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How To Start Selling Downloadable Products Using Prestashop Free

How To Start Selling Virtual Products Using Prestashop Free

If you’re planning to sell ‘Virtual (Digital) Downloadable Products‘, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve  written on ‘how to sell Digital Products using Prestashop online for free?

But before starting the article, let’s understand the meaning of digital products. Downloadable products are the non-tangible items such as Music, Images, Videos, Memberships etc. You can’t feel, touch, smell such kind of products. Unlike Physical products, you can easily store this products in your computer and sell through it. For more information please refer the below articles.

Why Should You Sell Digital Products Online?
14 Online Digital Goods That You Can Sell Online And Make Money
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After reading the above articles, it is clear that today, selling digital products is the best opportunities to make money from online.

For selling Digital products online, there are many platforms available on the market. For example Prestashop, Magneto, Shopify etc.  Besides physical products, these platforms will also allow you to upload and sell digital downloads online.

Online Virtual Goods That You Can Sell Online And Make Money

Online Digital Goods That You Can Sell Online And Make Money

Of course, these platforms have its own merit and demerits. But, if you’re looking for the budget-friendly and efficient open source website then there is no doubt that Prestashop will be the best option for you. It is the most reliable software available with all basic features like free shared SSL, affiliate programs, cross-selling, and special promotional deals.

You can check it live at EmbroideryShristi.Com. 

The best part of the Prestashop is that it is an open source platform, so unlike other platforms, you don’t need to purchase it. It is available at free of cost.

Next, we will tell you how to sell digital products using Prestashop?

Sell Digital Products using Prestashop

It is super easy to sell digital products. The below step by step tutorial will teach you how to start selling digital items online with free E-commerce CMS system?

In this tutorial, we will teach you four things with Screenshot.

  1. Why Use Prestashop To Sell Digital Products Online?
  2. How to install Prestashop?
  3. How to Configuring Prestashop for selling Digital Products online?
  4. How to upload downloadable products on Prestashop?

So, let us start discussing these four things one by one below.

Use Prestashop To Sell Digital Products

Unlike other platforms, the biggest benefit of the Prestashop is it is available at free of cost. Besides free to download, there are many other benefits also like

  • Manage Multi Stores from a single account.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Can sell both Physical and Virtual/Digital Downloadable product as well.
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Huge community to support and resolve your queries etc.

Prestashop offers more than 600 features. You can check out the all features at this link.

How to Install Prestashop?

The below video tutorial will teach you how to install Prestashop using Cpanel.

Configuring Prestashop for selling Digital Products online

As of no special configuration is required except Features and Attributes to sell Digital products on the Prestashop. Yes, You can immediately start uploading the product after installing it.

But if your products have features and attributes like Color, Size, Weight etc then you need to set this option before uploading the products.

Features and Attributes on Prestashop

Features and Attributes on Prestashop

Features will appear something like this. In below snapshot, Information on the left side like Total Stitches, Total Color etc are fixed, whereas the information on the right side is variable. It will get changed as per product.

Of course, you will set these static standard pieces of information on the features page ( the location is available in the above-attached image).

Features on Prestashop

Features on Prestashop

Next, Attributes will look something like this. It will allow you to update the information like Color, Size, Weight etc.

Attributes on Online Store

Attributes on Online Store

So, Once features and attributes are set, you can start uploading digital products to your store.

Upload Digital Downloadable products on Prestashop

Next, find step by step tutorial on how to upload the digital product to Prestashop store below.

It is super easy to add digital products on PrestaShop. All you need to do is just follows the below simple steps to add a product on Prestashop.

  • Login to your Prestashop Store.
  • Next, click on ‘Product’ under Catalogue from the left navigational menu.
Add Products on Prestashop Store

Add Products to Prestashop Store

  • Next, click on ‘Add New Product’ option
Add new Product on Prestashop Store

Add new Product to Prestashop Store

  • Fill the necessary details and click on ‘Save’ to add a new product.

Note: Do not forget to select ‘Digital product (services, booking, downloadable products, etc.)‘ before start uploading Digital products on the store.

You will find the video tutorial on how to add Digital product to Prestashop store below.

Now your turn. if you are selling Digital Products or using Prestashop then please share your experience with us. Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in Selling Digital Products using Prestashop.

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