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5 Proven Ways To Increase Comments On Blog Posts

5 Proven Ways To Increase Comments On Blog Posts

If you want to increase comments on your blog then this article is for you. Hereby, in this article, I will tell you how to increase blog comments on blog posts.

So finally, you started a beautiful blog and wrote the best blog posts on it.

Now, search engines and social networking sites will index them and drive traffic to it.

Next, you will wait for your online readers to read and leave valuable comments on your blog posts. Right?

But, you feel disappointed, when you see your readers left your site without writing any comment on your blog posts.

If you’re facing this problem then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Almost every blogger has faced this problem once in their blogging life.

Next, this article will teach you how to increase comments on your blog posts. But, before starting with the article, let us first understand the importance of your readers commenting on your blog posts.

Importance of Comments On Blog Posts

Definitely you will feel motivated when you read comments on your blog posts. But, this is not the only reason why you should focus on increasing comments on your blog posts.

Besides feeling motivated, there are many other benefits too. You’ll those benefits below.

  • Keep your article updated with fresh content regularly.
  • The number of Comments indicates the quality of your blog post.
  • Good for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Increased interaction with your readers.
  • Keep your readers engaged etc.

Hence, increasing comments on your blog post is very important to create a successful blog.

Increase Comments On Blog Posts

There are many ways to increase comments on your blog posts. But, this will get easier if you focus on these three important factors.

  1. Traffic: This is very obvious, if you want more comments then you will require more traffic to your blog posts.
  2. Engagement: This is another important factor for getting more comments on blog posts. If your article is not engaging then your readers will simply read and left without writing any comment on it.
  3. Emotions: No matter how good your post is? If it does not make your readers feel something then no one will go to comment on it. Ensure your article provokes some kind of emotional response after reading it.

Hence, by putting all three factors together and by compounding their effects, you can get dozens or even hundreds of comments on a single post.

But, the question may arise? How to put all these factors together. To get this answer, please read below.

Below, I have shared 5 smarts ways to implement these factors and generate more numbers of valuable comments on blog posts.

#1. Write Quality Content Your Readers Will Love

No matter, What you write? and How long you write? If the quality of your content is not good then no one will be going to share any comments on it.

Remember, your article should be such that your readers will love it and can maintain an emotional touch with it.

As discussed earlier in this article, without emotional response it is very difficult to get comments on your blog posts.

Next, the quality content will also help you to increase traffic on your site.

Hence, it is very important to write quality content for getting more comments.

#2. Promote Your Blog For Getting More Traffic

It is very obvious. If more number of people visit your blog then there are the higher chances that you will get more numbers of comments on your blog posts.

Hence, you should try to increase traffic on your blog.

But, a question may arise on how to increase traffic to your website? To get this answer, please read below.

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to promote your site. The more you promote the more visitors will visit your site.

To know how to promote your blog or website and increase traffic please refer to the below articles.

#3. Made Commenting Easy

If you want more comments than you need to make the commenting process easier. Trust, the more complicated you make the process the less number of the comment you will receive.

Next, your ‘Anti-Spam Comment‘ plugin can also be one of the reasons for getting a few numbers of comments on blog posts.

A wrong plugin or setting may break comment functionality on your blog.

This has happened to me when I changed the anti-spam setting of my cache plugin.

Next, my online readers start getting the error while submitting comments on my blog posts. It took me two months to identify this problem.

I came to know about this problem when one of my friends told me that he is not able to submit a comment on my blog post.

Hence, your comment box should be such that your online readers do not find any difficulty in submitting the comments. Make sure you simplify the comment process by installing invisible Recaptcha or enable the same for guest visitors only. There is no sense in asking for resolving captcha every time.

#4. Enable Subscribe Option On Your Site

Many readers won’t comment the first time they visit your blog. They wish to get to know you first before commenting.

Hence, it is very important to enable the subscribe option on your blog. Ask your visitors to subscribe and re-visit your blog.

Next, you can also share an email newsletter listing new blog posts in it. In this way, you can ask your readers to revisit your blog and share comments on your blog posts.

#5. Simply Ask For Comment

This is another best way to increase comments on blog posts. In this technique, you will simply ask your readers to comment on your blog post.

I use this technique on our blog. At the end of every blog post, I write a conclusion asking to comment in case of any query, question, problem or feedback.

Hence, my readers will comment on my blog post to share their feedback.

Over to You

Comments can be easily increased if you know how to get engaged with the readers. Trust, the more you engaged the more comments you will get.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding the above article or implementing the given tips. I will be happy to help you. You can share your message in below comment box.

2 thoughts on “5 Proven Ways To Increase Comments On Blog Posts”

  1. Hey Kaustubh,

    Great post with great tips to increase blog posts comments. Really informative piece of content for those who want to increase comments on their blog post.I really like your post and especially the points that you have listed out. Your all the listed points are effective to increase the blog comments. It is really important and necessary for any blog to get more and more comments. Comments plays a vital role for any blog post, whereas it helps to generate good relationship with other great bloggers and also allows us to get motivated whenever we read any positive comment and feedback on blog post.It also keeps
    the readers engaged and increase interaction with the readers and boost traffic.

    Writing quality content for readers plays a very crucial role for generating more comments, Whereas users and readers always want to see a content that is of high quality and an informative piece. So that they could gain knowledge and ideas from it. As we know that More the quality of a content more will be the traffic and comment quantity. Promoting the blog and enabling the subscribe option on website will helps a lot to increase comments on blogs. Your all the suggested tips are effective and works well but i truly like an idea of writing the quality content and promoting the blog.

    Really informative post and thanks for sharing.

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