post over others.

To study this in detail refer below article

How Duplicate Content impact your Website?

Special Features

Please do not use any specialized features or plugins available with your theme. It will create a problem at the time when you will change your theme in the future.

For Example: If you decide to remove the Emoji Plugin installed on your WordPress Site then it will leave text emoji in the post. Your all Emoji Icon will get converted into text and it will keep appearing on your site.

So better not to use this kind of plugins or specialized features of the theme.

Above all are the top five mistakes then you should avoid if you want to be a successful blogger. Ensure you do the enough research on this before taking any decision and launching your blogging site.

We hope this post will provide you a great help in avoiding these mistakes. It will save your great time.

If you face any problem with any of the above blogging mistakes then feel free to contact us or leave a small message in the below comment box. We will be happy to help you out.

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