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4 Tips To Get More Clicks On Adsense Ads: Increase CTR Rate

Google Adsense is a free advertising platform for showing ads on your website. In Google Adsense, you can earn money by displaying ads on your website.

All you need to do is create a free Google Adsense account and place the given ad code on your site.

Rest, Google will take care of it. Google will start showing advertisement on your site and thereby you will earn money online without any investment.

Next, Google Adsense use both CPM (Cost Per Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click) model that means Google will pay you for both-  either for showing the advertisements and getting clicks on it.

For example, if the adsense rate is $2 then you will get paid $2 for every click received or getting 1000 views on your ads.

I know, you may be wondering? If Google is paying the same amount for one single click and 1000 ads impression then it is better to focus on increasing the adsense clicks rather than ads impression.

how to get more clicks on adsense

how to get more clicks on adsense

Yes, you are right. For increasing the Google Adsense Income, adsense clicks is always the best option. Using this option you can skyrocket your earnings from Google Adsense. This is applicable to both youtube and blog as well.

Hence, hereby in this article, we will share the best ways to increase Google Adsense earnings by getting more clicks on adsense unit.

How To Increase Adsense Clicks

In Google Adsense, there is an terminology called CTR (Click Through Rate). CTR is defined as number of unique adsense clicks divided by number of ads shown on your site.

In simple words, it will tell you the number of times your adsense ads gets clicked on it. If you managed to improve this CTR rate then your adsense revenue will automatically get increased.

Trust me, the below actionable tips will not only increase the number of adsense clicks but also improve your adsense revenue.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us discuss these different ways to get higher CTR for your sites.

Ad Placement or Positioning

This is the first and the most important way to get more number of adsense click. If Adsense ads are placed at the right position then there are the higher chances that your visitors will see them and click on it.

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

The best ways to position your Google ads is

  1. Using Heat Map to identify the best placement.
  2. Place your Adsense Ad Units above the Fold.

Next, it is also advisable to keep experimenting placement of your ads. This will help you avoid ads blindness.

Ads blindness is simply a phenomenon where the online visitors consciously or unconsciously ignore  the banner ads because they are already aware of it.

In simple words, when you don’t change the ads placement, your visitors becomes aware of your ads and thereby they don’t click on it. This phenomenon is called as Ad Blindness.

It means your visitors are aware of these ads placement and therefore they are not willing to click on it.

In this case, the only way to improve adsense clicks is changing the ads placement periodically.

Ad Formatting

Ad Formatting is another best way to increase Google Adsense Click. By formatting your adsense units properly, you can make it more visible to your readers.

Make sure your adsense units are formatted with same colors and fonts used on your website or blog. This will help you to blend your adsense unit with your website look.

Hence, your online users will get confused between the content and ad unit and thereby click on it mistakenly.

In simple words, your ad unit must be formatted such that it look similar to your website theme and color.

For Example, check out the below attached image. In below attached image, it is very difficult to identify between ad and content in it.

Formatting Ads in Google AdSense

Formatting Ads in Google AdSense

Such kind of ad formatting will increase the number of clicks on it.

Use Responsive Ad Format

Responsive ad format is another best ways to increase number of clicks on Google Ads. In this case, your adsense unit will automatically adjust size and format of the ad unit.

Hence, a single ad unit will appear large at one place and appear small at another place. It will change your adsense unit automatically based on devices.

Next, due to responsiveness, these ads are more visible to your online visitors and hence, there are the higher chances that you will get more number of clicks on it.

Show Only Relevant Ads

Next, the most important way to increase adsense clicks is showing only ‘Relevant Ads’.

Make sure, you are showing right kind of advertisements to your visitors. If your ads are not relevant to your visitors then they will not clicked on it.

For example, if a doctor is shown the ads related to Accountant, then of course, he will be not interested in clicking on it.

Hence, it is very important to show only relevant ads on your site.

You can control this in you Google Adsense account through blocking and unblocking ads category.

Blocking and Un Blocking Ads in Google Adsense

Blocking and Unblocking Ads in Google Adsense

Yes, in adsense account, there is an option to block any particular ad, Ad type, Ad network and Ad category.

You can optimize this setting and thereby show only relevant ads to your visitors.

Wrapping Up

That’s all. If you take care of the above mentioned tips then it will definitely increase your adsense clicks.

Trust me, the above techniques will increase the number of clicks on ads and thereby it will also increase the revenue made out of it.

At last, if you face any problem in implementing these tips then feel free to contact us. You can share your message in below comment box or contact us directly through contact us page.

Next, if you think we have missed out any important technique to increase adsense click then please do share the same with us. We will be happy to hear from you.

Please let us know, What you do to get more number of clicks on adsense ad unit?

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