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5 Website Components To Determine Users Experience

5 Website Components To Determine Users Experience

Putting a business website together is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. If you have completed a jigsaw puzzle before, you know how important each piece is to complete the picture. Each piece of the jigsaw is critical for the bigger picture. Building a functional website is quite similar. People spend days, weeks and even months creating a website. Multiple functional pieces are necessary to constitute a site. With one missing piece, the entire website can collapse.

When perfecting website design one should ensure that the design team pays equal importance to every piece. Sometimes, website developers do not pay enough attention to the theme and the content hierarchy. However, the very theme of a site can determine its purpose. For example – a Brooklyn based bakery can have the city’s signature buildings in the background along with few personalized touches. Adding the local element to the design and content will appeal to the target audience within that geographic area. Visit to learn more about geographic targeting through the website content.

There are multiple components of a functioning site –

The Homepage

The landing page and homepage of a website can be different. Your homepage should contain precise information about your business, products, and offers. Always keep the language crisp and don’t forget to use geographic keywords to target specific audiences. Your company name, logo, CTA (call to action), internal links, in-site search bar, live chat and subscriber opt-in should always be a part of your company homepage.

The About Us Page

Your“About Us” page should contain everything there is to know about your organization, brand message, and Brooklyn operations. Do not forget to include an interactive map with directions, contact information, business hours, contact form and email subscription at the end of the message for your target customers. People visit this page to learn everything about a brand. You may want to leverage brand storytelling to narrate your journey from the beginning.

Other Internal Pages

Apart from the homepage and the “About Us” page, there are several other pages you need to consider. You should dedicate one page to your teams and employees. Some brands include this as a section of their About Us page. If you want to assign a whole page to your team members and partners, you might want to include a part about careers and job opportunities at your business, if that is an option.

Blogs And Case Studies

Every company in Brooklyn needs a blog. It is a robust platform that brings your company to the forefront. Dedicated blogs increase the instances of brand mention across different sites, social media networks, and guest blogs. The increasing frequency of these mentions also increases the chances of a person chancing upon your brand or product while searching for a related item in Google. It is a simple case of probability. However, ensure that the articles are on trending topics that people want to read and they mention your brand name and products.

Case studies don’t apply to every blog. If you are a customer service oriented business, you will benefit from putting case studies and reviews on a dedicated page. For example – home design, plumbing, landscaping, and similar companies in Brooklyn find it easier to capture a loyal consumer base when they publish honest reviews and testimonials.

FAQ Section

A dedicated FAQ section will not only help educate your audience but also enable you to become more visible on Google. FAQ refers to frequently asked questions that visitors or potential consumers often ask about a brand or product. While it reduces the customer service team’s necessity to respond to the same questions time and again, it also makes your website voice search ready.

Over 70% of all Google searches will come from voice assistants in the US this year. It is imperative for any competitive business to prepare for this transformation of Google search. Unless your pages are voice search ready, you will struggle to secure organic traffic in 2019.

Other Elements

Several other elements will influence the usability and experience of your site. The presence of a blog is never enough. Every blog should have a dedicated comment section. People also want to learn about the authors and their profession, so every site should have a dedicated page for the authors’ bio.

There should be internal links in the blogs and between the pages. Every SEO team needs to think about inbound and outbound links. Adding new functionalities including CRM and CMS software, and the maintenance of blog post organization will influence the site’s UX tremendously.

Wrapping Up

In short, every part of a website is critical. From the media to the featured content; everything has a distinct role to play. The influence of your site on your target audience will depend on the integration of each of these elements along with your brand’s marketing stunts. Having a great team of experienced developers and SEO experts during the initial stages of construction will help your site remain search engine friendly since genesis.

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