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A Complete Guide To Live Chat Support With A Real Example

A Complete Guide On Live Chat With Real Example

If you’re running an online store or a website then this article is for you. In this article, we will share a Complete Guide to the Live Chat Support. This guide includes everything starting from enabling live chat option to its etiquette based on real experiences. It also includes a real story on ‘How our chat with the customer ends with a Sales?

Live Chat Support is nothing but a system that allows your customers or users to communicate in real time with your support agent.

When a user visits your website, he wants to feel secure in his purchases and that will come easier when he does a chat with the online agent. By chatting with an online agent, he feels secure and makes the purchase decision immediately.

According to one study, 79% of customers prefer live chat option because it offers immediate support to them. Unlike other media, here, you don’t need to write a long email or attend a frustrating automated call. All you need to do is simply login to your account or input email id to start your chat.

Live Customer Chat for Sales Support

Live Customer Chat for Sales Support

Live Customer Support

The benefits of live chat Support are more than your expectation. Besides immediate support, it also includes many other benefits like

  • It will reduce your operational cost.
  • It will increase your sales by providing immediate support to the customers.
  • It will improve overall customer service and loyalty.
  • It will allow you to interact with the customers.
  • You can record the customer behavior on your website.

Hence, live chat Support is just like a small package with a huge bonanza surprise.

Install Live Chat on Website Free

It is very easy to install live support chat software on your website. Based on your website’s platform, you simply need to enable live chat plugin or copy a simple line of Javascript into the HTML of your website.

If you don’t find any such options or plugins available on your website’s platform then Smatsupp has a solution for you.  Smartsupp is free to live chat and visitors recording for your website. Irrespective of the platform, it works with all type of websites. All you need to do is simply copy a simple line of Javascript into the HTML page.

Smartsupp Live Help Software

EmbroideryShristi is using SmartsUpp app for a live chatting option on its website. Besides chatting with visitors in the real-time, it also includes many other features like

  • Recording the screens of your visitors.
  • Engaging visitors with auto messages.
  • Tracking impact on sales in Google Analytics.
  • Adjusting Smartsupp to match your web design etc.
Features of Smartsupp Pricing

Features of Smartsupp Pricing

For a small business, Smartsupp is the best option. This is because, in Smartsupp, all the basic required features are available at free of cost. You only need to pay if you want to preserve the chat history for more than 14 days or wants to access statistics report.  You will find the detailed list of features at this link.

How to Install Smartsupp Live Chat Support Script on your Website?

It is super easy to install the smartsupp live chat script on your website. All you need to do is just follow the below step by step tutorial.

  • Visit SmartsUpp website.
  • Create an account if you’re already not a member.
  • Click on ‘Setting‘ option available ( top-right side) in your account drop-down.
Record Live Chat with Visitor Recording

Record Live Chat with Visitor Recording

  • Select ‘Chat‘ option from the left navigational menu.
Free live Chat for Website

Free Live Chat for Website

  • Next, simply copy and paste the above code between the the <head> and </head> tags of your HTML page.

That’s it. It will now show online chat option on your website.

Online Customer Chat Support

Online Customer Chat Support

Common and Important Features of Smartsupp

Besides, chatting with visitors in the real-time, there are four common and important features that you should know if you want to use Smartsupp on your website. They are

Chat Box Appearances

Smartsupp allows you to customize colors, texts, position, and picture of the chat box to fit your company identity. Just refer the chat box available at the EmbroideryShristi website. The chat box is so customized that it looks identical to the website appearances.

Live Chat Box at EmbroideryShristi

Live Chat Box at EmbroideryShristi

Automated Message to Visitors

It also allows you to set up custom rules to automatically send personalized messages to your visitors. You can set up the auto message by selecting ‘Automatic Message’ option from the left navigational menu.

Add Automatic Message to Live Online Chat Box

Add Automatic Message to Live Online Chat Box

Visitors Recording

Next, very common and important feature is ‘Visitor Recording’. Now you can record the cursor of the website. It will help you to provide immediate support to the customers.

Video Recording of Customers

Video Recording of Customers

Statistics Reports

This option is not available for the free users. But if you’re using paid version then you will find the all statistical report in this option. You can check out the statistics by clicking on it from the left navigational menu.

Live Chat Rooms Etiquette Tips

Chatting with the online customers is not an easy task. Negative Chat Scripts can be easily saved and exported to email inbox. To avoid this problem, you need to train your customer service teams properly.

Below are some basic but important tips for a live chat Support with customers.

  • Understand their problems properly before answering it.
  • Avoid using too many automated messages in the conversation. Use it only if is necessary.
  • Never keep them waiting for you.
  • Think and write positive statement only.
  • Ask for their permission before taking any action.
  • Offer empathy to the dissatisfied and frustrated customers.
  • Never end the conversation. Wait for your customers to end the conversation.

Real Story: How did We convert Online Chat into a Sales?

21st March 2018, EmbroideryShristi got an email from one of the customers asking for ‘Border Embroidery Designs‘.

Smartsupp Chat Message

Smartsupp Chat Message

Immediately after receiving this email, Shristi agent contacts her through online chat.  The agent also shares the direct link to the category selling Embroidery Border ( that is what she was looking for)

Chatting Script

Chatting Script

But after chatting for around 10 minutes, the agent found that she is looking for something else. She doesn’t want the normal Embroidery Border Design but instead, she wants a seamless border which can be used continuously over the fabric.

The agent immediately shares the link to the category where she will find the Seamless Embroidery Design.

Smartsupp Live Chat

Smartsupp Live Chat

Next, the chat ends with a purchase of designs amounting 25 dollars from the website.

Convert Chat into Sales

Convert Chat into Sales

What if the agent does not assist her online?

She was finding Embroidery Designs since last four days and was totally frustrated.

Further, if EmbroideryShristi would reply to her email then they would definitely share the link to the Embroidery Border Designs category.

It was only through online chat, it was found that the designs which she is looking for are available in another category instead of Embroidery Border.

So, you can say that it is only online chatting which converts her frustration into a sales.

Now your turn. What do you think about the Live Chat at the website? You can share your feedback in the below comment box. Further, if you face any problem in installing Live Chat on your website then feel free to contact us. You can share your message in the below comment box also.

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