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5 Requirements For Getting Adsense Approval Fast

CTR in Google AdSense

Are you looking to make money from Google without Investment? If yes, then Google Adsense has the solution for you. Once you have the approved adsense account, Goggle will pay you for showing the ads on your site.

But, wait…

Getting Adsense approval for site is easier said than done. Since, many people has started using tricks for getting approval, Google have made adsense approval process very hard. I mean, Google is very strict for approving the new application for adsense account.

Don’t worry. If you are looking for getting adsense approval for your new blog then this article will help you. Here, in this article, we have shared 6 prerequisite for google adsense approval.

Remember, there is no tool for Google Adsense eligibility checker. Google manually approve the site for adsense account. Hence, no online tools can help you in getting the adsense approval.

The only way to get adsense approval fast is preparing your blog or site for the same. Make sure you new blog and site have the below 6 prerequisite for getting the google adsense approval fast.

Google Adsense Approval

After reading this article, you will be on hand with the answers of most common question asked for the Google Adsense like

How to get adsense approval in 1 minute?

Google Adsense approval trick

How to qualify for adsense through blogger?

How to approve adsense account with website? etc.

Note: Whether you are using blogger or WordPress, these prerequisite will be applicable in both the cases. Further, check out this article to know how to make money with adsense on youtube?

So, what are you waiting for? Let us discuss these prerequisite below.

Create About Us, Privacy and Contact Us Page

There are few pages which you need to create before applying for the adsense approval. Make sure you have created About Us, Contact Us and Privacy on your site.

Trust me, your site will look professional if these pages are created on your site.

Remember, creating such pages does not mean creating blank page with respective names. But, instead, you need to create a proper page for the respective option. Yes, the respective page should be created with a proper care. Make sure it includes all relevant information that a individual page must have.

5 Requirements For Getting Adsense Approval Fast

5 Requirements For Getting Adsense Approval Fast

When a online user wants to know about you or your website, he or she will visit your About Us page. He or She may also try to contact you through Contact Us page.

Similarly, while approving your adsense application, the Google employee will visit your About Us page, to know more about you and your site.

In a simple language, these pages will make your site look professional and create an impression it is up to date and one can get in touch with you or your representative at ease.

Note: After the commencement of GDPR, the creation of Privacy page has become important. Create a web page called Privacy Page and mentioned your privacy policies over there.

Your Site Must Be 6 Months Older

If you are from western countries like USA, UK then you can skip this. For other, the website or blog must be at least 6 month older before applying for the adsense approval process.

The logic behind the six months time period is ‘this will ensure that you are serious about your site and you like to continue it in the future’. In simple words, Google is not interested in approving the site created with temporary motive. If you are interested for your website and trying to get adsense approval for temporary then you will never get the adsense approval easily.

Google loves website with long term objectives.

Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content

Just imagine, you visit a blog which is six months older and consists of only one written blog post, how will you feel?

Of course, the very first thing that will come to your mind is- It seems that the website owner is not interested in running this site and it is also not updated since a long time.

The same thing happens when a Google employee visit your site for approving your adsense request.

Google gives a lot of importance to the content of the site. Hence, your content must be unique and well written.

But if in case your site does not have enough content or has duplicate content then Google will reject your request citing  ‘Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content‘ as the reason.

Minimum page views for Adsense

There is no such minimum limit for getting the adsense approval.

I have seen the websites with less than 100 page views getting approved and with more than 100 page views get rejected. Yes, as far as page views are considered, there is no such limit.

Actually, what google is expecting is normal traffic on your site. If your site is 6 month older than it must receive few regular visitors daily.

At least, your site should get few visitors from your friends and relatives.

how can i get traffic to my website?

how can i get traffic to my website?

Note: Please do not purchase any kind of web traffic for getting the adsense approval. Google may also reject your site in case of abnormal traffic.

Yes, if your site or blog is getting huge abnormal traffic then Google will reject  your request thinking something fishy on your site.

Hence, make sure you are receiving normal traffic on your site before applying for the adsense approval. Next, these traffic should be from various sources like Organic Search, Social Media Search and Direct Reference.

Remove other Advertising or Affiliate Program

If you are using any other advertising or affiliate program like Infolinks, Amazon Affiliate then remove it immediately before applying for the adsense approval.

Just imagine, a Google employee visit your site to review it and they find advertisements are already appearing on your site. In this case, how the Google employee will approve your site. If you are already using other advertising platform then Why Google will approve your request.

Once you get the adsense approval, you can start using these programs once again. But for a time being, please remove it.

To Sum Up

To sum up, getting adsense approval for your site is hard but if your site look professional and focus on well quality focused content with good number of traffic then you will get the adsense approval fast.

Trust me, Google does not require a website like Facebook or YouTube for  approving the adsense request. What Google required is a simple site with good quality site with good number of traffic.

Make sure you implement above mentioned things before applying for the Google Adsense approval.

At last, if Google reject your request then do not feel hesitated. You can apply for the adsense as many time you want.

Remember, when a google reject your request for adsense, it will reject your site with a proper reason for the rejection. Make sure your rectify this before applying for the next time.

That’s all. Follow these guide before applying for the adsense and if your request get rejected then do not feel hesitate in applying for the second time.

At last, if you face any problem in getting the adsense approval then feel free to contact us or share your problem in the below comment box. We will be happy to help you in getting the adsense approval for your site or blog.

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