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How to get your blog noticed by Google

How to get your blog noticed by Google

Are you struggling to get your blog noticed by Google? If yes then you should immediately read this blog post.

Here, I have shared 4 divergent strategies to make your blog popular and get on top of Google Search.

Trust me, after implementing these strategies you will definitely notice a change in the ranking of your blog posts.

Make blog popular

Social Media Sharing, Google Analytics, and Profitable Keywords.

If you’re blogging for a while then I am sure you had heard these keywords many times.

Almost all successful bloggers will suggest enabling and using them. Right?

But, here we will do something different. Instead of using them, we will disable them.

Yes, you heard it correctly. Here, I am going to suggest you to disable them.

Wait. Before coming to any conclusion, I request you to please read the below blog post completely.

I had shared a detailed explanation of all these strategies. For better understanding, please do not skip any part of it.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s dive into these odd strategies to get your blog noticed by Google and make it successful.

1. Remove Social Media Sharing Buttons

This is the very first thing you should do to grow your blog.

Been struggling to get your blog on top of Google Search, I assume currently, you’re not getting huge traffic to your blog.

And, in absence of traffic, there is no sense in enabling the Social Media sharing button on your blog.

Just imagining, If no one is visiting your blog then who is going to share through it?

No one. Right?

Then why are you using Social Media Sharing on your blog? This is just because successful bloggers are using it.

But do you know? Enabling the Social Media Sharing button will reduce the loading speed of your blog by 10%.

Just go and check the loading speed of your blog with and without Social Media Sharing. I am sure you’ll see the difference.

Please note, I am talking about Social Media Sharing not Follow Us buttons.

However, you can even disable the same if not required. Or else, you can simply add links using WordPress Widget. But, please do not add any plugins to use them.

If required, you can use the Social Sharing button without Javascript on your blog.

Please do not add unnecessary javascript for buttons that are rarely used on your blog.

2. Do not use Google Analytics

Considering the above logic, if you do not require tracking your visitors then please do not add it.

Google Analytics is not for tracking your hundred visits daily.

Do you know? Unknowingly, just to track a few visitors you are adding third-party javascript to your blog.

Just by removing Google Analytics, I improved my Google Page Insight score from 82 to 99. Here is the proof.

Google Page Insight Scores

Think twice before adding anything to your blog. Successful bloggers are using them, hence, I will also use them. There is no logic in this.

Remember, they are using them because the number of visitors visiting their blog is huge.

3. Disable unrequired options

Do you know? I managed to reduce the blocking time to Zero by simply disabling the ‘Email Address Obfuscation’ in the Cloudflare account.

I enabled the same because it show obfuscated email addresses on your website to prevent harvesting by bots and spammers, without visible changes to the address for human visitors.

I know this is very important but not at the cost of my blog growth.

Enabling this option add one javascript to detect bots and spammers. This javascript thereby increase the blocking time of my blog.

Disable Email Address Obfuscation in Cloudflare

So, it is always advisable to double check an option before enabling and disabling it. Do not enable it if it is really not required. No matter, how free it is?

4. Focus on Low Search Volume and Competitons

If you want to grow your blog fast then instead of focusing on high search volume keywords focus on low search volume and competitons keywords.

It took me years to rank for the keyword ‘Google Adsense’, but at the same time, it took me only few days to rank for the keyword ‘Reliance Logo‘.

Today, even after writing multiple blogposts on ‘Google Adsense’, it is still driving less traffic then post on the ‘Reliance Logo’.

In simple Words, intially you should start with low search volume but having low competitons keywords. These are easy to rank and drive traffic to it.

Always Remember, for a beginner it is very difficult to rank for keywords having high competitons. And, obviously, keywords with high search volume will have high competitons. There is no doubt in it.

Pro Tips

Never try to copy your influencer strategies completely. Instead tweak the same as per your requirement.

Obviously, Social Media Sharing button is important for the success of any blog. But, not now when you are new to blogging. Once you gain some traffic to your blog then enable the same.

So, just get an idea from your influencers and design your success strategies by yourself.

Over to You

What do you think about the above blog post? Do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us in the below comment box.

Further, if you had also used any odd strategies to get your blog noticed by Google then do share the same with us. You can share your strategies in the below comment box.

At last, feel free to contact me if in case you need any help in understanding and implementing the above blogpost.

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