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A Beginner Guide To Create Visual Contents For Your Business

If you’re looking for the importance of Visual Contents in a business then this post is for you. In this article, we will discuss How to create a successful Visual Contents for the business?

But before starting with the article, let us understand the meaning of Visual Content first. Visual Contents includes but not limited to Images, Videos, Infographic, Memes, Presentations etc. When you use this content in your business, it means you are using Visual Contents in the business. Of course, text-based content will always be an important part of the business marketing but now in this digital era, you can not ignore the importance of Visual Contents.

According to one study, it was found that a person will remember only 10% of the Information, three days after.  However, if it was an image then he would retain 65% of the information three days later.

Importance of Visual Contents

Visual Contents are very important to the success of your business. Today when a customer visits your shop or website, it takes less than one second to form an opinion about it. Here, the role of Visual Contents comes.

According to one study, Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.So by 2019, if you want to promote or market your business then ‘Videos Advertising’ will be the best option.

No one likes to read a 100 pages book without a single photo. A book with lots of visual contents is easy to read and understand.

Similarly, Visual Contents play a key role in attracting and retaining customers to your website or shop.

How to create Visual Contents for your Business?

There are many factors that you need to consider while creating visual contents. These factors mainly depend on your users and the medium you will use for delivering the message.

Remember, Visual Content, if not created properly then it will become one of the key factors in the business failure. So, it is very important to consider these factors while creating visual content.

Follow the below steps to create a compelling visual content for your business or website.

Know your Audience

The audiences are the real king of the business. If you take care of them then they will take care of your business. Thus, while creating the visual contents, ensure you keep your target users in mind.

Visual Contents created for the age group of 20 to 25 years will not work for the audience of 60+ age group. Both of them will require different kinds of visual contents.

If you don’t know your audience, you won’t even know what strategies to choose, what messages to give them or how to treat them?

Know your Audience for Visual Contents

Know your Audience for Visual Contents

So, it is very important to know the target audience before creating visual contents for your business. Your content should be such that your audience finds it easy to read, understand and remember.

For Example, If your audience is of 60+ age group then do not use fancy fonts and keep the text size little biggger than the normal one.

Get Royalty Free Images

If you can afford to spend few bucks on creating visual content then this will be the best option. We suggest to use paid images or videos rather than downloading and using free resource from the online.

But if you can’t afford to spend on it then this article will help you. In this article, we had mentioned out the top 10 websites offering free images and videos online.

Remember that you refer the terms and condition properly before using any resources from the online. Using copyrighted Images or videos will have legal consequences.

Royalty Free Images and Video Online

Royalty Free Images and Video Online

Branding and Formatting

Branding and Formatting is another important factor for creating visual content for your business.

Ensure there is proper space for your brand name and logo while creating visual content for your website or shop. A visual content without brand name and logo is of no use. In fact, the objective of creating visual content is to promote your business only.

Next, it is also very important that you remain consistent in creating visual content for your website or shop. If you keep changing the color or logo then it will become difficult to create a brand image.

For Example,  In India, under COPTA act, advertising of cigarettes is banned. So, the only way to promote it is dealer boards used at the shop.

Do you know, the colors and formatting of these dealer board are never changed? This is because it represents a specific brand.

The Golden Color ( in the below image) represent Gold Flake brand of ITC Limited.  ITC Limited is using the same color since the beginning of this brand.  Of course, It took many years to link this color with the brand but now anyone easily identifies the brand name just based on this color and format.

Gold Flake ITC Limited

Gold Flake ITC Limited

Keep Media Platforms in Mind

While creating visual contents for your business, do not forget to consider the media platform for which you’re creating the visual content.

You should be aware of media for which you are creating visual content. If you are creating the content for your Facebook account then the size should be such that it gets fits in your timelines. Of course, you can’t use the same visual content for your all Social Media Networks. This is because different social networks have a different structure.  If one website allows you to upload portrait image then the next website will ask you to upload Landscape Image. So, it is very important that you’re aware of this all things beforehand.

For Example, 100 MB video files will take few minutes to load online but if you shared it offline then it will get load immediately. So, while creating the visual content, you should be aware of the platform you will use for this.

Designing Visual Contents

Once you are ready with all these things, the next thing involves in creating visual content is the main designing of the content.

You can use any graphics editor software (like Photoshop, Illustrator etc ) to create great visual content.



Now, your turn. If you know how to create visual contents for your business or website then please do share with other in below comment box. Further, if you face any problem in creating visual contents then feel free to ask your questions also. We will be happy to help you.

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