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4 Essential Things To Build Six Figures Online Business

Essential Things To Build Six Figures Online Business

In 2011, I started my first online store and website. Now, after 7 years of its establishments, it is making good money online.

My friends and relatives really appreciate me when I discuss this in the public forum. Next, they keep asking me to teach them how to make money online?

But do you know?

To date, thousands of people have asked me about starting an online store but none of them has actually started it.

The very first question they asked me is:- How much money I will make in the first month? Next, Can I make 100K in the first year with my online store?

If you have the same question and looking for the answer then you’re at the right place. Here, in this article, I will share the answer to these questions.

And, the answer is…..

The new entrepreneurs or the one who doesn’t know anything about online business are really horrible in estimating the business income from an online business or blog.

They often overestimate the business income they can make in the first year of the business. Next, on the opposite side, they also underestimate the income they can make from their business in the long term.

Yes, this is true. Most of my friends expect to make 100K in the first year and 1000K in the long term.

They expect to make money from the very first day of the business and ignore the long term visibility of the online business.

But, this is the only point where I really feel disappointed. Actually, the fact is something different.

In online business, you can’t make enough money at least for the first six months. Next, once your business gets successful, you can make hell lots of money with it.

Trust me, there is no maximum limit for making money with your online business or site.

I have met many online entrepreneurs who are earning six-digit figures with their online business.

If even you want to earn 6 figures online then please read below.

6 Figures Online Business

Building 6 figures online business is really easy if you take care of below five things.

But, before starting with the article, let me clear one thing:- Building 6 figures online business is not an overnight job. You will take at least 2 years to build such a huge and successful business or website online.

In fact, in such a business, there is a huge possibility that you will not even reach a breakpoint in the t 6 months of its starting.

Trust, online business or site takes time to start making money but once it started, you will even make money while you’re sleeping.

I request you to please stop here if you are expecting to earn money from the very first day of your business.

Always remember, it took me 7 years to reach this point. Even, I did not make any money in the first six months of starting my online store. My first sale was in the USA for 4 dollars only.

So, considering this will be a very long journey, let’s discuss the four essential things for building 6 figure business online.

Starting An Online Business Requires Long Term Goal

As discussed earlier in this post, starting an online business is a long term journey.

To estimate it’s potentiality in three to six months will be not a good idea. You should at least wait for one year before making any conclusion or decision.

When I started my online store, my father warned me that it is not possible to make money with the online store. Even, for the first 6 months, I did not make any sales.

But then I made my first order for 4 dollars and then slowly and gradually, I started making good money with my online store.

But, do you know? It took me 3 to 4 years to reach the breakpoint.

Next, in the 5th year, I started making a profit from my business and today after 7 years it is making good money from online.

Hence, if you really want to build 6 figures online business then think for the term. You should at least think for the first five years of your business.

Avoid Shortcut To Make More Money With Your Online Store

This is another essential thing for building a successful online store. Trust, if you really want to build a successful business online then avoid all the shortcuts coming on your path.

Let us understand this with an example below.

I know 3 to 4 years to reach a break-even point is really a very long period. This could be reduced if I started selling on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc.

But do you know? Why I didn’t start it?

This is because I hate Shortcuts.

Just imagine, what would happen if I started selling on these platforms?

In that case, I will not have such a beautiful online store available. Right?

Today, I own an online store with more than 6000 machine embroidery designs uploaded on it. Next, with more than 7 years of presence, today, it also has a good reputation and branding online.

Besides, selling Machine Embroidery Designs online, I also build an online store that will fetch huge money when I will sell it online.

For more details, I suggest you please read the below article

The above article will share four reasons to start your own online store than selling on Amazon or eBay.

Besides this, I also received many requests to enter into a partnership and sell their designs in my store. But, I rejected all these offers because I want to create my own brand and identity online.

Even today I am avoiding shortcuts on my blog. Though I am receiving lots of paid requests for the guest posts, I do not accept them all.

I don’t want, just for the sake of a few dollars, my blog gets flooded by low-quality blog posts. Instead, I prefer to wait and move slowly in achieving my goals.

Similarly, I also suggest avoiding any kind of black hat SEO techniques for immediate results. No matter, how promising it looks but please do implement any black hat techniques on your site.

In a longer period, this will definitely hurt your online business or website.

Setting The Right Expectation

This is key to running a successful business online. Trust, if you don’t set the right expectation then it will ruin all your hard work.

Please be realistic while setting the expectation for your business.

Always Remember, during the first year, it is not possible to have a large customer base and recognition.

It is not possible to build six figures business if you don’t take it seriously. Next, if you’re really not committed to your online business then trust me it will not work.

You need to consider your online business as serious as other kinds of business.

Remember, if you consider it secondary, then it will never get converted into the primary source of income.

Please do not start the online store if you are not serious about it. Next, set right and practically possible expectations from your business.

Stop Thinking And Start Working

Are you still thinking of What to do and What not to do? If this is your situation then stop thinking now.

Instead, trust yourself and start working on your business.

Trust me, once you start working on your online business, everything will get in place automatically.

Don’t think too much. Start working on a regular basis and tell yourself that you are going to maintain this routine FOREVER!

In this way, your business will become part of your life and one day you will succeed in building 6 figures online business.

The Final Words

Trust me, It is possible to build a successful online store if you are committed to it.

Just take care of the above-mentioned points and keep working on your business. One day, you will surely get success.

At last, feel free to contact me if you need any help in starting your online store. Next, if you think we have missed out on any important points to discuss in this article then you share the same with us in below comment box.

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