The Internet Sensation, The Winking Girl is Back Again, This Time In Advertisement

The Internet Sensation, The Winking Girl is Back Again, This Time In Advertisement Priya Prakash

Did you remember the Priya Prakash Varrier of Oru Adaar Love fame? Yes, we are talking about the ‘Wink Girl‘. The nation’s wink sensation, Priya Varrier is back again in an advertisement campaign of Nestle Munch.

  • The ad starts with a group of young boys doing practice on a cricket ground and the Priya Prakash sitting across the rope bitting Nestle Munch.
  • Next, the young boy follows the ball as it crosses the boundary.
  • Then the boy asked the Priya Prakash to pass the ball and in return, she replied ‘ Me Feki Huie Cheez Nahi Uthati’. ( I don’t pick up the thrown items)
  • The boy reacts ‘Badaa attitude hai’, and them Priya Prakash reply ‘Free Ka Hai’ with her famous wink.
  • Next Scene, she narrates the product saying “Nestle Munch Ke Saath Mil Raha Hai Free Ka Attitude, So Munch Kaha And Attitude Dhika

You can check out the entire video ( Advertisement) below

This ad is released in six different languages including Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. This is the best example of taking benefits of Viral Content. Just because of her Wink that went viral, Nestle Munch hire her for its next advertisement.

Further, being an official crunch partner of the IPL Cricket, this was the perfect time for Nestle to launch this Advertisement.

But unlike last time, this time Priya Prakash does not get a good response from her followers. Instead of appraising, this time she gets trolled on the Social Media Networks and Youtube Channel for her acting.

Please find below, few snapshots of the comments made on Nestle Munch Advertisements.


Wink Priya Prakash Nestle Munch Ad
Wink Priya Prakash Nestle Munch Ad
Priya Prakash Wink Munch Nestle Ad
Priya Prakash Wink Munch Nestle Ad

Next your turn. What do you say about the new ad of Priya Prakash? Do not forget to share your feedback in below comment box. We will be happy to hear your feedback.

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