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5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research, as name suggest, is an research to find the popular words and phrases people enter into search engines while searching for something online. In simple words, it is something that you enter in to search engine.

For example, ‘How to Improve SEO Ranking on Google‘, you will use this keyword if you want to improve SEO ranking of your site on the Google.

Now, just imagine, you are already aware of this keyword. What will you do?

Of course, you will write an article using this keyword and thereby when someone search for this keyword using search engine, your site will appear on the first page of the google search engine.

Identifying such popular keywords and phrases are known as Keyword Research.

Free Keyword Research

Keywords is one of most important factors for improving search engine ranking of your site. You can easily find the list of such keywords using Keyword Research process.

Of course, different people use different technique to find popular keywords and phrases. Some people gives important low search volume but high CPC rates, while other may give more importance to high search volume and low CPC rates.

Of course, Keywords with high search volume will have more competition compared to Keywords with low search volume.

Note: It is easy to rank low competition keywords compared to high competition keywords. But, remember, the CPC rate for low competition keywords will always remain on lower side compared to high competition keywords.

Hence, if CPC rates are not so important for you then go for low competition keywords. This is because, low competition keywords are easy to rank on the search engine.

Next, if CPC rates are important for you then go for high competition keywords. This is because high competition keywords generally has high cpc rates.

The entire process discussed above is defined with a term called ‘Keyword Difficulty‘.

Keyword Difficulty is nothing but a score out of 100, which will tell you how difficult it will be rank for particular selected keywords.

For example, A keyword with difficulty index of 75 is difficult to rank compared to keyword with difficulty index of 25.

Hence, if you want to rank on the first page of the google search result then you should go with low keyword difficulty index score.

But, a question may arise.How to find this Keyword Difficulty Index Score?

Fortunately, there are many online tools that can figure out which keywords will work best for your article. In simple language, these online tools will do entire work for you.

The only thing you need to do is just input one related keywords and wait for few minutes. Next, the online tools will provide all related keywords with required information like Search Volume, CPC rates, Competition Level and Difficulty Index.

These online tools are available in both Paid and Free Version. But, here in this article we will discuss only free tools.

So, what are we waiting for? Shall we begin?

Keyword Spy

The first name in the list is Keyword Spy. This is one of best Keyword Software and Keyword Tools for Research and Tracking, we have seen.

If you are looking for best keyword research tool for free and without registration then your search end over here. Yes, here in this tool, you don’t require to create any account to find the best keywords.

Keyword Spy for Research Tool

Keyword Spy for Research Tool

It is very handy tool to find the best keyword for your blog. All you need is input one keyword and hit entre.

Next, it will provides you the list of related keywords with search volume and its CPC rates.

Keyword Planner

The next name in the list is Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner is a Google tool used to identify the list of keywords used in pay per click campaign.

Though this tool is used by Google Adwords to identify the PPC keywords, you can use the same tool for your keyword research.

Using this tool you can easily identify the list of keywords with its search volume, CPC rates and competition level.

Keyword Planner in Google Adword

Keyword Planner in Google Adword

Next, to use this tool, you need to create an account on Google Adword for free.

Google Instant Search

Another best keyword tool in the list is Google Instant Search. To use this tool, all you need to do is go to Google Search Engine and type first few keyword of your search term.

Next, google will automatically suggest the best keywords for your input query. For more details please check out the below attached image.

Google Instant Search

Google Instant Search

This too will best, if you are complete beginner to Keyword Research and its related term. Here, in this tool you don’t need to apply your mind. You simply need to use the keywords suggested by the Google.

Google Suggestions

This is another best keyword research tool in the list.  Google Suggestions is nothing but the list of related keywords shown at the end of search page.

google suggestion

google suggestion

After Google Instant Search, this tool will work best if you are beginner. Even in this case, you simple need to use these keywords on your blog.

That’s it. If you use these keywords in your article then there are the higher chances that it will boost the SEO ranking of your blog post in the search engine.

Google Trends

The next name in the list is Google Trends. We know, this tool is not meant for Keyword Research. But, you can still use the same for keyword research.

When you search particular keyword in Google Trends, it will tell you, how monthly number of searches for that keyword has changed over time.

In simple words, Google trends will show you the list of most used keywords on Google Search Engine.

Google Trends for Keyword Research

Google Trends for Keyword Research

In Google Trends, you can’t compare two keywords. It simple show you how your selected keywords was popular over the given period of your time.

But, a question may arise. How to use this tool to find the best keyword for your blog?

Very simple. Using Google Trends, you can find the list of most popular keywords and thereby boost SEO performance of your site or blog.

Wrapping Up

All the above mentioned tools are available for free. You can use these tool to boost SEO ranking of your site.

Are you using any of the keyword research tools mentioned in above list? If Yes, then how has your experience been so far? Please do not forget to share your thoughts in the below comments! We will be happy to head from you.

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