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Unbeatable Guide To Micro Niche Blogging: Dominate Google Ranking And Earn Huge Money Online

Guide On Best And Profitable Micro Niche Blogging

If you have below two options available for starting the blog, which will you select?

Micro Niche Earnings
Micro Niche Earnings

I know, you will go with the second option called ‘Reduce Your Body Weight‘. Right?

This is because, in the second option, the price per conversion is higher and thereby it will earn 1,25,000 more than the first one.

But, have you ever wonder? Why the second option is having a higher price per conversion rate?

The answer to this question is ‘Micro Niche Blogging‘. Micro Niche blogs are more focused and get relevant traffics only. Hence, the advertisers get agreed to pay higher for the same.

Let us understand this with an example.

Suppose there is a person called Mr. Jhon.

Mr. Jhon is overweight and wants to reduce his weight in one month.

To achieve this goal, he decides to google some useful tips online on ‘Reducing Weight Fast’.

Now, assuming both the blogs has an article on ‘Reducing Weight‘, just imagine, which will rank first in the search engine?

I know, your answer would be the second one. Right?

This is because the second blog is more related to the given search query.

The second blog is about ‘Reducing Weight‘, and hence it will rank higher in the search engine compared to others.

Next, Mr. Jhon will visit the second blog and subscribe to its feed. (Mr. Jhon will subscribe because this blog is related to his goal to reduce weight)

But, What will happen if Mr. Jhon decides to visit the first blog instead of the second one?

In such a case, Mr. Jhon will find only one or two articles on reducing weight and after reading these articles, he will leave the blog.

Now, think from the advertiser viewpoint. Suppose, you’re an advertiser and want to advertise your product on reducing weight than which will you select?

Of course, you will select the second blog. Right?

This is because your target consumers are visiting this blog.

Here, peoples like Mr. Jhon are your target consumers and they are visiting the second blog.

Hence, the first option will bring more traffic but has a low conversion rate whereas the second option will bring less traffic but has a higher conversion rate.

Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Make Money
Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Make Money

But, a question may arise, how to find such micro niche blogging ideas?

If you’re hunting for the same answer then this article is for you. In this article, we have included a complete blueprint guide on ‘Micro Niche Blogging ‘.

But, before starting the article, let us have a quick introduction to the ‘Micro Niche‘ first.

This article will answer your queries like

  • What is Micro Niche Blog?
  • Best Micro Niche Blogging Topics for Blogging
  • Benefits of Micro Niche Blogging
  • How to find the best micro niche blog topics?
  • Best Micro Niche Ideas List etc.

What Is Micro Niche Blog?

Micro Niche blog is a blog focusing on a very small and specific topic. In simple words, micro-niche is a sub-niche of the main niche.

For example, if Insurance is the main niche than Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Marine Insurance will be the micro-niches.

Our online store selling ‘Machine Embroidery Design’ is another great example of micro-niche. The below-attached snapshot will prove this.

Micro Niche Example
Micro Niche Example

From the above-attached image, it is clearly observed that the term ‘Fashion’ is a very board term whereas the ‘Virtual Machine Embroidery Design’ is a specific and focused term.

Note: In the above paragraph, the word virtual and downloadable are used interchangeably.

Merits Of Micro Niche Blog

So, finally, you understood the meaning of the Micro Niche blog. Now, let us quickly discuss the various benefits of micro niche blogging.

  • No need to be an expert. For example, to start a micro niche blog on ‘Embroidery Designs’, you don’t require to be an expert in the ‘Fashion Industry’.
  • It has a very high conversion rate.
  • Easy to rank high in the search engine
  • Low Competition
  • More Earning Potential etc

Next, let’s discuss the disadvantage of running the micro-niche blogging site below.

De-Merits Of Micro Niche Blog

Every coin has two sides. Always remember, If someone has advantages then it will also have disadvantages.

Below, I have shared the de-merits of running a micro-niche blogging site.

  • Proper research needs to be done before selecting the micro-niche topic. If you failed to do so then it will lead to complete failure and shutdown of your site.
  • Low Traffic. Since this kind of blog is very specific and focused, the number of visitors visiting this site will be lower.
  • Difficult to find the relevant domain name for the selected micro niche idea.
  • Difficult to keep the blog updated. Since it is based on a very narrow topic, you will not get enough ideas for your blog posts.

Above all are the various merits and demerits of creating a micro-niche blog.

Micro Niche Blogging
Micro Niche Blogging

How to Find Best Micro Niche For Blogging

Always remember, the micro-niche blog will make money only if the focused keyword is profitable enough.

If your selected topic is profitable enough then you will definitely make great money from it but if in case your selected topic is not profitable enough then your hard work will get ruined.

Hence, the overall success of the micro-niche blog depends on the selected topic.

But, a question may arise, How to find the best micro niche topic for your blog?

To get this answer, please read the below article.

In the below article, I have discussed the various technique to find this profitable and best micro niche topic.

Trust, at the end of this article, you will have the onhand list of the best micro niche topics.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing these methods below.

#1. Brain Storming

According to Wikipedia, Brain Storming is a creative technique to find different ideas to resolve the given problem.

Here, in this case, you will brainstorm to find different ideas to find the most profitable micro niche topic.

This brainstorming can be done in two ways

  • Traditional Methods
  • Modern Methods.

The traditional method includes sources like newspapers, magazines, friends, Relatives, online blogs, etc.

You can refer to these sources and brainstorm a good idea for your blog.

Whereas, the modern method includes an online tool to Brainstorm Niche Ideas. In this tool, all you need to do is just type the particular keyword in the search box. Next, the tool will provide the list of most profitable niche ideas based on the given keyword.

Brain Storm Niche Ideas
Brainstorm Niche Ideas

In simple words, brainstorming means observing your surroundings and thereby find a good niche from it.

This is how I found my blogging niche- ‘Machine Embroidery Designs‘. My father owns a small garment business since 1987. The idea of selling ‘Machine Embroidery Designs‘ came from him.

The best way to do brainstorming is to take a pen and paper and list down all ideas that come to your mind while reading any newspaper, magazine or online blogs.

Once the list is prepared, use online tools to find the numbers for monthly search volume and it’s CPC (Cost per Click) rate.

Next, select the idea in which you are the most interested and backed by good search volume and CPC rate.

#2. Use Google Tools

There are three Google tools that can be used to find micro niches ideas for your blog.

These tools are available for free and can be used by anyone to find the most profitable keywords.

Google Instant Search

Google Instant Search is the first tool to find micro niche ideas easily. In this tool, all you need to do is type a part of your keyword and observe the suggestions given by google.

Google Instant Search
Google Instant Search

Similarly kind of features is also available in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can also use them to find the best niche ideas.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another best way to find micro niche ideas for your blog. In this tool, all you need to do is type the particular keyword and hit search option.

For better results, you can select the appropriate option from the list available.

Google Trends
Google Trends

Keyword Planner Tool

This is an in-built tool of Google Adword account. To use this tool you need to create a free AdWords account on it.

Next, open this tool and type the keyword to search in it.

Keyword Planner in Google Adword
Keyword Planner in Google Adword

For more information on using this tool, please refer to the below article.

Google Suggestion Tool

The next tool in the list is the Google Suggestion Tool. This tool is simply suggestions given by Google at the end of the search result.

google suggestion
Google suggestion

#3. Wikipedia

The famous content website ‘Wikipedia’ is another best place to find micro niche ideas for your blog.

Like Google Suggestion, the Wikipedia site also provides various suggestions based on your inputted keyword.

You can use these suggestions to find great micro niche ideas for your blog.

Use Wikipedia to Find Best Micro Niche Ideas
Use Wikipedia to Find Best Micro Niche Ideas

#4. Youtube And Amazon Search

Like Google and Wikipedia search, you can also use the Youtube and Amazon search engine to find the most profitable micro-niche ideas for your blog.

Today, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google Search Engine. Further, Amazon is the world’s biggest online store.

Hence, you can use their search engine to find the best niche for your site.

#5. Refer The Structure Of Online Forum

Searchbox suggestion is not what you are looking for? No problem, the online forum has a solution for you.

In this method, all you need to do is visit any famous online forum and refers to its various categorizations.

The various categories of online forums will help you in finding your micro-niche ideas.

For example, if you are looking for micro-niche ideas in ‘Embroidery Designs’ niche then you must visit EmbroideryShristi Forum once.

Online Forum To Find Micro Niche Ideas
Online Forum To Find Micro Niche Ideas

From the above-attached image, you can clearly observe that the ‘Wilcom Truesizer’ is one of the micro-niche of ‘Embroidery Design’.

Let’s take one more example below.

SEO Online Forum
SEO Online Forum

In the above example, you can easily find the micro-niche ideas for SEO related blogs.

#6. Use Q&A Sites For More Suggestions

The last but not the least technique to find a profitable niche for your blog is Questions and Answers sites like Quora, Yahoo Answer, etc.

You can use this online public forum to promote your blog and generate different ideas for your blog.

Wait, this is only the promotion tips. Right?

I have not told you how to find niche ideas using Questions and Answers sites?

Please refer to the below article to get your answer.

Quora To Find Micro Niche Ideas For Blogging and Make Money From It
Quora To Find Micro Niche Ideas For Blogging and Make Money From It

The above-attached image of Quora is self-explanatory. I don’t think that I need to explain how to find great niche ideas using Quora.

Next, you can also use the other public Q&A sites like Yahoo Answer, Get Answers, etc in place of Quora.

Top 10 Profitable Niches In 2019

For your convenience, I have created the list of top 10 profitable and untouched market niches below.

  1. Cough and Cold
  2. Pimples Removal
  3. 3D Printing
  4. Improve Your Job Productivity
  5. Future Innovation
  6. Failed Entrepreneurship
  7. Track commitment and promises of Political Leaders
  8. Pet Care
  9. Yoga
  10. Spirituality

For more suggestions on Micro-Niche Ideas, please refer to the below article.

The Final Words

So finally, you have the onhand list of best profitable niche ideas. Now, the question may arise, how to select the only one profitable niche from it?

Simple, select the idea of having more search volume and CPC rate. Both parameters are important for making money online.

If in case your selected niche does not have enough search volume or CPC rate then you will end up with low earnings from your blog.

Next, the best way to find micro niche ideas is to use all the above-mentioned techniques together and thereby list the common suggestions from it.

The ideas which appear in almost all the above tools will have great possibility to rank higher in the search engine and make huge money from it.

Of course, you need to cross-check the same with its search volume and CPC rate.

At last, do you own a micro-niche site? If yes, then don’t forget to share your story, how did you find your blogging niche? We will be very happy to include your suggestions in our list.

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