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How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2022


Are you looking for making money on Pinterest from home then trust me, you’re in the right place. Here, I will tell you how to make money with a Pinterest account.

I am sure, you have found lots of bloggers and online influences hitting hard on ‘Pinterest’ and you probably ignored them thinking this is not real. Right?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Before actually using ‘Pinterest’, I was also ignoring them.

Whenever I came across any articles that taught people how to make money online, I always taught they are fake. But, after working online for more than 7 years, now, I realized that earning online is possible.

Currently, I am making money from my online store selling ‘Machine Embroidery Designs’ and a blog about ‘Marketing’.

Wait, you’re not here for discussing ‘Making Money from Online. Instead, you want to learn how to make money with your Pinterest account.

How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2022

Do you know? When I first created an account on ‘Pinterest’, I was not aware of the fact that you can make money using a Pinterest account.

My first account was created for my online store ‘EmbroideryShristi‘.

Actually, I was searching for something online and came across a ‘Pinterest’ site where one of our customers has pinned my machine embroidery designs on one of his boards.

Next, while analyzing the traffic report of my store, I observed the name ‘Pinterest’ in it. I saw Pinterest is driving a good amount of traffic to my store.

I immediately dig further and got surprised on finding ‘how Pinterest is driving traffic to my site’.

Yes, my customers were using Pinterest to pin my designs and the same pins were driving traffic to my store.

Next, I immediately created an account on ‘Pinterest‘ and start using it.

Today, I am having more than 2 lakhs visitors per month on my account and 900+ followers.

And, my total number of pins as of 23/12/2019 is 1,199 pins (including all boards).

Beyond this, I also learned that ‘Pinterest’ is not only a social media site but it is also a search engine.

Today, many people use ‘Pinterest’ to find solutions to their problems.

And, now this where monetization is possible for you on Pinterest.

You can use this new search engine for providing (selling) solutions to the problems.

For more details please read the below article completely.

How Much Money You Can Make On Pinterest

It depends. You can make $20, $30, $40, or even $100 per day. Trust me, the earning potentiality is unlimited on Pinterest.

I have seen many online bloggers or influencers making more than $5000 per month with the help of a Pinterest account.

Pinterest Social Media Sharing Content
Pinterest Social Media Sharing Content

But still, a question may arise? How to make money on Pinterest?

The below article will share the detailed guide to making money on Pinterest from home.

Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

There are major two ways to make money on Pinterest. These different ways are mentioned below.

  1. Start a blog and drive traffic on it
  2. Through Affiliate or Sponsored links

Now, What we are waiting for? Let’s dive into these methods in detail below.

#1. Start A Blog To Make Money

This is the first and the most recommended method for making money on Pinterest.

In this method, all you need to do is start a blog and use Pinterest to drive traffic to it. Next, everything will get automatically get in place. You will start making huge money from ad networks like Google Adsense and even start getting invitations from the sponsors.

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog

I know you’re now super excited to learn this in detail. Hence, I am sharing the detailed and step-by-step guide to making money on Pinterest and blog.

  1. Start a blog on WordPress: I highly recommended using WordPress for starting your first blog. I know you might be thinking of starting first blog for free on platform like but please don’t go by that route at-least if money making is your main objective.I will recommend free blog only if you are complete beginner (don’t have any technical knowledge about blogging or online money) or wants to start a blog as hobby. In other case, I will suggest to start your own blog on WordPress for cheap. You can refer this article to learn how to start a blog on WordPress platform.
  2. Write few content rich blog posts: Now, you’ve started blog, write a few say 10 to 20 epic posts on it. Make sure your content is only related to your blogging niche.
  3. Promote your blog posts: If you’re under impression that once you wrote the epic post, online readers will automatically finds you than you’re wrong. Everyday, millions of blog posts are published online. If you do not promote your site then trust me, it will easily get lost in the search engine. Hence, it is very important to promote your blog and get it noticed. Next, once you start promoting your blog, you will start gaining some traffic to your site for free.
  4. Setup a Pinterest account: Create an account on Pinterest site. It is 100% free to sign up and use. Once that is done, claim your website on pinterest and optimize your account for various search engines.
  5. Create a board and start pinning: Now you can start creating boards and making pins for your Pinterest account. If you are beginner than I strongly recommend using Canva to make pins. This service is free to use.

That’s it. Now, your pins will drive free traffic and thereby you will make good money from your site.

Trust me, for a beginner it is easy to drive traffic from Pinterest than Google through organic search.

Pinterest, if used correctly, you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and make money through display advertising.

#2. How To Make Money On Pinterest Through Affiliated Or Sponsored Links

Besides, making money on Pinterest using a blog and AdSense account, affiliated or sponsored links are another best way to make money from Pinterest.

This method is very simple to use. In this method, all you need to do is
just recommend products that you love and/or believe will add value to your audience.

Next, when someone makes a purchase through your affiliated or sponsored links, you will earn a commission for it.

To use this method, you will require two things

  • A Pinterest account
  • A Affiliate account like Amazon, Salesshare etc.

Yes, both these accounts are available for 100% free to sign up and use.

The only thing you need to do is just input the affiliated links directly into your Pinterest account and drive your users straight to the product or service.

If in case you own the blog then you can do this through your blog. The only thing that will change here is- you will redirect your users to the blog post consisting of affiliated links instead of straight to the product or service.

That’s all. Once someone from the audience will make the purchase through your affiliated link, you will get paid commission for the same.

At last, I strongly suggest using the ‘Amazon Affiliate Program’ to start making money immediately. In Amazon, you will immediately start using the affiliate links after signing up.

You will find the various commission rates for the amazon affiliate program below.

The Final Words

Trust me, Pinterest is an extremely powerful and useful tool that can drive traffic to your site and generate revenue for you.

The only problem with these strategies is building an audience for selling an affiliate product or your blog.

Like the blog, you need to optimize and promote your Pinterest account too. Next, this will help you to build an audience for your pins.

At last, are you making money through affiliate links? If yes, then I request you to please share some useful strategies without readers for increasing sales.

Next, in case, if you have any doubt or problem in implementing the above methods, feel free to contact us or share your message below in the comment box.

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